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Interactions: Nakamura Yui (@Burger)

While he wouldn't have much time for a proper test drive of Yui's sword on his hands, Raphel was thankful that he still had the potential opportunity to get a few swings in before everyone was to answer the call back to base. He grabbed the sword by the hilt as Yui pushed it towards him, but was sent down to one knee as the sheer weight of the weapon had caught him off-guard. Considering his psychic prowess had a greater aptitude towards speed as opposed to strength, that was to be expected. Raphel used his right shoulder to adjust the position of his glasses, ensuring that he had both hands firmly on the grip of the sword before attempting to stand back up.

'Excalibur, huh?' he noted as he made a valiant, and surprisingly successful effort to get back on his feet, 'How fitting...'

After a large inhale of breath, Raphel put all the strength he had into a single, quick slash. It was very low to the ground, just barely having enough clearance to not actually leave a scratch on the earth like it looked to. There was only one assessment to make.

"This may very well be me not possessing the necessary strength, but to say that this is unwieldy would be a severe understatement." he told Yui as he carefully returned to sword to its rightful owner, "You must have quite the high level of psychic energy in order to utilize it as fluidly as you had. For that, you have my respect."
Speaking of NPC's, I've got a total of 5 possible ones to choose from for my character, Ishiyama Tsurushi, but I'm having trouble deciding which three to use. The five NPC possibilities are...

  • A grade school student from the class that Tsurushi teaches
  • The principal of said grade school
  • A therapist that Tsurushi regularly sees
  • Tsurushi's current girlfriend, who coincidentally shares the same room in an apartment complex she's staying at
  • Tsurushi's former boss, who owns a gentleman's club/night club

EDIT: On top of asking which three NPC's I should go with, I'd like to ascertain some more info on the Lostman before I try and do anything with Tsuruchi's background. How exactly are we supposed to go about our characters' encounters with him? Would he vanish the second we laid eyes on him? Would he respond to our attempts to converse with him?
I've always been interested in this, but I wasn't confident that I could fit it into my schedule before now.


I'll start working on the CS.

Ineractions: Assistant Ray (Yours Truly :])

"Aaaaand clicky," Cahreli pressed a button that would normally fire one of the Colossus' Electromagnetic Rail Lances, but nothing happened; confused by this, she tried pressing that button again, multiple times, but all that did was transform her confusion into anger, "I SAID CLICKY, DAMN IT!!"

"Oh boy..." with a heavy sigh, Ray performed a diagnostics check on the Colossus to see why it wouldn't fire, and found the problem right away, "Um, Cahreli? Something's taking up a lot of electricity on your mech; it probably doesn't have enough left for those lances."

"Huh? Seriously?" Cahreli was not impressed, "Llllaaaaaaaaaaaaaame..."

Knowing exactly what would be drawing so much of the electricity, Cahreli had turned the air conditioning way down, but continued to fiddle around with it so it was still able to keep her cool. She might not have been quite as comfortable as she hoped, but at least now she could defend herself against enemies whenever they showed up. Even Cahreli knew that was the more important thing.


Suddenly, a signal could be detected coming from the East. This would be as good a time as any for Cahreli to test the WRM40L Warp Drives that she installed prior to the mission. All she needed to do is find the right setting...
Oooh, this looks promising.


I'll see if I can get a CS in this week.

Interactions: Nakamura Yui (@Burger)

Raphel was pleasantly surprised to see that Nakamura Yui had offered to deliver the final blow and, while both the similarities and the differences were highly distinctive between the two plans, it turned out that allowing Yui to go through with her own was ultimately the correct call. Raphel watched intently as Yui decimated the enemy that stood before the humans, cleaving its body completely in half.

He waited until the invader no longer showed signs of even the slightest twitch, before going in between both halves of the cadaver and kneeling down to make his examination. He didn't have the expertise to determine what exactly to make of it, but one thing was clear.

"Ah, so the enemies we're dealing with are biological as well as mechanical in nature," he deduced, "The latter would explain a lot in terms of the actions and reactions they've taken, but there's more about them that we've yet to account for..."

Regardless, at least now he'd know what needed to be done should he and his team were to ever encounter such a creature again, and that was victory enough. Updating the file that he wanted to send to Lt. Mako, Raphel got back up and found himself looking over towards Yui's sword, evidently curious of it. As someone who'd originally attempted to apply as a Striker himself, he could appreciate the effort that each applicant would have to go through in order to be truly effective. He approached the girl.

"You must be Yui, correct? Do you mind if I try to get a feel for your weapon?" Raphel asked politely.

Interactions: Yutsuko Soga (@Claw2k11), Itagaki Naomoro (@ShwiggityShwah)

"Welp, guess Uranishi-kun owes me Β₯5000," Tanifuji shrugged her shoulders as she said this. Uranishi Yataro, the teacher who was unable to make it to the assembly and had to call in late, had bet Tanifuji that she would be the one to let slip the prospect that Jigokuraku was to partake in the Four Pillars Project before that information was supposed to be unveiled. However it turned out that the late arrival, Tokisaki Miraime, had blown that idea out of the water right from the gate.

As the assembly drew to a close, one of the students had approached the teachers and asked whether the school would be safe from a specific villain who went by the name of Black Dragon. Of course, Itagaki Naomoro was the first to address him.

"Safe? RARAR. Ain't no safer place then Jigokuraku! If there is anyone causin' a ruckus, rest assured we'll get to the 'tooth' of the matter."

"Oh god, give those bad puns a rest, will you Itagaki-kun?" Tanifuji asked in a whiny tone, "They're not even all that funny..."

However, Itagaki fell silent upon hearing the name of Black Dragon itself, as though it had struck a chord with him. He dismissed the student, telling him to just focus on his studies, but then Tanifuji got to thinking as well.

'I wonder if Uranishi knows anything,' in any case, she turned to face the curious student, "Don't you worry about a thing. We'll keep you safe no matter who tries to attack the school!"
My char's not coming into fruition like I would've hoped. I'm tempted to pass on this as well, unfortunately :/
"School policy is accepting of all forms of magic excluding the summoning of eldritch abominations that tjreaten to destroy oir reality. This is not discrimination, we are simply trying to create a safe and fun learning environment for future mages!

However, kindly refrain from poaching the bodies of dead students/faculty who have not signed the consent and release form of their corpses. Also refrain from ressurecting pets as their owners may get angry and fly into a murderous rage and end up destroying the dormitories again. Thank you for your kind consideration!"
- Student Handbook exerpt "Necromancy and You"

Sounds like a "Yes, but I'ma keep a real close eye on u".

Fair; I can accept that.

Interactions: Haruka Fujimori (@SubjectVision)

"Excuse me, do you mind if I sit with you?"

Needless to say, Umi was taken aback. This had to be the second complete stranger to come up to the poor girl within the hour; or the third if one were to count Tanifuji. She looked slightly over toward the green-skinned girl that had leaves and a flower in her hair, but then sharply turned away the second she caught a glimpse of her, unable to bring herself to look the girl in the eye.

'Did this school put a curse on me or something?' Umi wondered.

Her head sank low again, but her eyes remained wide open and her face still had a blush of red. She didn't want to deny the girl a seat just because of an unfounded fear, but the fact remained that the girl's approach had unnerved her somehow...
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