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30 days ago
Current I'm a 28 year old woman & you bet your butts I'll be reading Midnight Sun on August 4th. Twilight was my YA gateway as a teen & I'm not ashamed to say I like them, despite how poorly written they are
3 mos ago
I don't understand why my library is not closing when county court and neighboring county governments are shutting down. My director would rather serve the germy public than protect his employees
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5 mos ago
I watched all of The Witcher yesterday. Casting for Geralt and Yennifer were amazing and honestly, Jaskier is fantastic as well. Definitely a little campy but it works. I enjoyed it.
6 mos ago
Definitely Parent Trap. I prefer the Jodie Foster Freaky Friday, and the Lindsay Lohan Parent Trap is amazing.
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6 mos ago
Saw Frozen II a week ago. Still convinced that "Show Yourself" is the better Elsa song compared to "Into the Unknown" but Kristoff's "Lost in the Woods" is the best of them all.


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My name is Aelin (well not really but you get the idea). I am 25 years old and I am from the east coast of the US. I've been in the role play game for about twelve years now, having made a nice little place for myself in other forums. I'm hoping that here I can manage to find some like minded individuals who love role playing as much as I do. I work as a cataloger at my library (lucky me getting to touch new books first), and take care of my parents. My hours are flexible and my hobbies outside of role play are reading (currently on the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning) and politics. I also love to podcast and am working on a podcast based on Canadian and American history with my best friend, who happens to be from Canada. Anyways, I'm off to create a 1x1 search thread and hope to get started soon.
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