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"Oh, so that wasn't some weird dream..." Sitting up from his bed, Deimo looked around at his new room, rubbing his eyes out of drowsiness. "Once again, fantastic." He sarcastically muttered. Searching through his jacket pockets, the pianist pulled out a small journal. "Atleast I still have this with me." Deimo chuckled, stuffing it back into his pocket.

"Now, what to do here first..." Henry thought to himself, geting out of bed.

Ice hadn't done much after the trial, basically getting to his room and unwrapping his chain before going to bed. All he wanted to do was shut down, not get anymore involved with what he had been feeling during the trial. Scenes continued to replay in his head along with other memories of Mercy, trying to figure out if there was any sign of her mental illness. After a while of tossing and turning, he had banged his head against the pillow and swore, not really trying to injure himself, but to knock the thoughts out of his brain. Thoughts of Alice's fight with Noel that would sure continue to escalate, thoughts of Felix dead on the floor, thoughts of Max's switch going off and... T-Thoughts of-

Ice stood up and started doing exercises, anything that his body would allow him to do. After a while of still being alone to his thoughts, he had left his room to go get some water. He started for the break room and found the group of infinites loitering around the elevators. New faces dotted throughout the group, but Ice only glanced over at them. Instead of going to the break room he went into the boy's bathroom instead and drank from the faucet, before throwing his head under the water too. Finally rid of any wayward thoughts, Ice had gone back to his room and gone to sleep with his hair still wet.

When the Blood Donor finally awoke, he came back to reality almost instantenously. His body had shaken itself out of a nightmare he couldn't remember, but he could still feel the pain it had brought him in his heart. Ice got up, combing his fingers through his hair, only to find it super unruly and out of place. Any other time he would have at least wet it down, but after last night's ordeal he refused. The Blood Donor grabbed at his handbook to look at the new infinites, but found he didn't have the motivation to go through with it.

He laid back down on the bed for a bit, having not yet heard the morning announcement. His eyes scanned the room that had long since been devoid of much of its original materials. All the halloween-like blood decorations had been thrown into a pile in the corner and suitcase contents was thrown about on his desk. Angry at his own poor management, he started to reorganize. After a few minutes of meandering the morning announcement finally came on. Ice grabbed at his handbook to finally look at the new infinites and set to scrolling through their profiles while sitting on his bed. The tiny Biologist reminded him a bit too much of Erin, making him flinch when his picture came up. The Horologist would be someone to look into later, but he only took a quick glance at her profile. The Infinite Gunslinger looked to be a bit of a handfull and someone to watch out for and-

Ice's breath caught, the face staring back up at him from the lit up screen looked familiar- yet not. As he scanned down the Infinite Pianist's profile, his eyes fell on his last name: Masson. Profanity after profanity slipped from Ice's haggard throat. He threw his handbook at the bed and slipped his good hand over his face. Why did he have to be here?!

Only a few minutes after, there was a banging at Deimo's door. Not something as simple as a friendly knock, but a loud hammering of someone desperate for the door to just stop existing.


"The hell?" Deimo nearly jumped when he heard someone knocking a bit more violently than usual at the door. "Hold on a sec! Just quick trying to break the door down! Jesus..." He quickly opened the door and looked at the unfamiliar blood donor. "Yes?"

Ice took a long look to despairingly confirm his suspicions. Certain characteristics matched up well with Alice's and his overall short stature matched well too. Seeing as how he matched his picture in the Handbook's profile, this only but confirmed it. Hesitant to confirm the reality of the situation, he let out a breathless, "Henry Masson, correct?" He was sweating through his bandages and his heart was racing far too much for his disease's liking. If he didn't calm down he might have to worry about passing out again.

Henry nodded. "Yeah... Uh, are you okay there, dude?" He asked, taking note of Ice's nervousness.

"Come with me," Ice ordered while gripping onto the tie around his neck. "It's... important." What would she think? Would she blame the messenger? This was too much right after Mercy had died. Ice didn't know if he could support her through all of this, but he would certainly try.

"...Um, okay?" Deimo nodded, walking out of his room. He didn't have any plans, but wasn't sure if he should let his guard down yet. "Lead the way, I guess."

She didn't even bother sleeping.

After meeting up with Parker, Alice had retreated to her room, and didn't come out since. She stayed up all night, looking back to when her old friend was murdered and beyond that. Once morning had arrived, the recon was staring idly at the ceiling.

She sat up from her bed, hugging her legs close to her. Alice couldn't stop thinking about Monokuma's closing argument, and how she didn't know that Mercy was more prone to self-harm than her. It couldn't be just that. Her friend's schitzophrenia driving her to do such a grim deed just didn't seem right somehow.

Maybe it was cause of the recon herself? She had been a shitty friend to Mercy. Maybe if Alice didn't leave her alone, she could've stopped her. If she treated the infinite plague doctor better, maybe she could've talked her out of self-harm. And if she even had some way to see the future, like Faith thought, maybe none of that would ever happen, and the party Krista had planned wouldn't have been ruined.

Either way, Alice couldn't shake off the feeling that all of it was her fault. A frown appeared on her face, as she held back the urge to sob again. Taking some deep breaths to calm down, she decided to get out of her room and play some piano at the music plaza. It always helped her vent out her frustrations.

First the two of them headed down the stairs to the first floor before hearing the piano. When the notes started to play, Ice stopped for a second. If the strings had been dug out of the auditorium's piano, that meant there was only one place with a working piano. "Sound familiar?" He breathed, not able to stop himself from making a wise guy remark. The Blood Donor started up the stairs again before ending up in the resort. When they started to pass by the Diner, he stopped and pointed. "I'll be here if she needs me. Go get her, Boy Wonder."

Deimo raised a brow, before walking over to the music plaza. Looking closer at the girl playing on the piano, his eyes widened in shock. "Sis?" a grin appeared on the pianist's face, as he snuck up behind the recon, and waited till she was finished with the song.

She did feel a bit better after playing the piano, but Alice still felt guilt crawling on her back. "Damn it." She sighed. "What am I gonna do...?"

"Wow, you've really improved from last time, Sis!"

The recon quickly turned around to see her little brother, her eyes widening in supprise. The two stood in silence for a short moment, before Henry spoke up again. "Uh, Alice? You oka- AHH!!"

Before the pianist could finish his sentence, Alice had tackled him into a hug. "Jesus, didn't think you've missed me that mu-"

"Shut up."


"Just- Shut up, you little shit..." the recon chuckled in relief. Noticing a hint of sadness in her voice, he returned the hug. "Man, it's been awhile. You look like hell." The pianist remarked. "Been through hell too many times, really." Alice chuckled again, before pulling away from the hug. "So! Gonna introduce me to your friend here?" Henry nodded his head over to Ice.

Ice was trying his best to keep from intruding on their reunion. He was switching in between crossing his arms and uncrossing them while leaning against the far wall. A blush slipped over his cheeks, he didn't look like he was eavesdropping, did he? The poor guy internal fussing made him think he was coming off as creepy or awkward, when in reality it just looked like he was lost in thought.

"Oh, you met him before coming over here, didn't you?" Alice asked her brother, looking over to the blood donor. "More like he lead me to you." Deimo shrugged. "Huh. Hey, Ice, over here!" The recon waved over to her friend.

Trying to look at nonchalant as possible, Ice wiped at his brow and walked over. "....Hi." He bowed his head a little, feeling a whole lot taller than the two of them. He wanted to hug the recon, but felt like it wasn't his place to intrude. "I thought... well, I thought you'd want Boy Wonder here right away, since him being here can't be avoided."

Henry raised a brow again at the nickname. Boy Wonder? Did he look like a robin to him? The pianist was pretty sure he wasn't a robin. "Don't worry. Seeing Henry again is what I needed after..." Alice's smile faltered. "Anyways, Henry, this is Ice. Ice, you already know baby bro."The recon properly introduced the two, earning a light punch on the arm from her brother. "Nice to meet ya! I'm gonna assume that's a moniker you go by so..." Deimo crossed his arms in thought. "Would you mind if I referred to you as...I dunno, Winter?"

Moniker, huh. That was a great word that Ice would have to add to his everyday vocabulary.... He had been outshown by a kid. "I would indeed mind-" He rubbed a hand on the back of his neck, "Just because I won't remember to respond to it." He gave a sigh and sat down on the piano bench, "I've already forgotten but, you taught Alice how to play piano, right?"

"That's right." Deimo replied. "Yet I'll never be as good as him- ow." Alice added, earning another punch on the arm.

Ice gave a small smile, "Well, she's really good. And um, I've heard a bit about you." He didn't know what else to say so he just clasped his hands together between his legs.

"Oh really?" Henry looked back over to his sister. "You've been talking about me?"

"Uh, y-yeah, a little..." Alice averted her look in embarrassment. "So what did she tell you?" The pianist looked back at Ice with a smirk.

For some reason, he didn't really like the smirk on his face considering it was at Alice's expense, "I was told about how you guys broke your mother's antiquity cabinet. Also that your pooch one ripped apart one of your coats to keep ya out of the storm. Strong companionship that buckeroo must've had. Now my question is..." He dipped his head closer to Henry in a conspiratorial manner, "What can you tell me about Alice that she's too embarrassed to say herself?" He let out the first real smile since he and the recon had played in the fountain, though it came off as rather devious.

"Oh yeah, I remember. Poor girl didn't want us to get drenched, but we had to leave either way. Had to buy a new coat after that, hahahah!" Henry laughed. The smirk on his face turned into a grin when Ice asked him about the recon. "Hm, there isn't really much I know she's embarrassed about, aside the fact that she loved fairies when she was younger." The pianist shrugged. "I mean, I can tell you about her old job, but it's not something embarrassing so..."

"No, she can chat with me about that on her own time," his devious smile slipped into a normal one as he thought of Deimo's statement. Fairies, huh? "The sparkly ruellas with wings? Mary used to have some of those, though my older sister always got mad at her for it. Something about religion or whatever..." His smile slipped as he remembered the gravity of the situation. "Okay shats, so you just woke up here right? Did you come from another game, what's the last thing you remember?"

"Wait, there are more of these?" Henry asked. "Anyways, last I remember before arriving was being transfered to another hospital. Then I found myself stuck in an elevator."

"I had a feeling that might happen..." Alice facepalmed. Oddly, she appeared worried when her brother mentioned her old job. Maybe it actually was embarrassing?

Setting aside Alice's actions, Ice's bore into Deimo's skull, he needed to get his point across, "Do not even think about leaving your room between midnight and one. That time is called the night of Carnage and anyone could try to kill you. Always have your guard up okay?" He turned to look at Alice, "Does he have any combat experience at all? We could have Calvin see about getting him a weapon for protection."

"Y-Yes, sir!" Henry quickly nodded. "Yeah, he taught me how to play piano, and I taught him self defense." Alice replied. "Don't worry about getting him a weapon though, I'll give him my cutlass."

The Blood Donor gave a sigh of relief, "Wait, if you give him the cutlass, what are you going to use?"

"I have a plan to get some more weapons." The recon explained, looking around to see if anyone was around to hear. "I talked with Parker last night. She told me there's a weapons chest in the mastermind's old room. I just have to break in during the next night of carnage." She added, lowering her voice to a near whisper, but loud enough for Ice to hear. Yet Parker's warning still stuck with her. Alice had to ask herself, should she really be telling the blood donor about her plans?

"That sounds really stupid... But intriguing, I'm in." Ice was all on board with doing anything stupid to get out of here. The weapons that Calvin made were created with cheap metal and weren't exactly the greatest. If they could get a hold of real, specially made weapons, they would be golden.

"Excelent. She told me most of the weapon aren't effective against the carnage sisters, but we'll have to look for anything with her name on it, especially a Ka-bar combat knife." Alice told her friend. "Wait, I just remembered. Max wanted us to meet him in Aladdin's Palace, think we should go?"

Ice nodded, "'Ight." He glanced over at the smaller boy, "You'd better take a number kiddo, Max isn't tip top right now and I'd hate to see you splattered on the wall." He pointed over to the Diner, "I bet Bliss'll be serving up some grub now."

"Yeah, yeah, I know to avoid people when they're in a stabby mood." Henry reassured Ice. "Glad to see you again, Sis. Really." The pianist gave the recon a warm smile, then walked into the diner. "Uh, should I go grab my cutlass just incase, or...?" Alice spoke up with some concern.

Ice took a glance around and nodded, "It's a killing game Alice, you never know when anyone will strike." After making sure she got the message, he scratched at the back of his neck, "Do you think he'll be okay?"

"Who? Henry?" Alice looked up at the blood donor, then over to the diner. "Yeah. It may not seem like it, but he's strong. And even if he wasn't, I'm not letting anyone hurt him, or you." The recon explained."Okay, I'll be right back!" She then ran back to her room to grab her weapon.

A small smile slipped onto Ice's lips as he watched her go, even though he didn't like the idea of her fighting for him. Would they be able to properly protect Henry? He was such a small boy. Then again, Ice hadn't been that big when he first became a lackey for the mafia either. He moved over so that he sat facing the piano and tried to remember what he knew about the keys. He did a simple scale, then the Blood Donor played this little song his younger sister had taught him, though only the right hand notes. He messed up a few times, but kept going anyway. Once he finished all he knew, he played it over again.

Sword in hand, Alice made her way back to the music plaza. When she saw Ice playing the piano, the recon slowed down her walking speed as she watched her friend, unaware of the smile on her face. Until she accidentally stumbled into the drums.

Ice's hands flew off the keys and he tried to get up so fast that the piano bench keeled over and Ice went along with it, almost face first. When he finally was able to rearrange himself onto his knees, he looked up, "You solid?" A deep blush of embarrassment flooded his face.

"I'm okay!" The recon gave him a quick thumbs up, before sitting up and dusting herself off. "Sorry for that, hahah..."

Ice got up as quickly as he dared, not wanting to trip over himself again and walked over before reaching out a hand to help her up. "I'd say pay more attention to your surroundings, but that would be rather hypocritical of me."

"I probably deserve it though. Bumped into a wall too many times to count, but this is ridiculous." Alice chuckled, grabbing his hand.

He pulled her up and then fixed the drums so they all stood up right, "Well um... ready to split?"

Alice nodded. "Right, let's go."

Obviously, his first attempt at contact had been the wrong one. The taller girl looked absolutely terrified and confused, confirming Noah's suspicions that she was a new player. She didn't continue banging on the door, but the Biologist could hear steps splitting off from the rest in the distance. Juliette Bourbon had certainly gotten her wish. He opened his mouth to apologize, but at her pleading, he quickly shut it. After she explained herself, Noah quickly nodded, trying to seem apologetic enough, though he knew he'd be asking just as many questions in the future.

Noah let his hand go slack but typed out his observations of her behavior in his head. Very skittish, doesn't like to be touched. Probably better if he kept his distance a little and let Juliette come and engage with the Biologist on her own time. "Breathe deeply-" The advice slipped out of his mouth before he realized that she needed a bit of time to process. But he didn't have a bag if she started to hyperventilate.

A smile returned with a smile, Juliette was able to continue to take social cues even in her trying time, that was good, great in fact. Her body was stiff, seemingly more than Noah's was. His last killing game had been going on for quite some time, had she been drugged and stowed away for a long period of time. "Please, allow me to examine you later." He tried to clip himself off before he began questions to help his diagnosis.

"The nurses are robots built with firearm extensions to guard Dr. Killgood and punish anyone who disobeys the rules. As long as you don't go out during the night they won't harm you. With your disposition, I would give yourself a few days before deciding whether to jump into the fray." Noah tried to keep his explanation short and sweet, speaking slowly and with extra pronunciation. "Dr. Killgood, also known as Monokuma, is a toy created by the mastermind to deal with us directly. If you try to attack it, it'll blow you to pieces so I wouldn't go near it with a ten-foot pole." He tried adding a bit of his own perceptions to seem more relatable and his smile grew more genuine.

The first Infinite came onto the scene, Thomas Herringson, the Infinite Biomechanic. Noah's eyes sparkled slightly as he zeroed in on the other boy. The intrigue billowing off the Biologist slipped out before Noah could contain his curious nature. He got a hold of himself before anyone besides Thomas saw, but Noah was slightly troubled all the same. So much for his first impression.

The second Infinite did seem to be well-endowed and he tried to keep the worried gaze off his face. Suffocation would be imminent if he didn't take any countermeasures. While the girl did seem like she needed an endorphin boost, the Biologist didn't want to dig his own grave by helping her. Better to keep his distance as much as possible. As his brain ticked away at his new list, he brought up her infinite: the Infinite Caretaker. While he would like to record her experiences, he didn't want to be alone with her, less a body discovery announcement go off.

In the meantime, more were arriving, so he tried to keep his face neutral. The Infinite Poet was a bit more fascinating, but for one main reason, he would have probably recorded everything that had happened. With both the notes of the Infinite Reporter and the Poet, he might have a coherent plotline even before he asked everyone and got their biases. "Correct, but she-"

"Jesus Christ, of course they are."

One of the feisty ones. With the gauntlets around his arms, he might be strong too. The Infinite Metalworker, a great asset to the group. The emotions read on his face matched well with Emily's making him think a tragedy had just occurred. Would it be a strange coincidence that they had just finished a Night of Carnage or trial? While new Infinites usually came sometime after each trial, he had no idea how things worked in another game. But alas, Noah really had to stop only staring at one person for too long before they thought he was creepy.

Noah gave Juliette a small glance before realizing she was staring at him helplessly. How long had she been looking at him?! Oh dear, his own social cues were getting all discombobulated. The taller girl came closer, looking terrified by all the new individuals. This was his chance! With his smile returning, he took the smallest step in front of her, moving himself in between her and the older Infinites. "Excuse me, Sir Poet, I assume you didn't get to hear our introductions. My name is Noah Dyer, I'm the Infinite Forensic Biologist. If you don't mind me asking, what time is it here? I can't have been knocked out very long." He glanced back at Juliette, "I'm not so sure about my friend here though. Some water would probably do us both some good." He gave a quick nod to the other Infinites, hoping he didn't come off as rude. First impression expectations could make or break relationships.

The way Juliette was pushing herself still worried the smaller boy. She didn't seem to do too well in crowds, but with the extenuating circumstances, there may be no correlation. The last to arrive made him want to protect the fragile Juliette even more. Had the game really done so much to the man in the picture? He looked ready to start his own coup d'etat. Juliette was quick to answer, but it only took a moment for him to zero in on her fingers. Noah reached for them, but stopped himself. The girl didn't like to be touched after all. "I come from another game, right after a trial so I'm without all my equipment. I'd like to get as much information as I can about this version and if someone could give me a hand in explaining to Miss Juliette, that would be appreciated. I look forward to working with you to avoid the death of us all."

Noah tried to think of anything else to add, "I'm about as qualified as a school nurse, but please make use of me. In exchange for information of course!" His curiousity showed through the gleaming in his eyes. Or wait- only one eye?

Something seemed a bit off like it hadn't been the last time. Something that Noah couldn't put his finger on. He felt around the small elevator, taking a whiff here and there, sitting in several different positions. Even did a handstand until he realized what was missing.

He was alone.

Well, it was very dissimilar from the last time he had been in an elevator such as this. Last time he had woken up in an elevator, the Biologist had sat next to a sobbing old lady, she had taken all of his attention. Noah had been horrified of whether she would suffocate herself to death with her own fear. After examining her, Noah could tell whoever had taken them had pulled quite a few wires out of her body, so there could have been problems with her lungs already. And she had screamed rather loudly when the two-toned ursidae had showed up on the mounted television.

But now he was completely alone. Again, this wasn't too unexpected as he had seen Infinites arrive by themselves before, had sat outside the elevator doors after each trial and gone through his rudimentary speel, but this was the first time he had been alone in many hours with how long the last trial had taken...

Noah didn't feel very rested at all, but that always seemed a side affect of chemically-induced sleep. The lack of REM sleep always was a big pill to swallow for the rest of his body, but the Biologist would have to deal with it somehow. He slipped back into a sitting position with his back rested against the wall, his head tilted up to see the screen as he waited for the announcement to begin.

The boy fiddled around with the items in his pockets to see if anything was missing from the last game, hoping his things would be returned... But that came to be a disappointment. His set of earplugs and wire were missing, expected, but poorly received. They had been stowed away as evidence in the last Class Trial, so now he appeared to be weaponless as well as prone to loud music.

The TV's static brought Noah back to the world around him. Faces, infinites, and names slipped on and off and Noah tried his best to get as much of the information as he could to stick in his brain. After leaving the elevator he would have to find paper or else the primacy effect would be null. The two that stood out the most to him were complete opposites: Faith Lambert and Thomas Herringson. Intrigue immediately sprouted in Thomas because of his scientific background, but really, Noah wanted to know the ins and outs to how Faith matched people up. What was the thought process behind it and could it be matched with a formula

Knowledge of the victims would be imperative as well, especially how they died. Did the group in this game get along and what were the relationships between each other? Were they standing together as one or had they created factions? A small smile fixed on Noah's face as he finished collecting as much data as he could into his brain. Buildings were boring with steorotypical designs and blueprints, but finding out how people ticked was always a fascination for the small scientist.

As the doors opened and Noah moved past the words "ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE", Noah couldn't help but feel his chest feel fuller than it had been since he first arrived at Axis Mundi.

A gasp came from his right and Noah slipped his head through the opening to scout the area. The sound of footsteps could be heard coming closer, but for now it seemed as though only he and a girl were in the vicinity. She didn't look that much taller than him, so he wouldn't have to worry about his head only coming up to her chest. That may be awkward for the both of them.

Noah cringed as she banged against the doors. This would probably be the most oportune time to step out, but he wanted to see what she would do next. But after a while, it didn't seem like she would be stopping anytime soon so he stepped out, trying to wipe the smile off his face. He soon settled for smiling reassuringly.

"Hello Juliette Bourbon, my name is Noah. Your name sounds french, are you native there? Because based off your accent you sound- Oh- um, yeah, off topic. I'm not quite sure what day or time it is, but judging from my symptoms, I've only been out for an hour or two. It was later in the day in the last game so I'm assuming it's around late nightime now, does that help? Are you new to the Killing Game? If not, this will go a lot more smoothly for you, but then again, distrust is a heavy side-effect..." He rambled on a little bit before pausing and realizing his questions might be unwanted. His hand gently came up to pull the girl's hand away from the door. "It might be best not to alert the nurses with the all the banging, they can come off a little... feisty."
From "Tower of Carnage" By BrokenPromise

Noah Adam Dyer


Infinite Researcher: As the name suggests, the Infinite Researcher moves to find the laws and behaviors of this world. Having the need to find out how DNA operates to how a raven looks like a writing desk, Noah wishes to find out how everything ticks. His talent was discovered because one of his projects was fruitful in the science field.

Noah had been attempting to concoct his own hair dye, and the experiment had been successful... But there didn't seem to be any way to reverse it. Noah keeps his hair long in the back because some skin next to his roots is also dyed. Besides that, he has brown eyes and looks a lot younger than he actually is. His outfit always includes a white lab coat with a fuzzy v-neck sweater underneath. A pity that his outfits don't last very long. At the height of 5'5" he always seems to be getting head pats for some reason. It's a great behavior to look more into, he supposes.

Noah had been doing a routine experiment when an assistant bumped into him holding a flask of liquid that once came into contact with his skin, it gave him a nasty chemical burn on his left arm. While it may sting a lot, it doesn't interfere with him moving his arm around and he delayed a few hours before strolling over to the emergency room.

Noah is an idealist, but also a realist. A combination of STEM and imagination. Noah loves to learn in his own way, at his own chosen time. Because of this, he may leave projects for later to move onto new topics, creating a large pile of leftover hopes and dreams.
Noah is a bit of a hoarder, he loves to collect anything he may find useful in the future, even if he can't find it later. Observing, analysis,

Noah loves both participant observation and nonparticipant observation. Because he's such an inquisitive rascal, he may not take things as seriously as others would like. He always seems to be happy in some way, but that's because he's always thinking up new ideas and that's his passion. It's also not exactly that Noah is clumsy, he just doesn't have the best space perception. He isn't the type to trip himself, but running into corners of tables or into people isn't that odd either. Noah's reflexes have become slightly heightened to combat this, but it seems that coffee tables always win the war.

-Noah has a second laboratory on a University campus so that he can observe college students as much as he likes.
-Noah has been invited to speak at many seminars, but he usually runs off before his allotted time is up.
-When he was a child, he also had a "adopted" brother named Noah so his family called him by his second name, Adam. With this, his nickname soon became "Atom" with his fascination with Science.
-Believes that hugs are a great treatment to increase endorphin levels and treatment should be completed regularly.


Everything almost blurred out for a second as he took long, labored breaths. The Blood Donor knew he had been way out of line, but it wasn't like Ice was the most self-controlled person either. He hoped Alice wouldn't hate him for this, but he also hoped this would make Max actually pay attention and do something.

The time he had talked alone with Max had been breezy and nice. A bit embarrassing, a lot out of his comfort zone, but his underlying problems with any police force would drag down any kinship he might make with the Infinite Police Officer. Somehow he would have to accept that, especially with everyone in the room probably thinking he wanted to kill the poor shmuck.

His resigned resolve was slightly tainted by Max's lack of action. An apology? And something as short and stupid as that?! His throat filled with insult after insult, but after grabbing at the tie around his throat he started to calm down. Now was not the time for personal differences, now was the time to shut up and pay attention, for Mercy's sake at the very least.

Voice started spilling over one another again, Ice's eyes tried to zero in on one speaker at a time, but with everyone trying to get a say, Ice could only really focus on the headache sprouting at his temple. That is... Until Felix started vomiting blood. Adrenaline pumped fast through Ice's filled veins, the blue prominent on the backs of his hands, but there was no light. Their doctor was dead, nothing could be done. Ice clenched his teeth as he watched Felix die in what must have been the same why that the Duck had. All this death, all this- this- It was because of him, the one who started it all!

As Felix stopped moving, Ice stared up at Monokuma with a fiery gaze. Davis had to be watching from somewhere. His veins started to ice over and his mind would start to get red with hate, become unfeeling and just try to kill the bastard when-



Well, well, well. While emotions mixed and bounced like a Pong game with multiple balls, one thought filled his head. 'At least he's finally showing some backbone.' After that thought, guilt encompassed him. How could he think something like that when it sounded like Max had been going through the exact same thing he had all those years ago? How could he be like all the others? His nails scratched hard into the wood as his fists went white. The thought of him turning into one of them rotted and digusted him to the core. This was what the game was doing to him, because really, if you live too long you'll become a villian, right?

After guilt came sympathy, followed by frustration. Did he not realize that they were doing their best to find Felix's murderer? Ice wanted to shout back that maybe he should follow his own bloody advice, but that would only give this blackened hunter the satisfaction. Ice held his tongue, his glare switching from empathy to anger, to judgemental. Though he had to admitt that Max's snarky bit at the end had a great ring to it.

A whole slew of emotions sprayed over him as he heard a laugh coming from beside him. Ice shifted his gaze over Alice and his heart stopped for a second. Her words didn't sound at all mad, but her laughter put him a little on edge. She had to be hurting with what had happened and how everyone was accusing Mercy. He wanted to reach out for her, but her laughter died out almost as quickly as it came. Ice wasn't one for talking about feelings, but he did want to have an honest chat with the recon soon. All this emotion she must be bottling up inside couldn't be good for her or anyone.

And with that the case was quickly coming to a close. Something was wrong with Mercy in the head and no one had quite seen how mad she really was. She'd gone out with a bang and dragged poor cat boy into the explosion with her. Heavy weights dragged at Ice's chest as he listened to Monokuma's conclusion, but setting that aside, Noel had threatened someone Ice cared about.

"Noel, don't." His voice came out short and warningly. They were all lashing out because of this bloody turn of events and he didn't want to fight with the Reporter. Right now he was torn between jumping off his platform and destroying as many monokumas and sisters as he could to get to Davis, or just ignoring it all and going to sleep. Wounds opened with the sight of Allie's grave stone, but he couldn't muster the wrath that he felt for the sickening robot to come up as he watched her try again and again to destroy herself. She was successful in the end and that's what mattered.

He appeared and that's what almost drove him over the edge. He volted over the stand and raced over to the bars. Ice slipped his chain out of his sleeve as he went, holding onto the end and throwing it as far as it could go. But it didn't reach... and that was probably a good thing. It was caught somewhere wrapped around his waist and Ice knew it would be futile anyway. He grabbed onto the bars and pulled, wanted to vent in some way, shape, or form.

He knew what he was doing was just making Davis enjoy himself even better, but he couldn't stop himself. "Such a fine dictator to grace us with your presence, but where's the fan fair? The shaking hands and kissing babies? We can't exactly worship the ground you stand on without being given the chance. You sick-" The thoughts of Aleecia and dozen of other bodies shown over his eyes as he glared at Davis. Bile slipped up his throat and he spat it on the ground. "There is no such thing as perfection, Hairball. And we'll be ready for you on the other side of this clusterfuck of a game when you finally run out of toys."

Kara watched the loud scene happening a little longer in a cautionary stance. All this yelling was making the hair on the back of her neck stand and almost bringing her to a cold sweat. As the Ultimate Assassin left, being chased by the big guy and the mute girl, Kara let out a sigh of relief. Checking her body's condition, she slapped both of her cheeks and stood at attention. She was not going to sweat in this outfit! It was a gift after all. The Ultimate Dessert Chef thought back to how she had woken up and tried to look at her butt again. Hopefully there weren't any grass stains but... She didn't have her phone or a mirror, there was no way to tell.

She glanced back at Neola. Their first meeting had been so peculiar. Kara searched around for the large man she had run into first, but he seemed to be missing. The big guy and mute girl were with the assassin girl so Neola was the only one she was even remotely close to in the vicinity. How had she changed so much in so little time? With a few swipes, Kara brought up her profile. The Ultimate Celebrity Impersonator? Where had she seen the face that Neola wore now? The girl had never been that into music besides classical and she wasn't native to Japan either. Whoever she was, she'd have to be a celebrity right? But just who was Neola really?

Well, a classmate of hers now, for starters. And hadn't minded getting leeched onto by the tiny chef. She had missed what Neola first said to the Stylish Snow, but hopefully, that wouldn't be too much of a problem. Kara followed after her and came up to the group that had at some point been joined by yet another ultimate, this one a boy. They seemed to be talking about escaping which seemed to be this 'game's' whole goal. If she was going to tag along with the rest of them, she'd have to act serious too!

Kara next to the blue-haired beauty and listened to the boy's response to Neola's unknown question. She quickly scanned her PDA for who he was. The Ultimate Thief? That didn't seem very promising, she'd have to keep close to Neola. She reached a hand back to her wings, but knew they were securely connected to her dress. He'd have to come after them with scissors or take her dress entirely. Some form of calm slipped over her as she realized he didn't really have anything to take from her and she smiled. "Um, so what other options do we have?" She wasn't exactly ready to look Stylish Snow in the eye yet, she was a fierce character after all.


It seemed as though everyone had gotten their PDA, so the Ultimate Tutor soon came out to acquire his as well. He swiped through the list of profiles before landing on the profile of the girl from earlier- an Ayu Usui. As far as Hibiki could tell they were all Ultimate students the same age, but her Ultimate came up blank. If he was in the helpful mood later it would probably do well to help her find out what her talent may be.

The rules seemed like they would be quite the hassle, did he absolutely have to nap inside of the residential cabins or was anywhere an option during the day. At some point he would have to take the two-toned bear aside and ask these quintessential questions. The murdering and what not was kind of upsetting, but would high school students really have enough motive to murder even in this situation? That didn't seem the most plausible. It would be more likely that other new motives or conflicts would arise in such a competing and harrowing environment, but for the moment they seemed safe. It wouldn't do for anyone to kill in a crowd and the bear would probably give them time to take in this new information and decompress.

Movement from where Hibiki had thought he had seen a disturbance earlier revealed a tall girl that seemed to be the leader archetype, quite similar to the boisterous man earlier. She certainly had the 'north' conflict style and took matters into her own hands, she valued her own life above all the others. Hibiki quickly scanned over her profile and identified her as Snow Iclyn.

Her words were firm and to the point, calculated as one could be in this situation. Staying in groups would allow Hibiki to use his talent to his upmost ability, but also sounded a bit crowded. How was he supposed to get in his daily shut-eye with at least two other people? But with Snow in the lead, escape routes were sure to be scoured asap so hopefully it wouldn't take too much time.

And competing interests immediately appeared. A boy with purple hair and a guitar quickly objected- an Ando Yamagata and he didn't seem at all willing to negotiate. Pointing out Alice Parker was not the move Hibiki would have ever taken, but then again, he usually didn't do anything drastic and that would impede his cuddly companion time. Calling out the Ultimate Assassin wouldn't do anything to worsen your chance of dying by her hand, but would theoretically dramatically piss her off.

While Alice's reaction was quite expected, the other girl coming over to her in the middle of the other two Ultimates' argument seemed out of place in the situation around them. What came out of the small device she held was even more incomprehensive. Lilly Hart seemed like a wild card that looked opposite of what she acted. If she hadn't said something so uncharacteristic of his expectations, Hibiki might have dismissed her as one of the crowd altogether. As Ando started to get more heated, the blue haired Ultimate walked closer, thinking that soon someone would have to butt in and clear up the mess of an argument they were starting...

And it ended before it could get any worse. At the very least it didn't seem like Hibiki would have to raise his voice to be overheard, he was not one to do so normally in the first place. But with the weird scratchy feeling at the back of his throat he was worried how his voice would come out. Something about what Alice said made the boy think she was full of empty words and wouldn't end up following through with the murder for some strange reason. She definitely had plenty of motive though.

'Oh, shit' It was when Hibiki was scanning through the rest of the crowd that he noticed Davis advancing on the musician, and not too happily either. With an Ultimate like Conquest, even the Tutor had heard something about him... And his reputation preceded him, he certainly hated being ignored. It wasn't like Hibiki to move fast so he hesitantly followed behind from a distance, not wanting to get to close before a shitstorm started.

The boy cringed as Davis went to town on Ando, especially the hair remark. If he thought Ando's hair was feminine, what would he think of Hibiki's? But that wasn't the most pressing topic at hand. Hibiki walked closer and closer 'til he stood a bit behind Ando, trying to find a good time to cut in, but before he could, the Davis was already done with the Guitarist. Since it seemed as though Alice could take care of herself, he turned to the two Ultimates next to him.

To the girl, he gave her translator a quick glance before given a small smile he usually gave to his younger students, "Killing is a bit much for a punishment, I hope you two can come to a proper agreement." The girl looked rather small for her age and he didn't want anyone thinking of her as a 'blackened' or whatever they were called. She'd have a better chance of survival with her not going around looking for a hit man. "I bet Snow Iclyn might be able to help you out if you annoy her about it enough though."

With that, Hibiki pivoted with strange precision of someone with a slow demeanor and patted Ando on the shoulder. "Look, we're all under some pressure here so it might be good to get some water and cool down a while. How about we head over to those cabins over there?" He motioned in the direction away from the amphitheater.

It wasn't that he had any real ulterior motives, but a drink would definitely help him keep focused and boost his mood.

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