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Athene chafed at the reality of the situation they were in. The unfortunate reality of was that despite the best efforts of Canoness Joan, the offloading of the refugee ships was completely uncoordinated. The Astra Militarum had seen to the needs of the Cadian regiments that were being transported, and by extension the Cadian refugees. However, the Adepta Sororitas did not factor into the plans of the Administratum. The reality is that no arrangements had been made for the disposition of the Sororitas, and word of their impending arrival had not been passed from the Administratum to the local convent. The intervention on their behalf by Cardinal Frollo had at least secured quarter for the sisters, but the logistics of moving them there was a whole other matter. The Imperial Navy was sorely needed elsewhere, and their ship captains were under strict orders to offload their charge as expeditiously as possible. This meant that many of the sisterhoods forces were scattered. Some units were able to take room on shuttles with the Cadian regiments when space allowed. Others, such as Athene's were randomly loaded in shuttles, with the only known destination being the planet surface.

She looked at the tram operator and gave him 2 Imperial crowns. The man's eyes lit up more than a little surprised. Strictly speaking, Athene was not required to pay the man. The gratitude of the Sisterhood and the Imperial church was payment enough, but Athene knew that life of the working class of the Imperium was difficult enough as it was. Mankind must suffer so that mankind may survive. They had traveled as far as the tram physically could. Now they would travel on foot along the cobblestone streets and walkways toward the Imperial Guard reserve barracks where they would be temporarily house.

As Athene and her squad made their way down the streets, they drew more than a passing glance from the locals. The Sisters of Battle were a rare sight to most in the Imperium. The only thing more rare to see would be the warriors of the Adeptus Astartes. They remained in close formation so as not to get separated. Around them, they could hear the sounds of the local night life as the remnants of the light following sunset faded. The only glow left in the sky was the pinkish purple glow of the great rift. It was a powerful sight, and one that had driven many towards piety, and just as many toward debauchery and hedonism or worse.
Sorry it's taking me a bit to post. Just scrapped one draft I had and I'm starting from scratch lol
I literally just pulled him out of my ass. But I've noticed a do have a little bit of a knack for it when the plot requires it. I don't completely have him fleshed out, but I will say that like any high roller in Imperial society, he isn't to be completely trusted.
The room was grand and opulent. Chandeliers from finest craftsmen on Holy Terra adorned the vaulted ceiling. The aroma of various dishes filled the air along with soft music from a live orchestra. A long heavy ornate dark wood serving table was sprawling with silver dishes. Each contained one of many local delicacies including some from across the Imperium. The room was filled with people dressed extravagantly, and conversing in tones ranging from hushed and discrete, to full and pronounced as if to put on a show to the rest of the room. Among the many socialites was a stern looking man. He was slender, and middle aged in appearance though for many people in such levels of society looks were deceiving. He wore the robes of the Adeptus Ministorum. face was narrow, and he had a prominent nose that was also narrow. Dark piercing brown eyes took in his surroundings like a raven. He wore a number of large jewel encrusted rings, but most prominent was a large gold signet ring which bore the symbol of the Diocese of Gelt. His name was Cardinal Frollo, the leading official of the Ministorum not just on Gelt but in the entire system. He was arguably the most powerful person on the planet, even compared to Lord Reinhardt, the planetary governor. Frollo was outwardly deferent to Reinhardt, but anyone who understood the depth and intricacies of the planetary politics understood that Frollo had the more commanding presence. For all his bravado and ambition, Rienhardt was not politically savvy.

Frollo frowned as he saw Deacon Corbin entered the reception hall of the governor's palace. The Deacon looked lost as he looked around the crowd. When the Deacon spotted Frollo, he rushed over to the Cardinal who was taking a sip of amasec. "My Lord," the Deacon said.

Frollo nodded casually to him. "What brings you to the Lord Reinhardt's estate?" he said calmly.

The Deacon seemed winded, like he had run all the way from the grand cathedral. Of course, Frollo knew this was not so. The Deacon was an aging man who lived a largely sedentary life, even by the standards of the nobility of the upper spire. Frollo handed the Deacon a glass of cool water and the Deacon took it gladly and took a long pull on it as he caught his breath. The other guests glanced amusedly at the exchange, which further Frollo's reputation as a calm and stoic leader who was always in command of the situation even when chaos and confusion existed among his subordinates. "My Lord," the Deacon said as his breathing finally slowed. "The first group of troops from the Order of Our Martyred Lady have landed from the evacuation fleet of Cadia." Frollo looked quietly at the Deacon without any expression, clearly knowing that there was more. When there was no response from Frollo, the Deacon continued nervously. "The entire evacuation fleet has arrived, but no arrangements have been made for housing any of the Order's forces. It would see that..."

Frollo raised a hand to cut off the deacon. He didn't need any explanation. He knew the ins and outs of the planetary bureaucracy's shortcomings. However, Frollo also knew how much influence the Imperial Church, and by extension he had. “I will speak with the various noble houses here to solicit their…donations to the Ministorum and its holy warriors,” he said. All the great houses would do anything to gain favor with the Imperial Church. Especially if any of them harbored any desire to gain the governorship. Furthermore, he could deduct any assistance from their annual tithe to the church. Perhaps he would even reach out to Colonel Canute. The 53rd was not a native regiment and thus untouched by the local politics. The Deacon was about to say something when Frollo cut him off. "You may go," he said to the Deacon. "Inform that canoness that there will be quarter for her sisters shortly."
I have another character that I'll be adding, but his sheet is largely incomplete by comparison.
"An orphan fighting for the very survival of humanity"

Basic Info
Name: Athene
Gender: Female
Played by: akula2ssn
Race: Human
Deity: Emperor of Mankind
Age: 28
Body Type: fit
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130
Complexion: fair
Hair: white (originally dark brown)
Eyes: blue
Handedness: right
Scars: left cheek, right thigh, back
Relationship Status: Single
Personality: While a fierce zealot of her faith, Athene is very calm and collected, and very much a team builder, qualities that are often attributed to the martial discipline of being a Cadian.


Athena is fit as a front line soldier should be. Her hair cut into a bob just off the shoulders and naturally is dark brown but is colored in the traditional white of the Adepta Sororitas. She wears black powered armor adorned with the fleur de lis and crimson livery. Tattooed in red on her right cheek is the fleur de lis.

Athena is level headed with a sharp analytical mind. As a bit of a free thinker, Athena has often found herself at odds with her superiors within the Adepta Sororitas.


Sororitas Power Armor: A lighter version of the powered armor worn by the genetically altered, Adeptus Astartes, the Sororitas Power Armor provides protection against physical threats as well as increased strength.

Godwyn-De'az Pattern Bolter: A smaller variant of the Astartes bolter, the Godwyn-De'az was designed for use by regular humans. In addition to firing .75 cal explosive kinetic rounds, the weapon also features an attachment for a bayonet type weapon called a Sarissa.

Power Sword: A gift for her service to the Ordo Hereticus of the Inquisition.


Sister Caroline: Athene's second in command. Spirited and gruff, Caroline has been a good counterweight to Athene's often level headed and somber personality. Sister Caroline is also a Sister Retributor, specializing in the use of heavy weapons. Athene and Caroline have had a long history together going back to their days in the Schola Progenia.

Sister Rena:
Not a member of the orders militant, Sister Rena is a member of the orders hospitaller and has served as the squad's medicae for the past year. Soft spoken and timid, it is easy to mistake her slight form as weak. Rena has served along side Athene's squad in numerous campaigns and is largely considered by all to be a part of the squad.

Sister Amelia: Jovial and free spirited, Amelia has often been verbally reprimanded by Athene. Despite this, Amelia is considered one of Athene's finest warriors.

Sister Irene: Irene is the newest member of the squad. A competent fighter, Irene has yet to find her place within the team.

Sister Cassandra: Cassandra is a Sister Dominion, specializing in assault weapons. She often prefers to carry a stormbolter into battle. Cassandra is very hot tempered and zealous in battle.

Sister Ilea: Sister Ilea, is holds a special position within the squad. Her body bares the scars, not just of battle, but of the flagellation she endured as a Repentia. The nature of the infraction which led her to join the ranks of the penitent is known only to Athene and Caroline, and the two have strongly discouraged the curiosity of the other sisters. The fact that Ilea had joined the Repentia, and found redemption before death spoke enough as to her character and faith and should serve as an example to the others.

Sister Eva: Sister Eva is by all accounts, the most pious of the squad. During hymnals, her voice is often described as that of an angel proclaiming the beneficence of the God Emperor. Her knowledge of scripture is unrivalled and her faith unquestioned. She often leads her sisters in prayer, and has been granted the special honor of being designated to carry the Simulacrum Imperialis whenever the presence of such a relic graces the squad.

Sister Jocelyn:

Sister Clarice: Sister Clarice is the only member of the squad who was born and grew up on Holy Terra and led a largely sheltered life in regards to the threats that face humanity throughout the galaxy compared to her sisters. Despite this, she has proven to be a capable warrior, and has more than earned the respect of Athene and Caroline.

Sister Nadia: Sister Nadia spent most of her childhood on the ice world of Valhalla. Her parents were officers in the Imperial Guard who were killed defending the planet from an ork invasion.

Sister Lydia: Sister Lydia is a Mordian, and one of the remaining original members of Athene's squad. She is fiercely loyal to her superior and has helped shoulder the burden of many campaigns.

Sister Mjoll: Mjoll is the squad's close combat specialist. She was born on the death world of Fenris.

Sister Serana: Sister Serana was born on the planet of Baal, the home world of the Blood Angels. Her parents were serfs in the service of the Blood Angels. Both were killed during the Tyranid invasion that decimated the planet.

Sister Rayya: Sister Rayya grew up in the lower tiers of the hives of Necromunda. Where it not for the bounty hunter, Kal Jerico, she likely would have grown up to be one of the many faceless gangers who's lives would be cut short in the endless violence of the underhive wars.

Sister Njada:

Athene was born on the planet Cadia. Her father sergeant in the Kasrkins, while her mother was a sister dialogus of the Order of the Holy Word. At the age of 6, her parents were killed during a raid by a Chaos warband on the garrison where they were residing. Her parents hid her just as the traitors began to overrun the garrison. Athene witnessed the horrors inflicted upon her parents before re-enforcements arrived. The Cadian forces found the traumatized little girl, unable to speak. Given the highly martial culture of Cadian society, Athene was looked upon by many as weak and unfit within regimented confines of Cadian society. Chastised and shunned, she would have been abandoned on the streets of the fortress world, were it not for a Ministorum priest who had led the surviving troops in the defense of the garrison.

Drill Abbot Steuben a harsh and fearsome man of the cloth. It is said that the only thing that the men and women of the Astra Militarum regiments of Cadia feared more more than the Commissars, was Drill Abbot Steuben himself. The man wielded the threat of eternal damnation as a Commissar wielded summary execution. For all his martial prowess, Drill Abbot Steuben was first and foremost a man of faith. When he saw the child, Athene, Steuben did not see weakness. He saw strength and faith that had been tested to its limit. In Steuben's eyes, this meant that the child was ready to grow in both with the proper guidance. Steuben took Athene with him to the Schola Progenium on Ophelia VII. It was there that Steuben tempered the young Athene and forged her into an strong young woman. Once she was of age, Steuben introduced Athene to Drill Abbess Diana. It was Diana who selected Athene as a candidate to become a novitiate of the Adepta Sororitas.

Athene was not alone when she was transferred to the charge of Drill Abbess Diana. During her years under Steuben's tutelage, Athene met another young orphan by the name of Caroline. Like Athene, Caroline was orphaned on Cadia. Both her parents where soldiers of the Imperial Guard. The two became close while being raised under Steuben, and both would spent their time as novitiates together both in prayer and on the battlefield.

It didn't take Athene and Caroline long before they were fully initiated into the ranks of the battle sisters under the Order of Our Martyred Lady. Athena is a veteran of a number of campaigns in and around the Cadian Gate, attaining the rank of Sister Superior. While Athene has fought many of the various types of threats to the Imperium, she has seen the most action against the forces of the Ruinous Powers. As a result she has often crossed paths with members of the Ordo Hereticus of the Inquisition.

During the outbreak of the 13th Black Crusade, Athene found herself fighting for the very survival of the world of her birth. Athena faced the combined forces of Chaos under the Arch Heratic along side her sister, Cadians in the Astra Militarum, Adeptus Astartes of the Black Templar, and forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus and Inquisition. However, in the end Athena could only watch helplessly from the evacuation fleet as the planet of her birth, the fortress world of Cadia was consumed by the warp.

In recent years, Athene has found herself repeatedly working with Inquisitor Mathias Chang of the Ordo Hereticus. The first two crossed paths in the Calixis sector while Mathias was investigating hints of a possible cult of pleasure among the noble houses. Athene had been tracking down the location of a relic stolen from the Cathedral of Illumination of Hive Tarsus. Neither were aware of the other's operation. While Mathias tried to infiltrate the hidden temple of the cult, he was caught and was embroiled in a fight for his life with the cult's enforcers. Out of ammunition, Mathias was forced into melee combat. After taking a blow to the head, Mathias lay dazed and disoriented on the stone floor as the enforcer was about to deliver a killing blow when the stone wall to the temple was blown inward by a round from the battle cannon of a castigator tank. Athene, and her sisters stormed the temple. As she began to check the bodies that lay on the floor before continuing to sweep the temple, Athene noticed the rosette around Mathias's neck and helped him up. Since that day, Athene and Mathias often worked side by side whenever the interest of the Ordos and the Ecclesiarchy crossed. The two have developed a mutual respect for each other on both a professional and personal level. The two have often called upon each other for assistance with their endeavors in the name of the Emperor and the Imperium.
It is a cruel age. A restless age. An age when a single life carries little value. No place was this ever more true than on the Imperial world of Gelt. Located on the outskirts of the Cadian Sector, Gelt with its hive cities and manufacturums provided much of the war machines needed in the never ending struggle against the forces of Chaos. It has remained as part of the bulwark, the first line of defense of the Imperium against the ruinous powers housed within the Eye of Terror. The year 999 M. 41 was no different.

Following the Fall of Cadia and the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum, the survivors and defenders of Cadia found themselves taking refuge on the world of Gelt. Unfortunately for them, Gelt proved to be no more welcoming than the Great Rift itself, for like all other Imperial worlds, life on Gelt was hard for the those outside the noble houses. Even without the constant wars against the xenos and the heretics, violence was part of daily life in the lower spires and the underhives. Gang wars that rivaled those on Necromunda we’re common place. In the upper spires, intrigue was a part of everyday life for the nobles as they plotted against each other for political and economic supremacy.

Athene looked down from the giant landing pad on the mid tier of the hive city of Proxima, the capitol of Gelt. The landing pad was large enough to accommodate a flight of Thunderhawk landing craft. It was one of several landing sites where the surviving defenders of Cadia and refugees were arriving from the fleet in high orbit. She was weary from the previous months of fighting. Her black sororitas power armor was covered in dirt, grime, and scratches. The red robes she wore were torn and stained. Her Goldwyn Diaz pattern bolt gun was in desperate need of an armorer, but for the time being, the regular field stripping and cleaning kept it combat ready.

“Elohiem,” called a voice from behind her.

Athene didn’t need to turn to know who it was. Sister Caroline had been Athene’s second for years. They were novitiates together and were both orphans of Cadia. “Yes, sister,” Athene replied.

Caroline stopped next to Athene and looked out at the landscape before them. Below them, the smog choked lower tiers of the spire and the industrial fields surrounding the hive stretched out as far as the eye could see. The dregs of society and worse resided within that toxic miasma. “The squad has disembarked from the shuttle. Abott Trelane has said that we are to remain here while the local convent makes arrangements to transport and berthing arrangements,” Caroline said.

Athene nodded. No doubt word of the fleet’s arrival travelled slowly through the local bureaucracy of the Administratum. Otherwise such arrangements would already have been in place. She looked up at the sky as the faint glow of the Great Rift. For now they would wait. Just as the world of Gelt awaited whatever fate had in store for it.
I'll put any brainstorm ideas, or maybe any background information for the setting that might take too much exposition in the actual story writing here as we go.
Give me a little. I have a bunch of stuff going on this evening, but I'll start drafting it up and hopefully have it posted later or tomorrow.
I really like that idea actually. It's sometimes hard doing 40k and being limited to just one character. At least that's how I feel.
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