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Current My phone's battery runs out faster than the FNaF building's power.
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ThErE iS nO cHaRaCtEr DeVeLoPmEnT
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Tmw you and all your friends just scream out I'm On a Boat
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*intensely JoJo song fades to an end*
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I need to make a hero for the incoming occasion.
Well, he was mistaken I guess. definitely not me
Midoriya lost grip of the situation for the first second when Nensu's hand slipped out of his. But when he felt the chill air from her arm, he perfectly understood the situation. And he knew he had to stop it no matter what. Losing her cool was not good for Nensu. He bolted forward and reached for her shoulder, turning her towards him while putting himself between the two. If he was standing closer to her than Endeavor, she wouldn't attack the hero in a frenzy so easily. If not... well, he'd have to wish for the best of his luck.
He yelled at the two.

Hiems suppressed the urge to jump out and help ease the situation. It was a fight of emotion, where he had no place however he looked at it. He had to let Midoriya completely deal with it. Trust the heart of gold he had. 'Or I could silently slither to the faculty.' He thought. That was tempting. If someone like All Might could come the situation would be finished quickly. One way or another.
also including Hiems severly beaten up, with a side of potato chips for extra five bucks
Midoriya felt Nensu's hand reach for his, while his body stayed stiff with his gaze fixed on the man towering before them. He knew what happened last time Nensu met with Endeavor's presence. Now he could guess how she felt, fighting against Loma who was probably dying to take over and pounce at the hero. He knew she'd fight back, and would gladly help her with it.
Meanwhile, Endeavor's gaze moved from Midoriya's nervous face down to the sight of the two holding each others' hands.
"...I see you've made yourselves... friendly."
The hero pointed out. Midoriya observed his face. Was he angry? Or amused? It was hard to point out when there was a flaming beard on his face and he was half scowling.
"The sheer power of your quirk is comparable to that of All Might's. You've been a perfect practice for Nensu's future career."
Endeavor continued carelessly.
Maybe using the pro hero job experience arc I can unleash some of my minions }:]

Midoriya felt himself stiffen as he saw the flaming beard enter his sights. He didn't even need to turn at Nensu to see that his companion was feeling a similar emotion- he could feel it standing right next to her. In front of the two stood a man, the second highest hero in whole Japan, the source of Nensu's second personality. Also known as Endeavor. Midoriya's gaze fixed on the man, not daring to stand back. If Nensu fought back against Loma, he was going to make sure she could stand proud, and walk past Endeavor without any problems.
He said.
"Your quirk, it was similar to the power of All Might's."
The man said dryly.

What could go wrong? It was the last question Hiems had to ask to his careless mind when he was on his way back to the infirmary after telling the teachers. The answer was a shortly considered yes. If it helped deal with the situation then there was no reason not to do it. But now they had another matter to deal with. The boy slowly backed away behind the wall as he saw the sight of a man with his face on fire stand before the two of his classmates, and peeked from the corner as he observed the situation. 'This could go wrong.' There was the answer.
things about to get BAD
So did the two walk into Endeavor?
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