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Current I disappear for two hours and you folks brew up an abomination of an anime. Typical.
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It is the way of the anime
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Tactical Magical Girls. There you go.
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I think I'll be carrying out actual replies after the exam. Sorry folks.
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Not a problem when you can hardly make a good character lololol.
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I forgot what happens before we traverse to the scene where they check their job experience offers so you could wrap this part up if you want to.
Bakugou being Bakugou as usual.
Midoriya returned a sheepish smile to Nensu.
"It was the least I could do for you, really."
He said. His eyes still made glances at Bakugou, who was still rambling about how the fight went. Midoriya eventually fixed his gaze on Nensu. There was no good looking at the explosive teen having a bad time about getting the first place in a 'wrong way.'
"He's got his own rules of winning, Kacchan."
He muttered.
"About 'flawless victory'."

Hiems was back at his seat, slump over it as usual and mindlessly staring at the progressing ceremony. He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around, seeing Todoroki on the row behind him.
"How's Nensu?"
He said. Hiems shrugged.
"She seemed fine. Not badly beaten up at the least."
All Might smiled back at Nensu and slowly turned to the last person to give the shining gold medal to. Unfortunately, he couldn't see a winner's smile-when Bakugou was still raging with the restraints being the only thing keeping him in place. All Might flinched a bit as his protests got even more violent as he approached the teen. He carefully reached out his muscular hand and pulled the gag out of his mouth.
All Might gingerly placed the medal down, but Bakugou took it by his mouth and resisted.
All Might finally pushed the medal down to his neck after a long time of struggle.
"Contragulations on the victory!"
He said as he backed up.
"Y...yeah, kind of. I just never sawan angry Kacchan in that much restraints.."
Midoriya answered. He yelped as he felt something on his hand, startled, but settled down noticing it was nothing but Nensu's hand.
"I'll be fine, I guess."
He said and slowly walked out from behind her.


The closing ceremony started not so long after. The students were raised into the main stage, hearing the roaring crowd once again. Midoriya looked around to spot Endeavor in the visitors seats, but he failed to spot a flaming beard anywhere. All Might entered the stage by landing right next to Midnight, and started handing out the medals to the top three students.
"Congratulations on coming up to second place!"
He said as he gently placed the medal over Nensu's shoulders.
"I mean, that's fine with me but..."
Midnight turned to the other heroes, who looked back with no visible signs of protest against the suggestion. Aizawa, wrapped in his bandages, shrugged and moved aside. Midnight let out a sigh of relief and directed two to the 2nd place podium... right next to an angry Bakugou in shackles. Midoriya flinched and hid behind Nensu, peeking over her dhoulders at the furious ash blonde.
"He... ummm.. was in that state for ever since he woke up."
Midnight said awkwardly.
sounds nice!
You mean live on all Japan?
What about giving it a bit of a time, letting it all explode after Stain arc while Hiems is lying on hospital bed wrapped in bandages?
"...thanks for holding on to yourself back there."
Midoriya said. He was still looking forward, not daring to turn around after such a bold move he made. He was half afraid to see Endeavor's angry face, and half afraid to see Nensu's sad face. Either didn't make him feel great. He walked restlessly through the interior of the stadium, leading them to the awarding ceremony.
Not far away the teachers were waiting for them. Aizawa, Present Mic, Midnight, and Cementoss were gathered up in a discussion until Aizawa noticed the two approaching them.
"You don't really have to come out if you don't want to."
Midnight told Nensu.

Midoriya waited nervously as Nensu paused on her way. His eyes glanced at the frozen spear, obviously made with harmful intent. Will she throw it? Or swing it? Just when he was about to open his mouth again, Nensu finally stepped back. She warmed herself up with the fire side of herself, curing herself from the aftermath of the move she made. A great sigh escaped out of the green haired boy's mouth as he almost collapsed to his knees. His hands reached Nensu's shoulders and pat them gently.
"...thank you."
He said. Then he turned to Endeavor. He was still wearing the mundane scowl, his eyes fixed on Midoriya. Midoriya bit his lips. Did he not care about what just happened? What he might've caused further than that? His hands slid off Nensu, and the boy took a step forward to the hero. The difference in height intimidated the teen in his instincts, but he didn't stand down.
"I might have something like All Might, but I'm not All Might."
He said.
"And just like that, she's nothing like you."
Without waiting for an answer, Midoriya took Nensu's hand and dragged her past Endeavor, no matter how she reacted.
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