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4 days ago
Current when will people learn that whining about people not RPing with you makes you look less desireable to RP with
6 days ago
What's wrong with Iwaku?
7 days ago
Looking for a couple more potential RPers for my JJBA RP! --> roleplayerguild.com/topics/…
8 days ago
A Very Bizarre Interest Check! ~ roleplayerguild.com/topics/…
8 days ago
Not your every day League of Legends roleplay! roleplayerguild.com/topics/…


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DFA 7 mos ago
boop :3
KingOfTheSkies 7 mos ago
I'm so sorry for your loss. My dog Bella passed away last month at eleven, so I understand how you feel.
KimHanuel 8 mos ago
I'm totally game for that Warrior Cats RP.
Sep 12 mos ago
I saw you stalkin'
CosmicOcean 1 yr ago
Hey! I really love the image in your Bio!! Do you know the artist and if they do commissions, or was it a random cute pic you found on the interwebs? ~❤
Uncertain Tea 2 yrs ago
Your corgi armada sig is so cute. D:
QueenOfTheLand 2 yrs ago
Looks like you're back from vacation, so shouldn't you be getting to work on stuff for the Fire Emblem RP right now?
Mistiel 2 yrs ago
Unable to post till Friday. 200 miles away from Net. Had to deliver Mom to med procedure and stay for couple day recovery. Sorry
MidnightRose 3 yrs ago
Hi love your profile pic! (*^_^*)
Crow 3 yrs ago
Hey Ambra, it's been a while.
Uncertain Tea 4 yrs ago
I love poros. :3
DFA 4 yrs ago
Your sig changes so much. It's almost every other moment another facet of you appears in your sig. Or perhaps, you're never satisfied with your sigs and so you keep changing, hoping to strive 4 perfection,or rather, the perfect signature as each change brings you closer & closer 2 divine perfection.
Solace 4 yrs ago
Solace 4 yrs ago
I have a raging bawler rye nao
Zombehs 4 yrs ago
Heya, don't suppose a VM if a Rider spot opens in Starfall would be possible?
Solace 4 yrs ago
Solace 4 yrs ago
Solace 4 yrs ago
who's this loser :^)
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