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Current All the things u thought were cool and good as a kid are actually cool and good. The snobby shit you learn as an adult is cringe, fake counterculture. Embrace reducing everything to infantile terms
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I'm a descendant of Charles the 5th of the Habsburgs but the only thing I inherited was the beautiful jaw
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something more important than this shitty war is happening its chris chan's birthday
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Me and the boys climbing mount everest just so we can moon the entire planet
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I simp for villains not because theyre hot but because they do genocide and other cool shit. Primo gene pool material
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If you enjoy my posts then consider pressing here to see my 1x1 interest check. Now listen to the tale of a man far from home longing to see its greens again.

About me:
Where do I begin. I'm from Belarus, and fairly proud of it. I've been RPing about a decade starting mostly with chat stuff and some LARPs/reenactments, doing the stuff of this site for maybe half a decade now. I'm a former serviceman, and while I was conscripted I make sure to stay in related circles. As a day job I'm a programmer letting me usually work from home even when we don't have coronavirus forcing us to do so and thus I got a lot of time for RP.

Look at me and marvel at... I'll think of it, give me a moment.

Anyway, adding shit

Russian and Belarusian (native speaker)
English and a Quebecois/Parisien mongrel French as others
doing my best to learn other interdasting ones

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next level of bruh moment when mans realizes he's in a cringe compilation

on the plus side, you're not the only person in this thread that's going there
Austria acting like the HRE again on board

As he ascended the steps to the White-Gold tower behind a cheering crowd, nobody could deny that the Dragonborn had not earned the crown by right of conquest, by mandate of heaven, and any other qualifier. Legate of the Imperial Army, husband of the High Queen of a unified Skyrim, Chosen of Stendarr, liberator of Solstheim, Saviour of all creation from Alduin, the purger of Volikhar, any amount of titles stemming of accomplishments could be said in his name. With the death of Titus Mede II at the hands of the Dark Brotherhood, all it took was the blood of Alduin - Firstborn of Akatosh - being shouted into crystal and forged into a new Amulet of Kings for the Imperial nation to kneel before the Dovahkiin.

Though there was much celebration following the coronation, he knew he had to get to work. The Empire had to be molded into something new, something that would stand the test of time and be worthy of the rule of his children, something that would have the strength to go on its own and at last grant the man respite.

Citizens, countryfolk, kinsmen. I address you now, on the anniversary of the signing of the White-Gold Concordat. With the divines as witness, I have always stood for the path of peace. Where the Thalmor have always pushed the boundaries of the treaty, where the Elves have shown naught but aggression and hatred, I have worked to have the Empire not rise to insults and provocations. But the patience of even holy Talos - yes, holy! - was finite. Today their transgressions will no longer go unpunished! Today the Thalmor will know justice, tomorrow not a single Thalmor will live, and the Aldmeri Dominion will be a footnote in history. For The Empire, for its people, for all Nine Divines, in memory of Alessia and Septim, by the will of our ancestors, Dinok wah Thalmor!

Greets, I’m Andy. This is an interest check for an RP set about 20 years following the events of TESV: Skyrim, wherein the Dragonborn becomes Emperor of the Fifth Cyrodillic Empire. The Empire has recuperated its strength, and now wars against the Aldmeri Dominion. If you like the Elder Scrolls, if you like slaying some damn knife ears, if you like a mishmash of Rome in antiquity and the Holy Roman Empire you never knew you needed, if you like a gritty high fantasy setting, this is the right place for you.

I'm here in the interest checks recruiting because recently two players dropped off, and while we have enough to keep going right now a more diverse cast would be interesting.

Rules are quite simple, don't be a dick, metagamer, etc. Etc. I come from a more NRP background so I value dedication more than consistency, and so I'll be a bit broader with my post schedule and say at least once a month. I am very open to constructive criticism as several players here now given I reformed some of the lore/events based on their insight, and I will listen to any such presentations of critique. However I am the God here, my say is final, if I say “that’s that” then that is in fact the case. Now then, let’s get to the fun stuff.

Here is a chronological listing of critical events to the geopolitical situation in Nirn until 4E222.

Your deployment:

The chances are that your new characters will be originally from other squads moved into this one with the reorganization of the forces given recently suffered losses.

Glory to the Emperor, Glory to the Empire.

in the long term they have the same goals. the imperials have more realistic means of acheiving them so imperials
Question like the topic suggested, how do I write a Nation? Like I understood that we roleplay the nation's citizen, but how about policy? I have no education in policy making, fiscal budget,... And while I had been spending a lot of time in reading wikipedia pages about the nation's policy/ agenda, how do I make the policies and the subsequent situation to not be an outright nationalist's wetdream?

Any suggestions on policy making, writing, and the whatever that related to nrp are much appreciated.

Check out great NRPs like Precipice of War :)
Though men on both parties fell, and with every passing moment there were less people to fight the violence only seemed to escalate with the passage of time. This was, admittedly, a fact brought on by the conjurations and illusions of the Thalmor. Many an Imperial soldier would beam with pride as he dodged the slice of an Altmer only to find that the foe he counter-attacked would burst in a puff of warm magicka. Typically, this would leave such a person open to being killed by a foeman that was not in fact, an illusion. The fact would rather quickly spread through the ranks that the merest of contact would defeat the illusions, prompting a far more aggressive style of fighting from the Legionnaires; where even a single tap to he foe's breastplate would be more important than awaiting a chance for a meaningful riposte. While this somewhat solved the issue of illusory foes, this accomplished the initial goal of such illusions of creating distractions that would allow more footmen to survive, and hence slay more Imperials.

But the valiant efforts of the squad and the Legion as a whole were not in vain, even if for the moment insufficient. As they charged out to meet the foe, the barrage of fireballs largely ceased, the Thalmor wizards instead beginning to use sparks to ensure the death of the wounded with well placed electricity. Now of course, the kill tallies moved to the archers. The footmen of the elves switched to far more defensive postures, squatting with shields held high to simply take their enemy's attention whilst arrows flew overhead upon the Legion. The greatest quantity was of course aimed at the Legate, the Aldmeri archers rather careless of hitting their comrades knowing that such would be forgiven tenfold if they contributed to the death of the Legate. Besides, who would be able to tell it was them in particular?

Regardless, the melee around the Legate was perhaps the most chaotic of the frontline. It seemed that just as he was a high value target, so was he a beacon of hope (or safety, for the more cynical and perhaps numerous of the minds assembled....) in the battle. The duo of dunmer in particular would bear witness to the savagery of his fighting. Though beneath his armour he was perhaps a few centimetres shorter than the gargantuan woman near him, Ingjald's girth was far greater; this was most evidenced when with his shoulder he struck the glass breastplate of a Thalmor officer that had not backed behind his minions in time, shattering the tough but brittle protection just as the ribs beneath with a shoulder barge. But having found himself over extended he was pinned in place by several of the foe, each trying to pick at the weakpoints of his armour enchanted at Skyrim college of wizardry. In an act of desperation were uttered but three well known syllables:


As the Legate coated himself and the comrades nearest him in a slurry of what remained of the Altmer nearest him, the words were echoed by the Nordic component of the Legion. Never before had the phrase unrelenting force brought a smile to so many faces. But though the morale of the Legion improved with the sight and sound mere single digits of the foe had fallen in the battle. But the effect on the foe's morale was as pronounced, even if in the inverse effect. Elven soldiers began to back away from the Legate, but with a wave of his hand for his troops to follow he would pursue. The Imperials were now on the offensive, and though they still had much to fight through the Imperial army had cut through the illusions, with reserves of magicka among the Thalmor exhausted for the foreseeable future. This was in effect the signal to cut losses and retreat with the satisfaction of having killed hundreds of Imperial wounding hundreds more.

A retreat began, a rather organized affair among the wizards who simply took a head count among their formations and then legged it. The archers - or those that still had arrows at least - did their best to cover their retreat. Some had this in the form of well drilled stances where lines would form, volleys be fired and then some several dozen paces displaced before this was replaced. Among others, this was simply an affair of running and shooting whenever they had managed to pull an arrow from their quiver and knock it. Neither of these were particularly accurate, but they had the intended effect of frightening away more cautious Imperials or impaling some of the over-eager ones in their haste to pursue.

The worst off were the footmen; they who for reasons ranging from lack of skill and intelligence to a heritage of mixed race were at the very bottom of the Aldmeri dominion's social substrata in the military. Some attempted to stand their ground, not quite realizing that the other troops were leaving regardless of if anybody remained behind. Others attempted to do a fighting retreat, using the cover of volleys to sprint before pausing to catch their breath and parry those who tried to run them down. Others simply ran for it, deciding to use those that had not as a pleasant distraction for their survival.

Warfare in the traditional sense had ceased. For the Altmer it was now a matter of survival, over the corpse of fallen brothers and sisters in arms if necessary. For the Imperials, it was now a matter of vengeance (in the passion of which many lost their lives) whilst for others it had become a matter of licking wounds, taking stock of the fallen and trying to avoid becoming a casualty after the battle was already done.
@Jeddaven Feel like Ronto would hate the HFU more the other way around; the HFU is pretty much an embodiment of the American ultra-nationalism they despise taken to a ridiculous and religious level but the HFU doesn't really have all that much interest in Canada. They'd see it as "part of Old America" but otherwise don't really have any ideological claims on it and would rather focus on going west if they ever got that big, taking control of the lower 48 first.

Relations with the Enclave are still up in the air but in a way they see the Enclave as wayward Americanists who became too secular and abandoned the Founders looking at them with a mix of pity and religious contempt.

@TheEvanCat Oh yeah, the Ghouls are not going to like the HFU. The HFU isn't any more anti-mutant than the average wasteland state by nature or intrinsically anti-mutant, their expulsion was purely religious. I'd also like to believe that at least one preacher has wandered up to New York at some point or some merchants have crossed paths in port.

It'd honestly be kind of funny to see a super mutant in a powered wig and oversized laser musket with a roll of the constitution going around asking random New Yorkers if they've heard of the good word of the Founders and of Old America.

opinions on supermutants?
@Andreyich@ClocktowerEchos Not the way I run 'em.

cope enclaveboo
@FalloutJack To the people I'm writing up, the Enclave just look like people who got too enamored with power armor and "forgot" what America is

that's fairly accurate given the enclave are something between high tech raiders and pseudo nazis
Updated the plots.

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