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4 days ago
Current I especially like the general conduct of "Cherish your 1x1 partners, good ones are hard to come by." I appreciate all my rp partners, thanks for rping with me ^_^
15 days ago
Drama, betrayal and plot twists OH MY!
20 days ago
Me either. GoT doesnt float my boat.
26 days ago
TFW in an IC they tell you to PM them if interested. You PM and they never respond. What's even the point.
1 mo ago
Will be away for Easter, will reply when I get back.


~Angel Vicky~

Been a member of the old Roleplayer Guild since 2012 - I tend to do more Advanced. My favourite lore is Angelic (you probably couldnt tell by my name!) and Norse mythology. My fave writing genre is sci-fi and fantasy but I like drama, comedy, suspense with a little bit of romance thrown in!

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Mistiel 24 days ago
TFW someone is too chicken shit to post on the interest check in question. That IS what the reply button is for on a forum with Threads. Fuck the people who only want everything in PM!
Nallore 3 yrs ago
Hey there, how are you?
dirty vibes 3 yrs ago
Combichrist fan? You have excellent taste.
Omega Man 3 yrs ago
Just saw you were dealing with a flood, hope all is well!

Genkai 3 yrs ago
Thanks, it needs more POWER!
rush99999 3 yrs ago
I wish you luck in your Etsy business endeavor.
Kefka Palazzo 3 yrs ago
Thank you for all the approvals.
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