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8 yrs ago
Alright status update: I have started a new job and am currently in the process of getting used to said job. To all the games I'm currently in I will starting work on responses this weekend
8 yrs ago
Due to a misplacement of my laptop I will unlikely be able to post until Friday or there abouts. My apologies for those waiting on me.


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Oh shoot has it already been 2 weeks? My bad I'll get something up ASAP and get the new CS done as well. I gotta do some catch up as to what's happening and I'll be there ASAP
Wow you guys have been busy lol. I apologize for the lack of activity, I've been slammed with outside things but I will try and catch up. I'd like to reask if there's anything that you guys think that the IntDiv would dig up on your characters that would make for interesting mini-plots feel free to PM me at any time and we'll hash something out

DAY 1 《》 STEELWATER [Landing Zone - A] 《》 Late Morning 《》 @Prisk@Rockette@DeadDrop


The roar of combat rang through the area pervaded with the sounds of laughter. Aaron continued his assault on the creature with the same glee of a child as the bright, offensive flashes of lightning that assaulted the eyes of those that so happened to view it. The sound of Gar’s call gave a brief distraction as he turned just in time to see a wad of mud and rock hurling towards him, the brief moment he had to react threw his trajectory off and while he avoided the main brunt of the attack a piece of stone clipped his waist and sent him flying to the ground. The force with which he struck the ground robbed his lungs of air and he almost instantly faded into unconsciousness. He wasn’t sure how long that he had been out but the lapping waters of the creek brushed against his cheek gently stirring him from his forced slumber to the sound of the terrible screeching from a wounded creature.

As Flyboy and Levi continued the assault Aaron jumped to continue his assault but was halted by the jamming of his sword. In the midst of battle he paused to attempt some minor repairs or to at least get the blade withdrawn from the sheath to no avail. The turning and prying alerted him to the unique feeling of cracked or bruised ribs as sharp pains raced up and down his side as he stood by even just for a moment and watched the carnage unfold. The mirth and merriment were gone, instead replaced by his initial feelings of anger and dislike for full scale combat en masse. The ground that may have once been peaceful in their own right was now stained and tainted with the thick viscous muck that spewed from the Big Bad and his little stiggies. Aaron’s gaze was pulled to the noxious monster and in that moment he couldn’t help but equate every horrible thing that had happened in the past years, both personally and globally, to this one ”personification”.

It hadn’t dawned on him before that his spirits had their own personalities; lives, thoughts, and feelings, all attached to an intangible being housed within him. It was at this moment that he understood the feelings before were his wind spirits finally being let loose to do what they were meant to do, but now, there was an anger swelling in him. This had to be the spirits of lightning. The familiar sounds of crackling static energy popped around him as he casually strolled through the field to rejoin the fray, his eyes glowing with electrical energy, flashes of high charged lighting popped off of his person and struck some stiggies as he walked until he reached his destination.

”I have had enough of this ugly bastard. Let’s take this up a notch.”

His words fell onto those whoever chose to hear them as he raised his hand to the sky as dark storm clouds gathered overhead. He could feel the spirits also reaching and calling others to rally to his call, in a flash lightning struck his hand as he instinctively wrapped his fingers around the crackling bolt of charged energy. The feeling was intense, he could feel the white hot heat tracing lines down his arm as the natural lightning did what it does best and look for the closest path to the ground. Aaron knew this would hurt him more than he would have liked, but at that moment he cared only about killing this thing. As the spirits of the wind wound themselves around the aforementioned bolt and shaped it into a spear he knew that he didn’t have long before the lightning tried to run its way through his heart so planting his foot he hurled the makeshift weapon as hard as he could towards the unruly beast. As soon as it left his hand, he felt his mind try and slip into unconsciousness as he fell to the ground, having used all the strength he could muster. The last thing his eyes saw before the pitch black of sleep was the brilliant flash of contact.


Well shoot I get busy again, come back and I missed my oppertunity lol. I'm gonna go ahead and post what I had started and mark it flash back. Feel free to tag me in any possible collars cause Aaron has opinions lol.
More like a sudden lightning strike of inspiration and struggling to get it all down. Oddly I don't really listen to music when I write, which is weird lol.
Ok I've FINALLY found a rthym to write with and I'll have a response ASAP.
Aaron's Final Form

So I think I've found his "Final Form" as it were. I can't remember what the next step for us Aeons but this is what I think that Aaron will look like.
Hey guys I'm sorry for my absence, between kids and late night jobs I'm kinda worn lol. I have a post started and in the spirit of having something out I'll throw up a post no later than late Saturday evening. It may not hit the word minimum but it will move things along that Aaron is in.
Hey gang, I'm still here just having mild writers block for the game, I promise I'm gonna get something up asap
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