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I just read this and now I've got the feels...poor kids 🙁
My jaw literally dropped when I read about his family. Edge-lord approved!
Ives is approved! 👌🏾
Great job...officially approved!

@Crazy Scion
Approved...just make sure u take the Tyro part out of his Level/Tier because Tyro and Adept are two different levels

Weird cats, indeed. Alistair is good to go, my friend!

House Phantasma could use a male...can't wait to see more!
@Crazy Scion
That's quite an intense kid
We still got room, so go ahead and put it up whenever you're ready!
Ok, so the dorms will be in a tower style. Four rooms per dorm, four dorms per floor, six floors per tower...making 24 dorms instead of 25.
I kinda feel for this kid...nice job. He's good to go!

@Lord of Evil
Kitten is adorable...Darcy's dragon-cat will have a field day with this one. Approved, my friend!

Still open...come one in!

So it looks like the dorms will be in the style of Dorm A in the poll. The kitchen will instead just be a large foyer and the back wall will open to a balcony (kinda like in Dorm B's setup).

I think I'm gonna have to adjust some numbers around.
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