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9 mos ago
I didn't know how stressed out I was from my morning shift until I just woke up and realized I slept for 12 hours. Go me!
10 mos ago
Just threw away a perfectly good open faced turkey sandwich all because of gnats being super bad and they swarmed my sandwich. I feel only anger and depression.


Rando Facts About Me:
Birthday: June 16th {I'm a Gemini, bitches!}
I have the shittiest sleep schedule known to man, that's why I'm on ghost mode because I don't know when I will be awake or off of work and not be exhausted. I'm trying to take melatonin to help with going to sleep at night to keep myself asleep for longer.
My favorite color is Purple
I have watched a customer sniff a block of butter for no discernable reason whatsoever.
I prefer baking to cooking. (Yes I am a woman who loves being in the kitchen. *gasp*)
I used to throw shot put and discus in middle and high school and I used to run long and short distance for being a lanky 6'0 female. I could never do pole vault though.
I simp for Lady Dimitrescu and anyone who doesn't or says otherwise is lying and is a closet simp. I'm just spitting facts.
Girl From Nowhere on Netflix is my favorite show to date.
I feel dead inside but I am a ginger so there is no soul inside me to feel dead for. Been an empty shell since birth, take that eggs! (Is a joke, please don't take this seriously. I am ginger though.)

Blood for the Blood God, Technoblade Never Dies!!!

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Greetings and Salutations!

Hello! Humans of the earthly plane and any ethereal gods or goddesses that wish to grace my presence too, welcome to my ideas for roleplays that I've had stewing in my head for a while and have been craving to do but wasn't sure if anyone would be interested! I try to keep things open ended because I love collaborating and make lore for our characters but some do have to fit a sort of storyline in order to make sense for the way they are going.

My Requirements for You
{I'm not too strict on these but some do have to be met.}

  • No one liners please! I would like at least a minimum of a paragraph because I will match what you write or write a little longer depending on if inspiration hits because I can become a chatter box.
  • No extreme god-modding please, only a little can be allowed if a certain action needs to take place or we talk about it first.
  • Please be at least 18+ years of age because I am a 22 year old and I really don't feel comfortable roleplaying with people underage, it doesn't sit well with me. I do cover some adult themes and make dirty jokes but I'm not a smut enthusiast.
  • Ghosting, I am very guilty of but sometimes it happens. Life will either get in the way or you don't want to do an rp because you don't feel the inspiration you once had when you started and that's okay honestly.
  • Please be an adult about things or asking about certain things because I don't need someone throwing a tantrum because they didn't get what they wanted in that moment in an rp or if I didn't reply quick enough. I have a job that sucks ass but I do it and do it well so sorry I can't sit at home all day like I wish I could and work from home but I work retail, so that's not happening.
  • Don't push for smut to happen because it's not going to happen with me. Romantic and cute shit is fine but please be okay with fade to black as that will happen or at least the scenario will be ended and a time skip of like a few hours or so will happen.
  • I am not expecting perfect grammar because I can suck at it sometimes, just make sure to punctuate and capitalize your sentences.
  • Please be LGBTQIA+ friendly but if your character(s) have hating them as part of their personality, don't rp with me. I know not everyone accepts it but please try to be nice as to some of the themes we cover when roleplaying.
  • If you can roleplay multiple characters or at least some background characters that would just be an added bonus.

My Ideas

Will be adding more but this is just a starter!

Edit: Just added a few more ideas and hope they spark some joy for you!


For context a couple of days ago, I got broken up with from an almost 3 year relationship but because of my ex's verbally abusive father calling him a piece of shit and worthless and that he would only drag me down and I was too good for him, he broke up with me. OVER TEXT because he didn't want to see me cry, but said that he would still be there for me if I wanted to talk. Nope motherfucker, I blocked you on everything and deleted everything I had of you, even threw away the promise ring you bought me because you actually wanted to marry me. YOU HAVE BEEN IN LOVE WITH ME SINCE WE MET IN KINDERGARTEN! But i guess your love for me wasn't enough for you to speak against your dad or stand up for yourself for once and I hope your mom makes you feel like shit too cause she said I was the only girlfriend who was worthwhile who would actually talk back to your dad and stand up for you. I just wanted you to fucking love me, BUT THAT STILL WASN'T enough. I hope you regret this for the rest of your life because you will never see me be happy and you will never talk to me again.

@Auroraskies It's a pleasure to get a new roleplayer here! May I ask what kind of experience you have roleplaying? Also, what brought you to the guild?

Well my previous experience is from when sadly I was a cringey teenager that had no idea what she was doing and acted like a complete ass to most people. By taking myself away from it for a few years and getting a job, I am definitely way different than what I was and am actually greatful that I stepped away when I did because I could grow as a person and because now I don't give social media the power I did over myself, I figured to get back into one of the things I loved doing the most because it was when I was the most creative.

What brought me to the guild was it was one of my top searches and I liked the look of the website because it seems easy to use, which is a major plus. I did try a different one before this one but that only lasted like a few minutes because the web pages were hard to navigate.
So a few things about me are that I'm not new to roleplaying but I've most recently felt the need to get back into it to get myself more creative and inspired because my job and customers/clients suck the life out of me and I really need a break from it!

I already do have some ideas whether it be for a group or for 1 on 1 roleplay, it just depends on what you are up for and okay with too, I don't have many restrictions other than,
1. No eye gore, it's the only thing that makes me uncomfortable
2. No overly sexual content, I love jokes and puns but getting too deep in romance really makes me bored and I feel as though I have nothing to contribute beyond that and I would really love to be able to keep a story going for a long time.

But anymore questions, just pm me or ask me on here, I don't mind and can't wait to make some friends. :D
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