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I usually don't do canon characters but I'd really like to try out an overwatch RP. Yes this will be a romance RP but that doesn't mean romance is the main thing. I love plot. Any gender pairing is fine with me and I will RP any character. I will do a lot of pairings so I'll only list the ones I will not do.

Not Interested In:
Winston X anybody (please no)
Bastion X anybody (no??)
Genji X Hanzo (pls not this)
Genji X Mercy
Tracer X a boy
Torb (just no)
I'll probably add more as I think of them.

Other pairing Notes:
--I will do Zen but keep in mind he has no bits and I'm not gonna accept that he got himself some modifications.
--Some pairings I will accept smut but some I absolutely will not! Don't be afraid to ask!

Now for some rules:
--18+ only!! Adult situations are a must for me and I prefer some sort of sexual content in the RP at some point so no fading to black.
--tell me your limits!!! I don't want to make you uncomfortable.
--no one-liners. I like at least two good paragraphs but I can understand bad days. I can match my partner's post length and I do love seeing several paragraphs of text for a reply but one or two minimum is fine.
--try to stay in character! Sometimes this is hard and some characters don't have a lot of revealed personality but do your best and I will do mine!
--have basic knowledge of the characters and game. I haven't read the comics and don't expect you to but at least know some stuff.
--I prefer MxM or FxF pairings but will do any!
--if you have the game on console we could play together (not necessary)
--feel free to talk about the game on OOC I love that kind of thing!
--I will absolutely do AUs and if you have headcanons tell me and I may be willing to go along with them.
--I want real names. If we use Pharah, in the RP they will refer to her as Fareeha unless she's in a situation where a codename is necessary. This applies to all the heroes.

Cravings: (I will play either character)
Mei X Zarya
Symmetra X any girl
Lucio X whoever
Hanzo X McCree
Genji X Zen (chances are, non-sexual. If you wanna try to convince me go ahead)
Mercy X Pharah

If your favorite pairing isn't listed feel free to propose it as long as it's not under my unacceptable list. I can't think of all the characters right now so I may have missed some pairings I like or dislike.
DISCLAIMER: it is like 3am almost and I'm really tired. I'm also on mobile so sorry for typos and I'll clean this post up tomorrow.

Most of my RP partners can only post a few times a week and I am a fast-paced RPer! I would love it if you could reply at least once or twice a day time zones allowing. I really like RPing throughout the day but I know people have lives and can't afford to do such a thing. That's aliright if you can't. I require at least two paragraphs of a post, more is nice. I will match my partners as long as you give me something to write about and don't sit there making your character think about the sky and how pretty it is for three paragraphs.

That being said, let's get down to business.
I am a 21 year old female and I'll RP with anybody who is 18+. I want mature themes in my RPs so that is why. I will not 'fade to black' for sexual scenes, keep this in mind. Romance is a must for me but it does not need to be the main point of the RP. I love good plot more than a good romance and I love romance with flaws.

I want to play multiple characters. This is not a requirement it's just a preference. Any characters that are going to be in a sexual situation need to be 18+. I love diversity and I don't see it much. dicersity in race, sexuality, etc. is really welcome here! I require at least one of our pairs to be MxM or FxF but if we double up I don't mind a nice MxF couple.

I only do PMs!! Or Skype. I don't do forum posts. So PM me if you're interested and have an idea to send me. I'll try anything as long as it's not just slice of life (add a little spice to it. Supernatural slice of life is a-okay just make it interesting). If you do not have an idea check my interests below and see if anything catches your attention!

I do have plot ideas for some of these
Don't judge me, I'm just really in a Digimon kind of mood and I haven't done an RP with it before :P I've recently started playing Cyber Sleuth and it's got me interested in Digimon all over again!

*I am over 18
*I am an experienced RPer (over 6 years experience)
*I can write anywhere from casual to advanced and can write 2-7 paragraphs depending on my interest and my partner.
*I ONLY ACCEPT OCs (no canon characters)
*I only play MxM for the main couple. If we double up on characters I don't care about their gender pairings I'll do anything (MxF, FxF, etc)
*Let me be clear. The (human) tamers will be the ones in the relationship. Not the digimon...just in case that needed clarification.

What I'm looking for:
*Please be 18+ years old!
*I require mature themes in an RP. please be okay with them.
*Please be able to at least do 2-3 paragraphs minimum.
*I prefer advanced writers for this one but I accept casual as well
*I don't care about your gender
*I do like fast paced RPs (RPing several times throughout the day) but I understand life gets busy.
*I love playing multiple characters but we don't have to. Any characters involved in sexual situations must be 18+ no exceptions.
*At least one romantic relationship please!

Alright so you don't have to know anything about Digimon really to RP with me. I've only watched the original series and played a few games so I'm a bit rusty myself. As long as you know the basic concept and can recognize (or google) digimon names then I'll be happy. I actually would like an original plot for this RP as well with original characters.

Message me if you're interested I have plots in mind but I'd love to hear yours too!
You can call me Aza and I'm a 21 year old girl who's been RPing for about 7 years so far. I'm looking for RPs because I only have a few slow ones going on right now and would like some more to fill my time.

*I RP a lot throughout the day but I expect my partners to reply at least once or twice a day. I do understand busy lives though, I won't get mad if you can't keep up with that kind of pace!

*Now I only RP MxM for the main pair but I will double up with other characters/sexualitie/genders. Romance and sex are not the most important thing to me when it comes to an RP but I do require that you are willing to RP them.

*I have no limits on: sex, violence, dark themes, language, drug use, etc. I feel you have limits please tell me ahead of time!

*I RP only over PMs or Skype!! (No voice chat on skype) Please let me know which one you prefer. I can write to match my partner but I prefer at least 2-3 paragraphs. More than that for an opening post would be great! I like casual writing with a little humor but I will most certainly RP with somebody more advanced. Let me know if you'd like samples.

*i cannot do slice of life! I like fantasy, super natural, apocalyptic, anything stranger than normal every day stuff! If you wanna do high school then have it be high school for magic users, stuff like that. I do enjoy some world building but complicated plots and setups can go over my head so please...have mercy. I love mideival and sci fi settings but I'm really terrible with them so just know if you want to do that then I will probably have a great time while simultaneously disappointing you :P

*comment down below or PM me if you're interested. Let me know if you want to talk over Skype. I love to throw around ideas and get to know my partners so conversations are preferred! I have original plot ideas so let me know if you're interested. Again 18+ only!
Well my RP partners are all busy with one thing or another so here's another search. A few things about me before we begin! I am a 20 year old girl, 21 in august. I ask that you (and your characters) be at least 18 years old because I do want mature content in my RPs. I only really do MxM but can be talked into a good FxF if it's got a really interesting plot. I love discussing ideas with my partner so feel free to come in with a partial idea and we can build on it. Or if you already have an idea completely fleshed out then tell me all about it!

OOC is a must for me! Or at least occasional OOC. I'll wanna pop in and say hi every once and a while, discuss some plans, maybe just kick back and talk about our characters or anything in particular. For post length and all that I'm not terribly picky. At least a paragraph or two. I can write up to 6 paragraphs or more if you give me something to respond too and I will generally match my partner's posts! Just let me know what you're comfortable with and I'll try to match it. My grammar isn't perfect so I won't ask the same of you either. I'm pretty laid back when it comes to RPing!

I RP through only PMs or skype! I will not RP in threads. It's harder for me to keep up with them. Let's see...oh yes, if you have ANY limits on things like sexual content, violence, ect. ect. Tell me! I don't have many limits but I'll let you know if something comes up. Now to the fun part!

What I'm Craving:
-Idols (Pls, I will love you forever. Shameless kpop fan here)
-Anything Fantasy (by fantasy I just mean something super natural)
-Master X Slave (not necessarily in the sexual sense)
-Teacher X Apprentice
-Prince X Guard/Knight
-Academy for people with powers
-Post apocalyptic
-Angel X Demon
-Guardian Angel X Their Human

I've got two other ideas, one about animals and one about angels/the apocalypse. If you're looking for a partner with a full blown idea then ask me about those two. Feel free to tell me some of your ideas. I also do some fandoms but it's very limited and I don't do canon characters. (Like Pokemon)
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