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This is my second profile on here, and I have been Play-By-Post RPing for about nine years now. I do my best to see every RP to the end or at least let my character come to his/her own dramatic conclusion when I feel like signing off. Just like novel writing in real life, I tend to find myself on long hiatuses. Since writing is a great way to work out your brain, I try stay engaged as much as possible.

My favorite genres include futuristic worlds, mysteries, and super powers. Any mixture of these three elements will peek my interest.

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Sorry sorry i know i said Saturday but it has been super busy, this is my last week of school and easters been pretty involved too. I can have a post up by wednesday and then go back to me regular quick posting schedule. Its just been impossible to find time these past few days. I do have it half written up though, so yeah :) sorry again and ty for being patient!

I do appreciate the update, and you're just fine. We all are busy this time of year. So, again, thank you, and post whenever you can.

Live long and prosper. :)
So this is a random idea, that I'm playing with...

I like Duel Links (the miniature version of the actual TCG). I play it a lot, and I also RP on here a lot. So maybe the two could work together? We would RP on here, like normal, and when it comes time for a PvP duel, battles would be done on there.

There would be limitations on your starter deck, and the process of deck building would depend on what plot we go with.

Here are a few different plot ideas (in no particular order). You'll see I also like a good mystery:

  • Starting at a new Duel Academy (GX-ish), but there is a rather extreme curfew enforcement and mysteriously off limits areas.
  • Entering a tournament (Pegasus Island or Domino City style). Drone cameras watch your every move, and your cut-off from the rest of the world... but why?
  • Waking up in the Spirit Realm, where Duel Monsters are real and your being pursued by a mysterious villain. Is this real? Are you dead? Are you dreaming?
  • And I'm open to other ideas.

Anyone interested?
I am so sorry ve been so busy I’ll have a post up by tomorrow!!! Again super sorry about that!

No worries. :)
I'm just wanting more n more man. I love et

Okay, I've got the first mission done. It covers some logistics, without explaining why things are the way they are quite yet. That will be done in the next hider.

Okay, I'm done with chapter two, the long cut-scene part at least. Next I'll be adding hiders with short cut-scene and mission descriptions. What do you think so far?
Perfect so now Indy can reply in response to Margo along with the legendary pokemon encounter~


And @prettydrops, I'd like you to describe the town, based on the impression you get from the town description and the new music I just updated into the 1st IC post. But I'd rather you not describe the inside of the Zanna Town Library, if you get that far in your post.

When you two decide to go to the library, I would like be the one to describe the inside. You can describe the outside of the building however you like, but when you open the doors, I would like it to be my turn to post.


My fingers didn't want to stop this time. That was a long post. LOL

You two are now on the South East stretch of Leeman Trail with an hour's hike to Zanna Town.

Indigo folded up the letter and exchanged some final uplifting words with Margo. The two of them would be a duo from here on out. Accept for at the moment. "So what are you two going to do next?" Zvi asked with a comforting smile.

The choice was obvious. Zanna town was next on the list. They came to Cloud Temple with hopes of seeing a legendary Pokemon but it seemed all they got was some big news. It was time to put the bitter-sweet experience in the past.

"Sounds good to me." Zvi smiled again. He then put two fingers up to his mouth and let out an extremely loud whistle. It was impressive actually, to hear a sound that loud come out of someone so small. Zvi chuckled a little as Indigo and Margo flinched. "I'm just calling Pawpaw. He can carry the three of us, most of the way at least."

After a minute of waiting in relative silence, Pawpaw appeared through the fog, floating above the trail at head height. His face was relaxed as he effortlessly approached at the speed of someone sprinting. He stopped all at once and just as effortlessly. After Zvi exchanged a few words with the dragon Pokemon, Pawpaw nodded his head and crouched down on the ground. He had no problem with giving these kids a ride.

And so, everyone climbed onto the fluffy dragon's back, and he turned to face the trail where he came from. Before he could take off however, something strange happened. The fog around the temple suddenly dissipated. Looking to the trail ahead, the fog was still thick, but here at the temple, it was as if the sun had opened a whole in the clouds. Looking up to the sky, you could see the circle of clouds around the temple.

"Guys, I think there's something at the top of the temple! Pawpaw, take us up higher please!" Zvi requested with a toothy grin. And so, Pawpaw began to float upward into the air.

Once high enough, they could see it, their first sight of a legendary Pokmeon. Standing atop the stone pillars, Ho-oh gently preened its rainbow wings. The majestic Pokemon was facing away from the teenagers and didn't seem to notice them at first, but then suddenly, it stopped what it was doing and looked over its shoulder. For a long moment, Ho-oh stayed like that, staring at them, and all the three of them could think to do was stare back. This image would be burned into there mind for a long time to come.

After what felt like many minutes, but was more like many seconds, Ho-oh spread its multicolored wings. With one powerful flap it rose high into the sky. Crossing directly overhead, it left a rainbow in its wake. "Follow that Pokemon Pawpaw!". Zvi called out.

Pawpaw huffed in excitement of his own and rose higher, above the tree tops, but still bellow the rainbow. "Hold on tight!" Zvi yelled over his shoulder. Then Pawpaw launched forward. By this time, Ho-oh was already quite far ahead of them, and the clouds where closing in around them. But Pawpaw wouldn't be outran that easily. He was able to maintain this distance for quite some time, the rainbow just above their heads and the glowing body of Ho-oh in the distance.

The further they flew, the lower the clouds became, until they were above them completely. But alas, Pawpaw couldn't keep up the pace forever. Slowly but surely, the image of Ho-oh in the distance became smaller, and the rainbow above faded away. It also seemed like Ho-oh was banking right, no longer headed in the direction they needed to go.

And so, Ho-oh got away. The trees below became thinner and the ground higher, as they neared the tallest part of the mountain. Pawpaw was obviously tired. He slowly drifted downward to meet the rising ground. There wasn't much flat ground to land upon, but he managed to find a spot just big enough and not too steep. Beside his landing spot there was a clearly carved out trail, with tree roots and rocks acting as steps.

"End of the line." Zvi shrugged and smiled. "That was amazing wasn't it!?" He asked as Indy and Margo climbed down off of Pawpaw.

After some excited words about what they just saw, Zvi pointed up the trail. Zanna Town was at the top, and it would take them an hour to walk up. With that, Zvi waved goodbye and Pawpaw let out a heavy breath. Pawpaw then turned back to where they came, pushed off the ground, and flew in that direction. More accurately, he glided just above the trees, until they reached the bottom of the mountain peak and were swallowed by the lush greens below.

Hahaha I think Margo has enough pokemon atm, so we won't be catching another one as of right now. I did however already post in reaction to Dan's letter.... Should we both post one more time in the temple or do you want to go ahead with the Legendary Pokemon? I don't mind either way!


But Zanna town sounds like a plaaaaan~

It sounded to me like prettydropps was ready to time skip all the way to Zanna Town. So if you don't mind, I'm going to go ahead and help that along in my next post. In your next posts, you can reflect on what you thought of the brief Legendary Pokemon encounter, as well as arrive in Zanna Town.
@iKatamalicious we could go to zanna town next? In the locations list there's this awesome a huge library... we could timeskip there?


I second this notion, but I'd like to post before you two leave the temple. I want to give you your first peak at a legendary Pokemon.

iKat, do you want to post before me, perhaps in reaction to Dan's letter, and/or to catch a Pokemon while you're at the temple?
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