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This is my second profile on here, and I have been Play-By-Post RPing for about nine years now. I do my best to see every RP to the end or at least let my character come to his/her own dramatic conclusion when I feel like signing off. Just like novel writing in real life, I tend to find myself on long hiatuses. Since writing is a great way to work out your brain, I try stay engaged as much as possible.

My favorite genres include futuristic worlds, mysteries, and super powers. Any mixture of these three elements will peek my interest.

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The Plot

Welcome to the future, the year 2500, on planet Earth. Mars has been terraformed and some people do live there, but we've successfully saved Earth from becoming uninhabitable, and most of the human population still lives here. Then there are those that live on space stations bound for distant planets, but more on all this later...

Our story takes place on planet Earth of "Universe 0". Before we continue, it is important to note that our universe exists outside the realm of "Grand Zeno, The Omni King's" control. In fact, it can be assumed that Grand Zeno has so much control over the universes in the Dragon Ball cannon, because he likely created them (or was at least around before their creation). It is even possible that Zeno himself was originally from "Universe 0". This is a possibility we can explore in the future.

All characters in the beginning of this RP will be human. In fact, while intelligent life has been spotted on other far away planets, there has never been an alien on Planet Earth (at least not to our knowledge). And Earth's closest space station to reaching one of those distant planets is still not due to land for another 400 years.

For now, we return our attention to more micro-scale issues, like the "World Martial Arts Tournament". The tournament is held every five years, and we will start out tale at the 50th edition of this great competition. Thus, this is a two hundred and fifty year old martial arts tradition. The tournament was started after medical science became so advanced that nearly all near death injuries (including loss of limbs) could easily be healed. Since then, warriors from around the world have been competing and giving it their all to be crowned as the world's strongest fighter.

So, after creating your human character (who should obviously be a fighter), you will then begin to advance your way through the tournament. Then we will jump right into it. Your first post will be a summary of you arriving at the tournament grounds. I will wait for two people to start us off. The first person will introduce their character. The second person's character will meet the first person's character. What kind of relationship you two choose to build is entirely up to you (i.e. whether they already know each other, whether they like each other, whether they dislike each other).

After our first two contestants are introduced, I will move the story forward. For those interested in joining this RP, if you aren't one of the first two people to post in the IC section, don't worry. Your characters will be able to join the action soon after.

Now before you make your character, let's go ahead and take a look at how battles will be decided. There will be two "game stats" in this RP: Health and Power Level. These two stats are linked, because your Max Health and Power Level will always be equal to each other. Of course when you take damage, your health will decrease, and when you use a special technique, your Power Level will temporarily increase. For now, I won't dive further into this. You will learn more about this as you participate in the RP.

Okay! Now please turn to the "Characters" tab to see character guidelines!

Okay. I see your interest. I'll start working on this on my next day off. Should have it up and ready before this time next week.

are you talking like percentage of attacks landing, doing crits, ECT? cause I was going to figure the poster could determine that. I want to give each person the ability to control their own battles. as long as they don't go full God-like.

Okay, so this isn't a PvP roleplay. Battles are between our characters and non-player controlled characters. Okay, I got ya.
General Concept

I would like someone to volunteer to start off as a human character, here on Earth. In the future, you could have a Saiyan character or any number of other races (even made-up ones), but I'd like to the start the adventure here on Earth, with a human main character.

Now, it's important to note, this RP would be inspired by and based off the Dragon Ball franchise, but all our characters will be original (i.e. no Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, etc.) In fact, let's just assume this is Earth from a different Universe. We'll call it "Universe 0" for now, the "original" Universe.

We would start our story off at the World Martial Arts Tournament. The main character would obviously be a contestant in the tournament, and this would be where we practice our simple dice-roll-based battle system. There is a little more to it, but in short, the only stat that would matter in this RP would be Power Level. You would roll your Power Level v.s. your opponent's Power Level to see who has the upper hand in battle, then write it out in a post. Less important battles would need less dice rolls, while higher profile battles (boss battles) would need more to show the back and forth nature of the battle.

After our opening World Martial Arts phase, we'll move on to more original story telling. We can decide together which direction to go with it. Maybe our main character looses the tournament and sets out on a new journey to become stronger. Maybe they hear about the Dragon Balls and start a quest to find them all. Or maybe we do something completely original. We can decide with the time comes.

Initial Thoughts Anyone?
How are you looking to handle Pokemon battles? Dice rolling? Pokemon Showdown simulator? Some other method?
I've seen some of them, yes. I just wish I had a Switch to play this thing on. They are so expensive.
Finishing up, Indigo and Mimi went through a series of twirls and choreographed dance together. Finally bouncing off Indigo's hat and landing on his outstretched arm, their group appeal finished. And as the crowd burst into cheers, Indigo hoped at least some was for Mimi and himself. Though, the next results would tell for sure.

The excitement from the crowd died down steadily but never quite came to a halt. The judges conversed with one another quietly, occasionally pointing to one of the contestants and their Pokemon. The anticipation was building.

Meanwhile, out in the crowd, Margo sat on the edge of her seat with both her fingers crossed. Of course, she had screamed and applauded after Indigo's and Mimi's appeal, but now, like many others, she was simply hoping for the best.
Come on you judges, you know Indigo and Mimi swept this round, what's taking you so long?

Finally, the judges stood. It was time for the results. The show host walked over to them and received the piece of paper that the middle judge was holding out for him. He then walked back to his microphone, keeping the score card held close to his chest, as if anyone in the crowd could even read it from that far away.

"The results are in and a decision has been made!" He said into the microphone dramatically. This seemed to quieten the crowd even further. "The top two contestants will be moving on to the contest battles which will start tomorrow. So, without further ado, our runner up, with quite the fiery display, is Malik Rhineheart and his illustrious Growlithe!" The crowd cheered loudly for the boy, and Margo began to hold her breath.

"And for our first place winner, by unanimous decision, we have..." The announcer paused dramatically, purposefully teasing the crowd. "Indigo Rose and his energetic, lovable Buneary!!! The crowd erupted in another roar, this one louder than any before.

Through the noise, Margo cried out, "You did it! I knew it!". Margo hoped that Indigo could see her, that he got her text message. She wanted her friend to know she was there for him. Either way, she planned on finding him after the rest of the groups appeals. Maybe they would even have time to celebrate nearby before it got too late.
Sorry for the delay. I'm going through some stuff right now. Looking for new work and all that. So much fun.

Haha, yeah, no worries mi amigo. You're fine. I live a busy life as well. Take your time, and I'll keep checking in. No problemo.
Monica White


The air began to grow more and more humid as she progressed onwards, and the insects became less common. Her hair was beginning to stand on end. "Uh... John? Are you out here? Or am I in a fever dream and I need to see a doctor?"

It was getting late. The sun had just set. The forest's red glow, gave way to a deep blue sky. If she stayed out much longer, Monica would be walking in total darkness.

She was seriously considering turning around and heading home. That's when she noticed a feint glow, only noticeable because of the darkness. Following the light, she wound up at the edge of a large lake. On the other side the lake, she could see a small cabin. The lights from within the cabin were the lights she was seeing. On the front porch of that cabin, a bearded man sat in a rocking chair. His beard was full and dark, not white like the old man's from the hospital.

Still, he seemed to recognize her. He stood, from his rocking chair and shouted across the lake with surprising clarity. "You came! I thought you would at least be another day or two! Please, get over here! Have some dinner!"

Then, something truly astounding happened. The lake between them started bubbling, in a straight line from where she stood and where he stood. Then, from where the bubbles rose, wooden poles connected by rope soon followed. Finally, out of the water, the rest of the bridge emerged. It was just wide enough to that she could walk across with both hands outstretched to hold onto rope railings. "Watch your step! It's slippery!"
@Lord Orgasmo

I see your latest post. Nice. I'll get something up by Tuesday. I work a double today (Monday), and I'm sure I won't have the energy left to make a good post after I get off.
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