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2 mos ago
Current Beep.
2 mos ago
4+ hour drive with two Mastiffs in the vehicle. This is gonna be a long ride...
3 mos ago
(okay, maybe not *exploding*, but you catch my drift - poor things are out of commission in some places)
3 mos ago
...tree-felling, transformer-exploding storms goin' on down responses may be a little delayed, but I'll do my best!
6 mos ago
I’ll take a parfait.
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Under Construction.

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Should I move it over to CSs, or you wanna? @VitaVitaAR
Here we are! Let me know what ya think - and if I missed any errors. :p

I hope you don't mind my slight format alterations? I can easily change it if you like!
@VitaVitaAR Are all magi capable of reading mana flow passively/without effort?
Interested. Will work on a character and see if I can come up with a concept I’m satisfied with.
Here's the first of my two PCs, sans her Bio.

@Lemons Yup. <.<

I was thinkin' of going for a pretty defensive Semblance. Which, brings me to ask a question - would a section of armor (from Pauldron, to vambrace, to greave - so, the whole arm) be able to go in the "weapon" slot? Of course it will likely be able to transform as most weapons do, but just wanted to ask to make sure.

And another question - is this going to be sandbox, or do you have a plot/plan laid out?
@Amastacia I may interested in this, if you are still accepting. I will see about making a character, and if I can whip up something I like, I’ll join if possible.
Keeping an eye on it.
Thank you ^^
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