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Current @Phantomlink: But YOU can fix that sense of smell, with just a small application of Flex Seal Liquid! It stays in, and bonds tight, so once it's in, you'll never smell again!
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My family got a new kitten. He is adorable, and I already like him a lot.
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@CAS1006: Dude, embrace looking 17 for life. The alternative is growing old prematurely, or at least at a regular rate.
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Here's a thought: the apocalypse begins, angels versus demons, and then aliens show up, turn things into a clusterfuck, and the fighting comes to a screeching halt on all sides. Now what do humans do?
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@Odin: The MEPs voted in favour of article 13. I sure as hell didn't.


Hello, I am me from the internet. I migrated here from Kongregate's Forum Games Forum, so feel free to look for me there if you wish to follow a career in internet stalking people.

A link to some of my past characters, which I need because static tabs do not take up internet.

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@ProPro I vote for Protean. Didn't see that coming, did you.
Bisuto Ketsu

@Old Amsterdam

Ketsu nodded as Seto made his observations about his thought process. He hadn't known anything about a Mokuba, presumably Seto's brother, and given how they were compared could only assume it was rather high praise from the leader of Ward 8. Still, he wasn't given much time to formulate a response before Graye at last made her appearance. She... certainly wasn't as scarred as he'd expected. But, if she was as hypercompetent as he claimed, then perhaps there was a reason for that.

'I'd be very surprised if you did know who I was, Graye,' Ketsu acquiesced. 'I'm only a Rank 2 Investigator, after all, recently graduated - fourth in my year, if it matters. Bisuto Ketsu, at your service and Seto's,' he introduced himself with a bit of a flourish and a hand held out to shake if she so desired, 'and dare I say, I've heard good things about you and your skills? With any luck, I hope to some day become as distinguished as you have.' He knew he was brown-nosing, but it was mostly out of habit. Naturally, once they got into the meat of the investigation, he'd be sure to cut it out. He'd be sure Seto would relay his earlier suggestions, too.
So how's everybody doing? Are we all well in here?
Alessa Heather: PRT Headquarters --> Trainyard

Alessa nodded to Lieutenant Reynolds as he concluded his speech, calm as she’d ever be, her eyes already lit up to make her face nigh-invisible. Yes, this was what she was here to do: fight those who would hurt others, arrest some complicit people, and end whatever crime was being wrought in the warehouse just up ahead. They didn’t even have to seize the crates themselves, merely deal with the forces manifested there and call in CSI to handle it. Which, in hindsight, was exactly right, since the Wards weren’t exactly specialists in the matter.

From the sound of things, everyone remembered what they needed to do at the moment. Lillian had asked about ways to get up to the roof, or into some air vents or anything, which… well, Alessa couldn’t ask anyone to perfectly remember every facet of a complicated blueprint, but even so, this was something quite important. She didn’t want this to go like their last mission, after all… poor Collin.

‘Alright, Lily, I’ll show you,’ she murmured helpfully, bringing up her version of the holographic schematics and pointing as she spoke, keeping her tone level and informative. ‘There’s ladders up to the roof on each side of the building, near the front on our left from the direction we approach would be the closest; and I believe the ventilation system is accessible from the outside… from the roof, there, but also from here, on the right hand side of the building. It’s a slightly longer walk, if that matters, but as long as you don’t bash against the sides and alert anyone inside, you should be able to get to pretty much any location fairly easily.’

Once her directions were clear, she leant back in her seat and thought for a moment. She’d asked the other Wards if they remembered their part of the plan many times over, just to be sure rather than to instill doubt. She was sure they did remember, because they weren’t incompetent by any means. Nonetheless, they weren’t precisely soldiers either… nor, naturally, was she, but that was to some extent precluded by her potentially ultra-deadly energy redirection, with the next most dangerous Ward in terms of raw power being Tulpa, especially after Epsilon’s upgrade.

‘I think for now, I will also assign a soldier each to some of the Wards here,’ she eventually decided with a nod to herself. ‘If you think it’s tactically sound, of course, Lieutenant, since you are after all more experienced than I am. Otherwise, I’d like to pair you with Epsilon; Corporal Johnson, Margrave, you two can stick together; and Private Skeetz, you stay with Tulpa for now, but if Lily finds herself in a fight for whatever reason, I’d like you to go to her if or when it’s plausible to do so without too much risk.’

Raymond Haywood: Trainyard

'Nothing to add,' Headhunter uttered quite simply. 'Heartless, if you wouldn't mind informing Chatterbox and I when there are no guards looking in the direction of the back entrance, that’d be grand.' He installed himself just behind the corner of the doorway, crouching to slide his fingers underneath the door on his side in preparation to throw it upward, move in and, if necessary, take out the guards up top, not to mention any others in the vicinity who heard the noise. Frankly, it'd be best if they could just grab a crate and get out, but for obvious reasons, taking out the guards first would make that process far easier; he'd already fallen into a state of emotionally-dead calm, the sort that one acquired as a soldier, but only truly refined when destroying targets in cold blood from hundreds of meters away, where all you felt when taking the shot was the recoil. Technically not a boon in a close-quarters situation, but for Raymond, that wasn't an issue in and of itself.
Dirk Messir - Buman Corpinman

The moment Boneguy said the louder thing, Dirk did a drop to wider stance, and slipped forward to caught myself on his elbows. Was there oil? No not really no, otherwise he would be have to go through the fire and flames. I also scrabble in towards the area, and hopefully I reached the right place in time, because NOW Boneslorge says he needs me to dodge torpedos... what, didn't he realised they wanted to do things at him? WHAT, NOW HE ONLY UNDERSTANDS THE EAT SHIT AND DIE YOU UTTER GARBAGE THING YOU AREN'T EVEN A HUMAN YOU'RE N OOT H IG NGN

'HUUUUUUUUURCK, I COME OVER THE HOOOUUUSE!' Dirk will screech, flailing as he rams the chest into the wheel of many souls, and happens to grab it and spin it a lot to the left of the right, which is the right but a bit to the right left. The right hand right is always right. Dirk likes his lihts to be tidy. Since he was also there, he saw Caezure doing that the then combination of electrical hits, and Shroomsword hit with his own the almighty words, which are even longer than a newspaper could hold, and whilst he's there he will wondering if Metalarmswoman and Albino Girl were doing okay when not doing their the best thing. Were they doing the best thing? They probably didn't die, so they were okay. Oh also Slick burned everything. Why would Slick do this, he knows it makes moving more maddening mania magic Michael. Dirk would still lean as the ship goes to the tilt, anyway.
Sorry if I haven't been as active as I'd like recently. A combination of factors, namely creating a large and complex character sheet for a game and IRL social activities, has led to this result, but hopefully, I will be able to get a post out in the near future.
Bisuto Ketsu

@Old Amsterdam

As always, Ketsu felt the slightest twinge of anticipation as he passed through the Rc Gates - but, as always, he found himself free to move through them without hassle. For a moment, he let himself reminisce: whatever his old man had done to let him pass for human in their artificial eyes, he was beyond grateful, one of the rare times he felt such an emotional connection.

But back to the topic at hand. He nodded a few times as Seto made his speech, describing the options before them: a Chimera with multiple kagune; a ghoul who had acquired a quinque; or perhaps a being who wasn't a ghoul at all. A human, in other words. Ugh. And he'd had such high hopes; if they were some human murderer, it was barely worth considering them as food. Unless... perhaps a human woman had gotten pregnant from a ghoul, and resorted to cannibalism the way his own mother had? That might be a juicy proposition after all. Unlikely, but possible.

'I will say,' Ketsu mentioned, 'it's probably safe to assume the killer is a ghoul of some sort. Even if they were human, it'd take a lot of effort to deal as much damage to the bodies as you've described, and it's not necessarily as if they couldn't have additional motivations beyond feeding themselves.' He took a brief moment to collect his thoughts, and to examine the changing scenery. They'd just begun walking through a local park, a pretty nice-looking place at this time of year. The trees were in full bloom by now, their leaves a deep green colour, and the park's flowers had sprung up long before, planted and maintained by the local groundskeepers to provide a rather enticing rainbow of beauty. Even if he considered himself quite practical, Ketsu could at least appreciate the effort that went into works like these.

'You proposed they were a potential Binge Eater earlier, right?' he eventually continued, stroking his chin as he voiced his thoughts. 'Or at least a proto-Binge Eater. But, perhaps it's not just themselves they're feeding? They could be bringing flesh back to their child... or, for instance, to some third party. I couldn't say why they'd be doing that, in the latter case, but unless they're simply mutilating their victims for a sick thrill, I imagine there might be some extra motive to these attacks - and we've established that they're too intelligent to just be a raving lunatic, at that.' Ooh, perhaps the father is doing the killings, he considered silently, adding another layer to his "half-ghoul child" theory. But at that point, it may well also be a regular ghoul...

'Either way, I can only assume Mrs- Ms, Miss? Uh, I assume Graye will be more than willing to add her prodigious experience to our own,' Ketsu concluded with a smile. 'I trust she won't be too hostile, after all, else how would she have gotten to her current level? Aha... ahh, I'm kidding, sir. I suppose you were referring to her battle wounds? In which case, I'll steel myself for her scars; they can't be that much worse than yours, right?'
I'll be working on this over the next few days. Maybe not quite so long as that, but an amount of time.

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