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Current As a favorite battle buddy of mine said... "Cheer the fuck up."
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Yess, Scorbunny for the win <3
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I can't wait to play the newest Gen <3 I hate Black and White(2) as well, but afterwards they kind of recovered. Imo.
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I knew I was sick, but not "slept for 12 hours" sick.
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How do you block someone? I don't need this negativity in my PMs, especially not when I try to help.



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Azure City - City Streets
Interactions - @Shard

There was a point two years ago in which Maksim wouldn't have waited for a stranger to leave before running up and taking any food they offered. A lot can happen in two years, a lot that would teach a boy not to rush an opportunity for food, for if you rushed you would soon regret trusting anyone. For Maks, nothing good ever came out of trusting someone.

So for a young homeless boy with the experience Maksim had, he stood his ground when Milo kneeled down and placed a ration bar on the ground.
He stood still, watching the stranger closely, eyes still blazing a vibrant blue. He paid attention to every movement, every little thing that the strange figure did, Maks noted it.

He had probably waited a full sixty seconds to move after Milo had left. Listening, waiting for someone to spring out at him. When Maks finally didmove, he did so, slowly. The young boy picked up the ration bar, looked it over a few times, then stuck it on one of his worn pockets and retreated deeper into the alleyways of Azure City, intending to eat his gifted meal somewhere he knew was safe.
Azure City - City Streets
Interactions - @Shard

He wanted to run, to forget this strange figure and his gun. Everytime the strange figure spoke, Maks wanted to run. But something about the person behind the mask made Maksim pause.
Why was this person hesitating? He had every chance to grab the boy, Maks couldn't get himself to move. In fact, what was making them both hesitate?

Maksim moved to take a step back, keeping on hand on the bricks beside him, when his stomach growled. With the growl came immense stomach pains that made ththe boy fall to his knees, one arm wrapped around his abdomen while the other stayed on the wall. The boy winced, resting on the ground for a moment before attempting to stand again.

His blue eyes focused back on the stranger before him, watching the person closely. Maksim didn't think he was going to try anything, but then again since when has any good come from trusting a stranger.
Azure City - City Streets
Interactions - @Shard

Maksim had been living on the streets of Azure City for nearly two years. He had his run-ins with the local police, simply because he was a thief. They didn't seem to understand or care about why he was stealing. Usually, if Maks was lucky, he'd be able to maintain control and lose the cops before his powers kicked in and forced him to fight.
Despite losing control and attacking the cops, he was usually gone before they drew their weapons on him.

So standing in the alleyway, face to face with a stranger in his mask, and more importantly his pistol, made the young boy freeze in place. The usual look of determination and stubbornness that the boy held on his face, the look that he kept in an attempt to keep people away, was replaced with that of pure fear. Maksim, with one hand on the wall next to him as a balance, could not get his body to move a muscle. His eyes blazed a vibrant blue as his mutant powers threatened to take over.

The figure eventually lowered its gun, but Maks didn't move.He couldn't tell its motive,but Maksim had no plans of moving, not that his body would let him. Fear of the pistol kept his limbs still, but stronger fear of the stranger kept Maks' mind and mutant powers on the edge.

Azure City - City Streets
Interactions - @Shard

Maks didn't go far after he ran from the festival, simply because there were parts of Azure City that he stuck to, for he knew them pretty well in terms of the alleyways, the people, the opportunities. There were just certain parts of Azure City he knew not to go near, for he didn't feel like getting mugged or killed anytime soon.

So needless to say when the chaos ensued at the Festival, Maks heard the explosions, the gunfire, the screams. He could even smell the slight hint of blood in the air, and the gunpowder that followed. The boy had watched from the rooftops for awhile, staying low so as not to be spotted, but really, who was going to be looking for him after everything that was happening at the festival. He didn't stay on the rooftops for long though, he needed to find his next meal. After his previous catch had been squandered by a passerby, no doubt just trying to do good, Maks didn't have time to sit around. It had been a few days since his last meal and the boy could feel his body weakening.
He climbed down from the rooftops, using an old access ladder that hadn't been serviced in awhile, thus no one had come to replace the broken lock, hence, the opened access door.

The boy figured he'd have to wait until at least the next morning to find a good opportunity to snatch a meal. With everything that was going on at the festival, he knew there weren't going to be many people out and about.
The boy stopped walking for a few moments, using one side of an alleyway as he slid down to the ground. He rested on his knees and held his stomach as it growled, causing Maks to feel some pain in his abdomen due to his empty stomach. Taking a moment to breathe, his focus was completely taken as he tried to calm his empty stomach.

A little girl with a very big heart, and the desire to help in any way she can.

Most of Mahrie's life was spent under her parent's watchful care. She was born in Perouges, France on May 25th, 2004. She was brought up in a middle-class family that valued many things. Her parents volunteered with their church to help in city restorations, and periodically travelling around France for missionary work. On August 1st, 2014 her mother, Rubie Beaulieu died of Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a genetic disorder characterized by weakness and wasting in muscles used for movement.
After her mother died, Mahrie's father, Marc Beaulieu, volunteered for a permanent assignment as a Pastor at the Eagle Harbor Congregational church in Bainbridge Island, WA.

Moving was rough for Mahrie. Both sides of her grandparents had passed away when she was younger, so it wasn't so much missing friends and family, but having to learn a whole new language put a damper in her usually bright spirits. Primary school gave her a rough start as Mahrie had a very difficult time making friends. A year into her new education, most days would result in her coming home with tears in her eyes and evenings in her father's arms as he tried to comfort her through the confusion and distress.

On September 19th, 2018 her father was a victim in a drive-by shooting in Seattle while at a conference for his missionary work. While arrangements were being made for his funeral, Mahrie was given many invitations from families at her father's church to come and live with them while she dealt with her grief. All of which, she declined. Eventually, Mahrie was moved to a local orphanage with a small amount of children, some her age, most of them younger.
She continued to power through her studies, deciding early on in life that she yearned to be a doctor, to help people like her mom. And to be an author, so she could share with the world what an amazing man her father was, and how devoted he was to his family and his community.

Physical Traits
Mahrie prefers to wear her hair down, spread about her shoulders most of the time. Sometimes, she'll put it in a one-sided braid that she'll pull over one of her shoulders. She favors fun, colorful blouses most of the time, some with floral patterns, some plain, and is usually seen wearing darker blue jeans, sneakers, and a hoodie when roaming about.

Full Name
Mahrie Lizbeth Beaulieu (Mah-ree Bow-li-yoo)





Mahrie's parents' devotion to both her, and their community taught her at a young age to be compassionate, understanding, and willing to help in and way she could. Her mother taught her to keep powering through until the very end, no matter what the world throws at you. And her father left a legacy of helping anyone he could, but also finding a balance between his passion in his work and his daughter, giving care and compassion to both, equally.
Due to the experiences she’s had since moving from France to the United States, with bullying and sometimes not grasping β€œAmerican” concepts quite as well, Mahrie lacks confidence in herself in times of emotional stress, sometimes feeling as though she isn’t good enough for what needs to be done.

Young high school student, aspiring doctor and author.
Alright, back from drill. Hurt my arm but should be better in a couple days. Typing will be slow, but I plan on getting a post out tomorrow <3

Hey Doc xD nice to see you!
Am out of town this weekend, Army stuff, will be back and posting on the 10th or 11th! (PST) <3

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Azure City - City Streets
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