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Current aye lmao
5 yrs ago
Don't eat two day old rice that has buckets of sauce on top. Just. Don't.
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5 yrs ago
When you're so shy you can't make conversations with anyone in your rp or anywhere
5 yrs ago
I want to go home and write but I also want to play overwatch. I feel like troy bolton


Just a senior in high school that wants to get back into rping.

I'm usually only free on weekends, but I may be able to rp during the week if I'm not busy with school work.

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@OliveYou Yaayy thank you :D
@Beefydork oops, we already got somebody who claimed pastel purple as their color XD other than that I like her, just a bit worried she may overlap with either Amelia (peppy, always on the go, creative) or Mari (shy, timid). maybe make her personality a bit more cohesive?

also, she'll get along well with March! he also has a huuuge family and is the main cook :D lol @ how you named her mina but used daehyun as the fc

DANG Okiee I'll try to make her more of the cohesive "motherly" type.

And ooo I can't wait to interact with them, and I was laughing at that while I was working on her lmaoo.

Edit: I edited some stuff in my cs, but if anything still needs to be tweaked just tell me and I will fix it tomorrow. :)

@Beefydork hmm some sort of customer thing perhaps? who comes in to get some food, gets to interact with all the employees, and maybe ends up having a lot of fun and applying? or perhaps just a verryyy frequent customer, that could be fun done right!

I like the customer that soon applies to become an employee! The other idea sounds interesting too I hope someone does that one.

@Beefydork alright, glad to hear you're interested :D will you be coming in as a employee or maybe something a little different?

Hmmm what do you as something a little different? I am intrigued.
@Beefydork oh hello again~

the plot hasn't changed much, it's the second day and mari and daehyun (destinystar and nicespice respectively) have just been hired as new employees. right now, employees should be arriving, the café doesn't open until 8. at the moment we're a bit short of girls so it would be nice if you could be a female character! more info should be in the ooc tab also.

Hellooo lol

And okie! Glad I didn't miss much, I'll start working on my cs now :)
I'm so interested in this, but what is going on currently in the plot? And would y'all like me to make a male or female character?

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