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Definitely interested, looks awesome!
@Gcold should be just about finished now.

And I'm seeing a bit of Desmond Doss in him

Won't even try to hide it, I knew I wanted to do a medic but was struggling for an idea I really liked and then happened to watch Hacksaw Ridge again. Fibu is basically Spacedoss. I'll pad out his motivations a bit more when I get home this evening!

@Gcold Filled out the rest of my sheet, call it a first draft. I shall await your feedback eagerly.
So this is extremely WIP, the image link keeps breaking for some reason, the background is missing some padding and detailing and obviously the latter two sections are not filled out at all, but I figured I'd post what I have so far here for you guys to critique and hopefully give a bit of constructive criticism to flesh out the character further and point him more in the right direction. As always, thanks for any and all feedback!

EDIT: Added a full inventory and flaws to the sheet, leaving just skills, a working image and a callsign. Any callsign recommendations please feel free to suggest as I am stumped.
I've started work on a sarcastic, pacifist (99.9% of the time) Bith medic. He will save your life and he won't let you forget it.

Just saw concept art of a Dug firing a blaster with its feet and now a small part of me wants to make a Dug medic for no reason other than imagining the look on peoples' faces as my character commences life-saving battlefield surgery by picking up a scalpel between his toes.
@Gcold awesome, I'll have a read of the other sheets and see what I can come up with.

After a quick glance at the sheets it looks like you guys are without a medic. Permission to take a stab at the job?
Absolutely interested, I'll have a read of what others have submitted and come up with something.
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