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Current Wow, I'm back on the Guild! Ah, I've really missed it here~ Excited to jump back in!
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Gonna be out of town for the day for a last minute thing - Will respond to my partners tomorrow!
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Apologies to private partners for not responding at a good pace. Birthday is this week and things have been pretty hectic, haha
2 yrs ago
Have been having a lot of stuff going on in my personal life and haven't been able to really write or get around to anything other than working. BUT, I should have more time to write as time now!
2 yrs ago
Sorry I haven't been online. I'm currently sick as a dog and am on bed rest, nothing stressful. So, I'm not gonna be online for a little while. Will try to sneak responses if I feel up to it.


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I actually finished my character sheet and have been contemplating posting it here but I figured 'Why not?'. That way, if any of you wanna collab on something then we can set that up. AND so that you guys can have kind of see how I managed to do this sheet, haha.


Katherine Christina Hale
24 || Indian
Photographer/Blogger | Bisexual | Single
Psychological Profile

Appearance Details
Katherine is a decent height at 5’6, with a generally slim build but with a lean towards curvy. She has a more tan to darker skin tone with deep brown eyes and dark brown hair. Nice but overall soft bone structure that manages to not make her look childish with her fuller cheeks and lips.

Character Synopsis
Katherine is really just your... somewhat average woman... depending on your view of average. Born and raised in India, her family and she ended up coming to the US when she was 6 so a good chunk of her years were spent in the US of A. But, when her family arrived, they settled down in the big apple, with dreams of finding good work and having better educational opportunities for Katherine and her 3 other siblings.

But, instead of staying medicine like her parents expected, she instead decided to study photography. And although her family was worried and rather confused, Katherine remained firm. She already knew what she wanted to do with her life, even at 18. So, she studied her ass off, not caring much for the college party scene, making a couple of friends but staying away from the dating scene. She’d heard stories of the college dating life and wanted no part of it.

While in school, she created her blog: Kat Travels. There, she slowly updated the blog whenever she did have the time to travel to new cities, or even new countries once she graduated. She uploaded her photography and wrote about the places she’s gone to and the things she’s experienced. As soon as she graduated, she was just, gone. She knew she would never be able to become a doctor like her parents wanted. She could never imagine staying in one place. There’s so much to see!

And when she was given the chance to travel with her best friend to Louisiana, Katherine was completely in. A new place to tick off the map so... why not? And with her best friend by her side? What’s the worst that can happen?

Katherine is a very curious soul. From having dedicated her entire life, basically, to traveling the world and experiencing all kinds of culture, she’s mostly given up on the idea of settling down anytime soon. She sees the world as this very beautiful and fascinating place with so many secrets just waiting to be discovered! Of course, she is not so naive as to think that everything in the world is sunshine and rainbows, she can definitely see the darkness that exists. But, she finds the darkness to be beautiful as well.

Despite her somewhat unique lifestyle, she has still managed to hold onto friends, showing that she isn’t some antisocial person who has no interest in people and prefers the planet or something. She is actually very charismatic and loves hearing about another person’s life. They’ve experienced their own adventures, adventures she’ll never get to have. Stories they have, she’ll never be able to tell. What is more fascinating than that?

She’s brave and rather confident, always willing to speak her mind and ask questions if she feels it necessary. After all, if you’re traveling around to new areas and places you’ve never seen before, you need to at least know how to put on a facade of confidence at least. It’ll get you far. Overall, Katherine is a rather excitable woman with a curious soul and a free spirit, always bored with the idea of normality and routine. She’s always on the search for something new and interesting to take photos of and tell her following about. And I think she’s gonna have a mighty interesting time, that’s for sure.


Nothing else to add.

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my request thread. I'll try to keep this short and sweet to save both of us time and energy. SO, to get rules out of the way... I don't really have any. I'm cool with mature roleplays and non-mature stuff. Uh... don't be a jerk and let me know if you have to leave for any extended period of time? Pretty basic stuff, I think.

Ahem, I have more specifics in my introduction and I do not feel like re-typing all that so... here's a cheeky link to it!

AND, if you have any plots you wish to do, please let me know and I'll give you my thoughts!

I don't mind any sort of original roleplay. Just toss me a message or respond here and we can discuss something. Sound good? Sweet! Now, onto the big one. Fandoms. I have a lot of them. And I can't even think of all of them at this moment so this thread will be updating quite a lot, I'm sure. I also do any sort of tabletop RPG stuff, I've been dying to try it!

Also, in regards to mature content, I am perfectly okay with it. In fact, I even prefer it! I think it adds realism to it so don't worry!


List of my Characters! Just in case you see any you wanna do something with! I would love to dust off some of these babies and write them again!



There, that wasn't so bad, eh? I think I did pretty great.
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@Lord Wraith,

Also, if something on the sheet is labeled 'TBD', do we leave that blank as it means that we'll discover these things during the IC? Or do we fill it out now? (I'm somehow almost done with this. I have no idea how.)
@Lord Wraith
When we finish our character sheets (Not saying I'm finished, oh no. Your girl is still squinting at it a little but I'm getting somewhere.), do we put them here? Or do we add them to the OOC when it's up for you to look over?
@Silence Sounds Not sure if I was supposed to add a pic or anything BUT, this is what I've got~

Kinda wrote way too fucking much went a bit overboard, hehe.

Edit: Had some time and went through and pretty much revamped... everything, haha. But info remains the same pretty much.

@Lord Wraith

It's a mild kinda day.


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