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24 days ago
Current Hello
3 mos ago
= _= *grunts grumpily*
3 mos ago
*Finds a nice ditch to lay down and die in*
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3 mos ago
Please tell me there is a way to save my new brain friend in the beginning of Balder's Gate 3...
1 yr ago
Now that the holidays and crippling depression has subsided (for now), guess I should get off my ass and do shit.


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Lol, It's from a Kickstarter page for a game called ak-olotl
@Dark Cloud

It's okay Dark, I know I failed you 😔
@Dark Cloud

Doesn't surprise me 😔
Thess Ghostblade

Thess scolded herself for getting distracted. The gith had taken the wrong turn, walking aimlessly around this winter hell. After some time, she had finally found the tavern. Dusting herself off of the snow, Thess entered the establishment, thanking the Immortal Lich Queen for some gods be damned warmth! Thess looked around for a bit, looking for a spot to sit. When her eyes happened across a large minotaur, the first thought that came to mind was 'warmth!' Thess would catch a waitress, making a quick order of some heated mead and then walked over to where the cow-woman sat, "Spot taken? Been wandering for days with no companions and a good conversation would be nice".

Axolotl kobold?
Yes, yes of course. If I don't post tonight, I'll post tomorrow
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