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Current Apologies to anyone I’ve let down by not being around, had a recent scare with the girlfriend but things are good now.
8 mos ago
Nothing quite like a heavy weekend of the beer to put you behind
10 mos ago
Christmas was great...apart from the death of my PC...
1 yr ago
Does your country's flag have a dragon on it? Didn't think so!


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@Danelaw I honest don’t mind either way.

Location: Table in the Ballroom
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The introductions ended soon after Leo's and before long the organiser of the entire event was on stage. He spoke for a while before departing the stage, it was almost time for each of the singletons in the room to find out who they had been paired with. A small army of waiters and waitresses emerged, carefully placing an array of desserts in front of everyone sat at a table. When it came to Leo's dessert the Welshman grinned from ear to ear with sheer delight. During the rugby season his teams nutritionist flat out banned dessert food but seeing as the season was over, Leo was more than happy to indulge. In front of him sat a bowl filled to the rim with mint chocolate chip ice cream, his absolute least before he played rugby anyway.

While he stared at the ice cream subconsciously licking his lips, he could see two of the women at the table had already unearthed their rings. It was then Leo's slightly competitive nature came to the fore and he began to shovel through the ice cream with his spoon. He soon found his spoon hitting against something hard that wasn't the bowl. He was careful to manoeuvre what turned out to be a ring to the top of his ice cream. He picked it up and wiped off the excess ice cream using a nearby napkin. He stared at it for a moment unsure what kind of stone sat a top it. The tigers eye stone, or the name at least was unknown to Leo and so he simply put the ring onto his finger.

For the next few minutes he savoured his ice cream as it's flavours teased his tongue, something he hadn't had for a long time and had missed. With his bowl empty he made sure to wipe his mouth, just in case. He reached out to pick up his glass and took another mouthful of beer. Subconsciously he had used his hand with his ring finger on show so that the others on the table would clearly see what ring he had. For all his comfort of playing rugby in front of seventy thousand people, he was still quite shy when it came to romance.
@Danelaw just responded. I will quite happily continue to make changes until you’re happy with it so feel free to continue suggesting adjustments

Also, in terms of character appearance are you thinking artwork/real life for pictures?
@Danelaw did you get my reply to the PM? Feel free to shoot the idea down by the way
Im looking at starting at the articles today so should be up by Saturday night. People can feel free to do as they wish. This is all pretty freeform for now.
@Danelaw I’m thinking a Robin Hood type of character if that’d be acceptable. Although obviously a bit darker to fit the GoT universe.
@Danelaw I meant started or at least CS creation but the other is a good answer to a question I probably should have asked
@Danelaw I get it’s still early days but when were you thinking of getting things started roughly?
@Danelaw I like the idea of D and just being close to the North in general. Also like the idea of A.
@Danelaw preferably high casual, never really stepped into advanced.
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