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6 days ago
Current Skyrim Together ♡
1 mo ago
"Its schrodinger's lunch. We have it and dont have it until its delivered." "Schrodinger's? Is that a Harry Potter thing?" My coworkers arent nerds.
1 mo ago
My tablet pen shorted. RIP wacom baby, you were good to me the last ten years. We made great artwork together.
1 mo ago
I find My Hero Academia to be quite entertaining. :popcorn:
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2 mos ago
A motorcycle gang made up of ancient bisexual monarchs; the bikings.


Ƒαȼ†ƨ αƅǿu† ⋖ Çαrαn†α†ħrαiεℓ ⋗

I don't like sweets
I talk to myself constantly.
I don't sit still well.
I have a love of potatoes as a food.
Part of me still believes in Santa.
I am a mom.
Storms make me excited.
Elephants. Elephants and Totoros everywhere.
The Northern White-Faced Owl will always make me giggle uncomfortably. Especially when it does its Dracula thing.
I cannot catch legendary Pokemon on my own. I always hand my game to my husband so he can do it for me. He has some amazing ability to catch them quickly. I haven't yet learned his secret, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Rodney Dangerfield.
I put french fries in my cheeseburgers.
I work with blood. I love it. And I'm good at it.

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-coughs on dust-

Hi yes hello there, spooky cat face
I didn't celebrate either. Not much of a drinker anyway. Too many migraines.
Also I am working again! Quit for about 5.5 months, and finally went back. Its nice to get out of the house. ANd the money ain't bad, either!
Happy Belated St paddy's Day.
I hope everyone drank responsibly, if they drank at all.
Good Early Morning. Are you still looking?
I still got my little yorkie. And the offspring. So I'm still busy and live goes on.
Thank you, both. Still a bit rough. He was with me for the whole of my marriage.
Said goodbye to my baby yesterday morning. He'd have been ten in June.

My poor old man. <3 I'm glad he's not suffering anymore, but I miss him.

Thanks harbinger.
I went out and got doggie diapers today because he seems unable to control himself as well as he used to. I think he's nearing his journey across the rainbow bridge, and all I can do is wait and give him love until then. Its not easy.
holy shit i am horrible at remembering to post here. i got a lot going on.
my old man of a dog is having seizures :<

also, heh, yes, corgi, you should take a break from the phone now and again. your eyes need fresh air.
Oh, my mistake. Been a long night. I misread a portion.
I've had that happen before. Or someone I eye for a potential love interest drops out of the rp entirely. Always a sad thing.
That's always a cruel thing, to go back on an arrangement. I'm sorry it happened to you.
I hope youll manage to find someone else to write with. There are a lot of writers out there
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