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Current Thank you to whoever sent me a candy cane <3
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That moment when you realize one of your friends changed their username. Hello, again!
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pls we don't need more lolis
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While I'm thinking about it, I just want to openly apologize to anyone I've ghosted in the past if you're still active on the site. I know some people don't care, but I am sorry, fam.
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Advanced RPs are usually way slower than casual ones, if that's a concern for you, casual regardless of post length is a good spot for you for sure! That's what I've noticed anyway.


how to be dynamo frokane: a guide.
step 1; randomly tag people and bait them into arguing
step 2; once someone takes the bait, make a poorly made observation about them
step 3; never stop repeating this observation
step 4; ignore any valid points they make, because losing against people who have more brain cells than you have chromosomes is for losers.
step 5; rinse and repeat daily
bonus step; if they start to ignore you, constantly tag them in the hopes they'll give your attention whoring ass some more of that loving attention.

- by Grim

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The croon of a Crowire was what Cori woke to just before sunrise. She smiled to herself, her eyes brimming with excitement. Today was the day she would start her own journey. She couldn't wait. With a spryness she didn't usually posses this early in the morning the girl forced herself up from her bed. She practically danced across the floor as she made her way over to her dresser and changed into the outfit she had picked out. A light jacket and loose fitting jacket, a dark shirt, and a pair of timeworn jeans.

Once she was dressed, she made her way downstairs to greet her parents. Her mother--Delilah, smiled warmly from her place in front of the stove, effortlessly flipping pancakes.

"Good morning, dear." Her father's voice pulled her attention to the man. He smiled at her, folding his newspaper in on itself and setting it on the table. After a moment, he gestured for her to sit down at the table. When she did, he took one of her hands in his, and squeezed. "Are you excited?"

"Of course!" Cori chirped, a smile lighting up her face.

Her father chuckled as her mother sat three plates of pancakes on the table. Hesitantly, Cori glanced at the fourth--the empty chair at the kitchen table. Her heart tightened slightly in her chest.

"He'd be so proud of you, sweetheart." Her mother's voice cooed across from her.

Cori nodded silently.

~~An Hour Later~~

Cori waved to her parents just before she boarded the train. Nysilis' nose wiggled as she took in the air of the train car they had entered. Mythin's tail flicked from one side to the other, and he crawled his way up onto her head to get a better look around.

Cori took a deep breath, gripping the straps of her pack tightly. She glanced around for a seat momentarily before finally deciding on one a little further away from other passengers. They had a long journey ahead of them, and she knew she would probably fall asleep at some point during the ride.

~~Seven Hours Later~~

Evening had fallen just before Cori arrived in Toran. The train ride had been largely uneventful, though she did notice Nysilis getting a few looks when she curled up in Cori's lap. She didn't particularly mind, though. The doors opened, and the girl disembarked, craddling Nysilis carefully in her arms. Mythin was still happily resting atop her head.

Slowly, Cori made her way toward the Toran square, taking in as many sights as she could before she got there. She'd have to find a place to sleep for the night, she knew. Then tomorrow, her search for a farm would begin. She was ecstatic, to say the least.

Sorry for the double post, but for anyone who is interested, We have a discord!
@A Lowly Wretch If you have any questions, let us know! ♡
@NuttsnBolts Thank you <3
Happy to have you!
I have to read through the chars and see what you have so far, but hi! I'm interested!
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