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Current Chello is back after a very long time away.
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I have returned after a long time!
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I will be away starting today Tuesday the 5th until Sunday the 10th, so replies may not happen.


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Still looking for more buddies.
I am still looking for buddies.
Still looking, don't be shy.
Hey everyone, I am back after a long time away and looking for partners.

I am mostly looking for Marvel and Star Wars roleplays.

Here are the Marvel plots I have in mind.

Thor Plots:
Brother and Sister: What if Hela and Thor were raised together, Hela only being ten years older than Thor. She being his half-sister, she was never happy about her father remarrying after the death of her mother (who doesn't really matter for the plot.) and was never happy about the idea of having a brother but as time went on she got over all of it. She even grew to love Thor, as did her power. But seeing Odin growing closer with Thor made her upset, and one day she ran away.

Eight months passed and the battle of the Frost Giants came, Odin went to earth to fight them off and drive them back to Joutenhiem. But while he was there he found his daughter and she was pregnant, he brought her back home and soon she gave birth to a baby boy. A boy she named Loki.

I will play Loki and Hela or Thor if someone wants to play Hela.

Basically, it will start off with Hela giving birth to Loki and raising him, then it will go on to Loki being older.

Early Years:

Nothing too detailed here, this can be when Thor and Loki were younger and growing up on Asgard. OC's can be used for friends or anyone else needed for the plot.

Avengers: No specific plots in mind.

Original characters are more than welcome for all plots.

Of course, if you have any ideas please feel free to share them with me.

X-Men: Recently I started craving an X-men roleplay. When I first started roleplaying online X-men was something I really got into, from going off the movies to cartoons and even AU. So, I thought hey why not? Let's do this again.

So if there are any fellow X-men fans out there, hit me up! We can work on something together!

Supernatural: The battle against God.

This will take place during the 15th and sadly final season. Team Free Will is in for the fight of their lives against the all mighty. Dean, Sam, Castiel and Jack are working together to stop God from destroying the world.

For this, I will be playing my O.C Ariel, an angel. Who I can pair with Sam or Dean, depending on who my partner likes to play. (I can play either brother.)

That's about it, PM me if you'd like to roleplay.

And of course, O.Cs are most welcome for all roleplays.
Hey everyone, I am looking for partners again.
There we go, the link should work now.
Well boo, I will go and find the right image.
Name: Serena

Weight: 120 lbs

Height: Five feet four inches



Offensive and Defensive magic: Including ice powers



Combative trained: Swordswoman


Serena is the twin sister of Loki, the trickster god. The two were abandoned as babies due to their small size and weakness, originally they were meant to be separated as a means to protect their true identities, but it wasn't an option as soon as they were apart they both started crying. This being said, the two were raised as royals, Serena may be smaller than her brothers but this does not mean she is weak. Like Loki she is trained with magic as well as with a sword, she is also quite intelligent and occasionally enjoys getting into trouble with her mischievous twin, Serena and Loki are connected they know what each other is feeling and can read each other like a book.

Serena being the only daughter in the family her brothers and father are very protective of her, not that she really needs it. She has proven many times she can handle her own, when it comes to others Serena will do anything to help them out. And when it comes to family she will defend them to the very end.

Serena came to Earth one day with Thor and was introduced to the Avengers, and after so many years she was asked to join the new team.

I like the sounds of them.

My character sheet isn't too detailed, just name, abilities and a small bio.
I'm game for as long as the OP is, as for characters I can play Loki and Thor. Those are the ones I have the most experience with, I'm not too bad at playing Captain America either.
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