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I just put the IC up, I'd advise everyone to place their characters in New York. As of now in the beginning stages of this storyline, the focus of the plot will take place in the Big Apple for now.
Milo Ventoro - New York City

Just another day in the post Dark Phoenix mutant world for Milo Ventoro. As an agent of the Underground & a journalist for the Daily Bugle he had to split his time & priorities between the two lives.

“Damn it shit just never gets better.” Milo said aloud to himself as he was reading a news article on his cell phone. The title was about a faction of mutants in the Underground who’d been captured in Texas.

As he was engaged in reading the article he got a text notification. The Bloods had agreed to pay the price for the shipment of AK’s and plasma cannons that he had. They’d also agreed to the time & place he’d requested to make the transaction. He’d deliberately picked those locations on the outskirts of Brooklyn wanting to avoid being spotted or detained by NYPD or MRD.

Getting up he walked across the room and over to a closet where the guns & plasma rifles were boxed up & ready for sale. He’d received a shipment of weapons to sell & use as had other members of the Underground in NYC. Not only were they making money selling these guns to criminals on the black market, they were planning to take over the Big Apple & start working their way across the country fighting the United Empire.

The Underground had recently struck a shaky alliance with the bloods, Dominicans & Omello Cartel to take NYC. The gangs & cartels would benefit by being able to set up an open air illicit drug market, not to mention running extortion protection rackets & running the resistance’s guns, but replace the NYPD as the enforcers of law in the city plus have a mutant stronghold in the United States. Outside of their hidden headquarters in Wakanda they only had a few bases of operations spread across the US & scattered across a few other places around the globe. But Wakanda was the only place where The Underground was in complete control & the rest of the world had thought Wakanda was a nuclear wasteland due to efforts by the United Empire to nuke them when Tchalla the Black Panther had sided with mutant-kind. Many In the international community had foreseen that coming since he was married to the former X Men member Storm.

Not to mention the two other key reasons the Underground wanted to start their state take over with New York. The island supervillain prison known as the Raft had been converted into a mutant concentration camp. As they’d already been equipped to contain supervillains since the days of the original web slinger Spiderman patrolling the streets of the big apple, it was an ideal place to contain rebel mutants. Plus the old Avengers Tower which had been converted to the “Ultimates Tower” also resided in the city, meaning they had a chance to liberate a large amount of imprisoned mutants & take down the Ultimates, the United Empires only government sanctioned team of non mutant superhumans.

“If my mom’s alive then she’s got to be in the Raft, Rykers or worst the super prison they built in the negative zone I’ve heard rumors about. Damn Richards & Stark helping the empire giving them access to all kinds of next level scientific advantages.” Milo grumbled complaining about the former superheroes who’d long since taken an anti mutant stand since many of their comrades were slayed in battle against the Dark Phoenix forty years prior.

But alas he didn’t have time to center his vindictive thoughts on Mr. Fantastic & Ironman. Using his telekinetic powers he lifted up the boxes with is mind. He then went outside to where his black SUV was parked. Whipping out the Keyes he unlocked the car and used his power to levitate the boxes full of weapons into the trunk arranging them neatly. The whole process took less then ten minutes. After finishing he checked his phone then texted his contact that he was on the way to meet with the weapons wrapped up & ready for distribution.

Upon getting a response from “Killa Red” he hopped in the car, fastened his seat-belt & drove off to the outskirts of Brooklyn. Pulling up he spotted Killa Red smoking a cannabis cigar with some other blood members. He was also welcomed to the sound of some classic Jay Z playing from one of their speakers. “Hmm so much for being conspicuous, damn it. I need to get this sale done & get the fuck outta here. All this noise they making it’s bound to attract the NYPD, the feds & god damn MRD all at once.”

“Ayo Ventorro the fuck you doing sight seeing?! Ain’t shit to see around here but us, and this damn dock that smell like piss, bring them blickies over here we tryna get active.” Killa Red yelled pout as he took a few more puffs of his cigar before passing it to another blood.

“Calm the fuck down Killa, I got what you need, but I need my money.” Milo replied as he got out he car using his telekinetic powers to open the trunk up and pull the boxes of weapons out to the ground, while Killa approached him with another gang member who had a brief case. The second gangster promptly opened the briefcase showing it was stuffed with cash.

“Nice doing business with you Ventorro, you mutant freaks sure know how to get your hands on some fucking grade A weapons” Killa said as he opened one of the Boxes examining and handling a plasma rifle with glee in his eyes at all the brutality he could carry out with this weapon

“Yeah Yeah watch who you calling a freak tho “Homie.” Milo retorted with emphasis on the last words as he took the brief case from the other criminal and used his powers to toss it onto the passenger seat of his SUV. Walking back to his vehicle he let out a sigh of relief that the whole gun deal had seemingly went down without any issues.

Taking out his phone he sent an encrypted message to his supplier in Wakanda that his deal with the bloods had gone through without any issues with payment, disloyalty from the bloods, or interference from any government agency. “HANDS UP FREAKS! THIS IS THE MUTANT RESPONSE DIVISION AND YOU ARE ALL UNDER ARRESt” A loud voice boomed over a megaphone, and Milo groaned.

Milo cursed silently as he turned to see three hover cars approaching filled with MRD agents, as well as more agents pulling in in earth bound armored vehicles sirens blaring as they were enclosing & surrounding the dock. “Fuck this I ain’t going” Killa yelled out as he cracked open the box yelling out to the other bloods to quickly arm themselves, as he himself charged up his plasma rifle and fired at one of the armored MRD trucks.

Milo used his telekinesis to form a powerful grip on one of the hover vehicles and sent it plummeting downwards causing it to crash into the roof of a warehouse on the dock. “TIMBER BITCH!!!!! You picked the wrong mutant to fuck with stupid ass agents, bring it.”

“Stupid would be trying to take on a relative of the Dark Phoenix without one of us.” A sinister voice replied and Milo whisked around to see none other then Venom swinging in and landing on top of Milo’s SUV caving in the roof. “Your battle’s with me punk, and I will be bringing you in whether you have the ability to walk anymore depends on how much you want to fight back mutie.”

Ah shit one of the ultimates here oh great, at least it’s not Eclipse or Ares, still the friggin OG symbiote ain’t no pushover. Milo shook his head infuriated that both Venom & MRD had showed up to the dock mere moments after he’d handed off the weapons. He was caught red handed in the midst of the deal, even if they hadn’t caught him using abilities he was cornered in the middle of an illegal weapons deal with numerous gang members. “I’m finna whoop yo old parasitic alien ass Brock.” Milo replied as Venom laughed, cracking his knuckles and lunging towards the mutant fugitive.
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Everyone's characters are approved, if I somehow missed you and you posted a profile so far it's approved, I've read all the characters, I've put up my characters, the IC thread is going up. I'll also keep updating post Zero in the OOC to keep adding world building information about the RP.

Let's get this party started :)

Name: Eric Martin Kingsley
Codename: The Hunter
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 202 lbs {all muscle}
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Religion: Athiest
Occupation: Mutant Response Division Field Commander

Powers/Abilities: Kingsley has no mutant abilities & is fully human. He is trained in several forms of martial arts, can speak english, french, mandarin & spanish fluently. He's very well versed with knives, swords, & other bladed weaponry. He's also very skilled with the usage of a host of fire-arms. He's a well versed & trained pilot able to operate helicopters, jets, as well as full sized commercial airlines.

Super Soldier Serum: Kingsley has received a fully functional dosage of the super soldier serum that was consumed by Captain America aka Steve Rogers during the height of World War 2. As a result he has the same physical capabilities that Rogers once had during his tenure as a soldier in the war & membership of the Avengers.
==Peak Human Strength
==Peak Human Speed
==Peak Human Durability

Peak Human Reflexes: Kingsley reflexes are amplified to the highest human potential, and he is said to have a reaction time ten times faster than a normal person. He has been shown to dodge gunfire from multiple shooters simultaneously.

Background: Eric Martin Kinglsey was born in a world ravaged by the Dark Phoenix Crisis & hostile mutant take-over of the planet. He was raised up in a military family & one that was strictly anti mutant. His grandfather was a baptist pastor who got involved with the anti mutant religious group known as the purifers & would often take Eric to church with him growing up as well as Purifers mutants. Between this & his father's military position he grew up with a radicalized hatred of the mutant race. His father was murdered in combat against members of the Underground when Kingsley was only 17 years old.

This left him as the sole male of his household living with his mother & younger sister. His father's death at the hands of mutants only hardened his heart towards hatred of the mutant species further & made him believe all the anti mutant propaganda he was raised up to believe. Shortly after graduating high school he went on to join the military wanting to follow in his family's footsteps & served during World War 3 when the United Empire concquered the world. He proved himself as a very valuable asset & soldier during the war coming out as a highly decorated veteran general.

Soon after the war he continued to serve as a general for a few years before leaving the military behind to return to civilian life. He ended up going into the police academy & becoming an officer of the law in New York City. He stayed as an officer for three years but ended up getting suspended for multiple police brutality violations. Bitter at law enforcement for stripping him of his "power" for doing what he deemed was justice he thought of becoming a vigilante. Luckily he got a job offer from MRD before he could take matters of the law into his hand. During this time at MRD he fell in love with another agent & soon married her after dating for a 18 months.

He was selected as a primary candidate to receive the super soldier serum MRD had managed to extract from Steve Rogers corpse & reproduce. He was the first agent to receive a succesful dosage & despite the hypocrisy of taking a serum that in essence granted him "powers" he was pumped & ready to hunt down more mutants. He's close friends with the senator who's pushing the X Cure or Xterminate Bill & hopes that many if not most mutants will refuse the cure so that MRD can kill them.

Name: Selena Nadarista
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8
Weight: 155 lbs
Ethnicity: Hispanic American
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Religion: Agnostic
Occupation: Student, Terrorist

Powers/Abilities: Life Force Absorption
Selena can psionically drain the life forces of other human beings into herself by physical touch. If she drained a person’s entire life force from him or her, the victim dies and the victim’s body crumbles into dust. It is unknown how often Selena must drain life force from another human in order to survive. A side-effect of this absorption is that Selena takes on the memories, skills & powers of her victims. Great expenditure of power causes Selena to age, but she can rejuvenate herself by absorbing more life force. Selena will not age as long as she maintains her supply of absorbed life force.

Psychic Vampire: If Selena drains only part of a victim's life force, she achieves a measure of psychic control over her victim’s mind. Through unknown means, Selena can cause a human being to become a psychic vampire like herself, but be subordinate to Selena’s own will.

Physical Enhancement: Selena has physical strength, stamina, speed, and reaction time that are all several times greater than those of a normal woman. Without any mystical or psionic aid, she can lift up to 20 ton, can easily survive explosions and other attacks and move at speeds approaching sound.
--Superhuman Strength
--Superhuman Endurance
--Superhuman Reflexes
--Superhuman Speed

Drained Abilities
--Shape Shifting
--Umbrakinesis/Shadow Manipulation
--Mass Manipulation

Background: Selena Nadarista was born as the daughter of Selene Galileo and an unknown mutant in the hellfire club. Thus she was raised up in a very wealthy background, and had an affluent life. The abundance of wealth her family had allowed her to avoid many of the pitfalls & struggles imposed upon the mutant race as a result of the Dark Phoenix crisis that happened years ago. At a young age around nine years old she began to manifest her mutant abilities which were similar to those of her mutant-external mother Selene which made her very proud.

She ended up draining the life force of her father in her teenage years during an argument, spurred on by her mother who planned to divorce him for his wealth anyway. This course of action allowed Selene to secure their wealth. However in the end her mother's cruelty proved to be her undoing and Selena turned on her mother upon turning 18 draining her and taking her lifeforce & powers as well as being the sole inheritor of her wealth. The Hellfire Club was disbanded after numerous MRD raids but Selena had already cut her ties with them having the foresight to know they would be located & stopped by the authorities soon enough.

Shortly after she decided to forge her own path to power & success in this new anti mutant world. In the efforts to build her new empire she managed to stay clear of the Ultimates & high ranking MRD agents. She befriended another rich & powerful female muant named Daniella Artemis who had the power of mass manipulation & used it to aid her global charity organization. Uncovering her ability she turned on her friend draining her & taking her ability seeking to use the power for her own needs. Taking over Artemis's organization & stripping it of it's wealth she decided to fund her own group against the United Empire known as the Phoenix Order.

The basis of this organization was the false belief she spread that she was the prophet of the Phoenix Force & that the Phoenix would soon return to earth to claim a new host who would lead the mutants to conquer the earth. Now in charge of the Phoenix Order she's built the only other mutant group aside from The Underground that has enough power & members to challenge the United Empire & now she's attempting to consolidate her power & use the belief in the Phoenix to spearhead a movement to ensure mutant supremacy.

OTHER - Other pictures of Selena, these are ones I wanted to be her main picture but for some reason won't show up on Guild.

Selena on the roof overlooking New York City…

Name: Kano Pedro "Gartland" Thorson

Codename: N/A

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2

Weight: 210 lbs

Ethnicity: African American-Hispanic/Asgardian

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religion: Agnostic, Nordic Mythology

Occupation: Asgardian god of war, Bounty Hunter, Arms Trafficker

Personality: Kano is a brash & impetuous young man with a trigger happy personality. He loves nothing more then a good brawl & has a passion for fighting, physical conflict, exercise & athletics. He is a womanizer known as a player & fully embraces a lifestyle of hedonism filled with copious sex, drugs & alcohol consumption. He takes immense pride in his heritage, & family as well as his various travels & life experiences. He's very adaptive, good with/welcoming of change & enjoys changing scenery/traveling frequently. He takes pleasure in being independent something that contributes to his extremely rebellious personality. He harbors total disdain for those who are racist or engage in any form of discrimination motivated by race, gender, economic class, species or anything. He has no qualms with sacrificing himself for the sake of his allies or for the benefit of the greater good. He's been known to make miscalculations in battle due to sometimes being too cocky & overconfident.

Powers/Abilities: In his mortal form Kano is a mutant with the X Gene. He has a dual mutation having the powers of pryokinesis & cryokinesis.

Background: Born as Kano Thorson the son of Thor & Amora the Enchantress while possessed by the powerful demon Abbadon. Unbeknownst to Thor and even Amora herself, Abbadon had possessed Amora during the height of their relationship. She was ordered to do so by a powerful demon she was working under named Blackheart son of Mephisto who sought to have an heir to the throne of Asgard with partial demonic heritage seeking a descendent to make a power grab for the throne of Asgard. Kano had a royal upbringing in the palace living good, trained by Sif & the Warriors Three, whilst being taught about magic & the nine realms by his tutor Heimdall, plus his grandmother Frigga & mother Amora.

Following the final battle of the Dark Phoenix crisis where Thor perished Kano was depressed at this point only a teenager. He sought solace in alcohol & other vices to get him through the pain of loosing a father while becoming enraged & bitter towards the mutant population of Midgard. Against the wishes of
Heimdall he used the bifrost bridge to travel to earth to retrieve his father's hammer mjolnir & seek vengeance. He managed to retrieve the hammer proving himself worthy as a son of Thor & claiming it's powers including that of divine/godlike weather manipulation. Following this he sought to help out his mother Amora who'd stepped up to be the queen/ruler of Asgard in response to Thor being vanquished by the Dark Phoenix.

With the inheritance of his father's mighty mystical hammer he sought to re-establish peace across the nine realms which had broken out into all out war with each other with Thor's passing. He was succesful in aiding the Asgardians in bringing order to the realms & preventing the various mystical species that inhabited them from making their way to Midgard to take over. His plans to return to earth following the realm wars was put on pause when a mystical solar flare severed the connection of Asgard, the rest of the nine realms & other pantheon dimensions from earth. Against his mother's wishes he traveled to & bathed in the well of mimir seeking to learn the cause of this mystical dimension seperating flare. The well provided him with visions of the cause as well as the grave threat KIVA posed to humanity/Midgard as well as the fact that although Jean had perished, the Phoenix had not been destroyed but was merely incubating in hibernation regenerating & resting until it found a new host in modern times to take on its powers.

Faced with this knowledge he felt it was his obligation to find a way to return to the humans to aid them in these powerful threats that intended to wipe out it's population. The end result of that was using a dangerous dark magic ritual to harness the powers of the now defunct Bifrost to forcibly transport himself to the human realm overcoming the dimensional seperation. Using his hammer to do this was very streneous on his body & caused him to be seperated from his divine powers & for as well as his hammER 7 many of his memories. He came to as a mere mutant with superpowers that allowed him to control & manipulate fire & ice. Not wanting to live on the streets he established himself as a capable bounty hunter in Atlanta & went on to become an Arms Trafficker wanting to net himself income while also playing a role in helping & arming the mutant resistance against the United Empire. While in the process of living out his new life a battle with a mutant telepath caused him to recover his lost memories. With his mind now fully restored he's set out on a journey to tranverse the planet searching for his hammer to restore his full arsenal of divine powers to be able to able to play a prominent role in liberating the global mutant population & uniting them with humanity against KIVA before the blood-thirsty AI can initiate a global nuclear holocaust followed by raising up a sentient machine army to enslave humanity's survivors.

Name: Milo Salvador Ventoro "Summers"

Codename: Fusion

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1

Weight: 185 lbs

Ethnicity: Biracial {African American & Caucasian}

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religion: Christian, Agnostic

Occupation: Investigative Journalist, Resistance Lieutenant

Personality: Milo is a tortured soul feeling ashamed & deep regret for the actions of the Dark Phoenix as well as other members of the Summers Family. He feels responsibility for the world's state of affairs & a duty to make it a better place. He's a known wisecrack often being comedic & using jokes in the face of dark grim & even inappropriate scenarios. He enjoys being a mutant & takes pride in his powers as well as his cultural heritage. Extremely energetic & driven to living his life to the fullest being very hopeful as well as motivating to himself & others. Very Stubborn refusing to budge on something once his mind's made up about it. He has an unbreakable loyalty to his family & friends, and refuses to compromise on his ideals. He struggles with impulsive behavior, adhering to authority, trusting others fully, maintaining his religious belief/faith & compulsive addictive behaviors.

Powers/Abilities: Power Replication
Milo has the power to replicate the powers/abilities of other mutants, superhumans & other organic lifeforms. By emulating the energies of others he's able to duplicate their powers, abilities, memories, knowledge, skills, & talents.

Background: Milo Salvador Ventoro Summers was born as a son of Rachel Summers & an unknown black mutant who owned a casino & weapons manufacturing company. When he was about five his mother was captured by the MRD/Mutant Response Division & his father sent him & his younger sister Rachel to live with his uncle in Atlanta Georgia while he went to join the resistance full time in hopes of tracking down his mother. Growing up without his parents he looked out for Rachel & did whatever it took to provide. He made a connection with a prominent drug dealer selling Casper a substance that allowed mutants to mask their X Gene to pass mutant detection tests/tracking to live in society. He went on to selling Casper as well as other illegal drugs & guns in his early teens making lots of money for himself & his sister while also establishing himself in the black market to always have economic opportunities to fall back on.

Eventually after some tight situations where he was nearly arrested for dealing illicit goods shortly after high school he decided on seeking a better path for his life. He ended up safely storing his money in offshore accounts & moved to New York where he went attended the police academy. After graduation he joined the NYPD wanting to change the force from within in a time where discrimination against both mutants & ethnic minorities had deteriorated to similar conditions as the early 80's. He went into the narcotics division working to aid the war on drugs falling into his old habits using his position to make extra income on the side. Eventually he tired of being in a job where he put his own people in chains & left the police.

He tried to figure out the next step in his career & learned more about his past. He reconnected with his father Jamal Ventoro who revealed that Rachel had been banished to the Still Zone, a horrific superhuman prison MRD & SHIELD had developed for it's most powerful superhuman prisoners. He learned about his relations to the Summer Family, as well as the actions they committed that contributed to the current crapsack world they resided in including the Dark Phoenix crisis. He went on to meet one of the leaders of the mutant resistance his grandfather Scott Summers who revealed he'd been brought back from the dead by Jean right before she killed herself & the bulk of her mutant supremacy army. He invested his money into camera equipment going into freelance photography. From there he made a name for himself also starting an encypted online blog for the mutant underground & became an investigative journalist for the Daily Bugle hoping to use the power of the press to spread the truth to the masses of the general public. He went to train with his grandfarther for a few months to get a further grip on his powers as well as undergo training before joining the resistance rising up in the ranks & helping mutants along the underground railroad to Canada, where the last existing major mutant safe zones in the world resided.
Marvel World War M World Information

2006 - The existence of mutants was revealed to the general public in the United States via a presidential announcement. This led to numerous revelations including the fact that mutants had lived amongst humanity for thousands of years & that their population spanned the entire globe not just America.

2008 - Tony Stark was kidnapped by terrorists leading to him developing the first Ironman armor to escape. Following this daring escape he developed the more traditional standard version of his armor & became a superhero. Several other budding heroes emerged including a thawed out Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, X Men etc. This is the first year in the 20 year long golden age of heroes.

2012 - Loki invaded the world seeking to take control of Midgard in response to Odin nominating Thor to be the next king of Asgard. HE took control of the Chitauri alien race and led an invasion of earth which caused SHIELD to pull together the Avengers to repel the invasion & defeat Loki.

2028 - The 20th year of the golden age of heroes started by Tony Stark/Ironman in 2008. Jean Gray becomes the Dark Phoenix & murders millions/billions in global mutant domination campaign. In the first final battle Jean's teleported across the universe & on her way back to earth destroys 19 alien planets. Doctor Strange used the soul stone/gem to summon the spirit of her deceased ex-husband Scott Summers to appeal to her humanity in the actual final battle. Jean took control of the Phoenix obliterating herself, leading forces of her global anti mutant takeover & Shi-Ar alien army invading earth for revenge due to the Phoenix.

2032- Five years after the Dark Phoenix Crisis, the world had diverted further into chaos & violence. This led to the United States gathering it's allies & jumpstarting World War 3. In the end thanks to it's technology from superheroes & villains, plus THOUGHT a group of super scientists joined together to build an AI/Super Computer to serve as an artifiical "god" for humanity to lead them/The United Empire/the world to a new era of peace & longevity.

2068 - The current year of the RP, 40 years after the Dark Phoenix criss. The United Empire is pushing the Xcure or Xterminate Act/Bill as a final global answer/solution to the mutant population of earth.

World Building Information
Xcure or Xterminate Act - Legal Bill being pushed by the United Empire making it mandatory for all members of the mutant populace to submit to taking the experimental mutant cure & all "at risk" citizens to take it as well as a form of vaccination against the X Gene. At risk groups can include those with mutants in their immediate family, extended family or who'v had past sexual relations with mutants.

Negative Zone Prison - Reed Richards was a primary scientist & operator who helped build the Negative Zone prison to house the most dangerous mutant & superhuman criminals of the world.
Prisoners Include
--Rachel Summmers
--Sue Storm
--Franklin Richards {{Lobotomized}}
--Wanda Maximoff

I created a discord channel for the RP so people can diccuss the RP in real time, talk o other players in real time etc, the discord is NOT required for participation in the RP. Any information I put in the discord or that's discussed within the channel that's relevant to the plot will also be placed in the OOC.

Marvel World War M RP Discord Channel Link
@Martian@Ultimate Spidey@Sanity43217@sly13@DClassified@The Man Emperor@Dark Light…

OOC thread is do1ne & up! Welcome aboard this dystopian future marvel train! Hope everyone enjoys their ride to the next LEVEL of this storyline.

Also @Dark Light This RP has some sandbox style elements allowing us/players/posters the ability to influence the narrative & direction of the RP with their character's actions. There is a general storyline but it's flexible. Ther story goes from A to B to C to D and so forth, but we determine everything that happens in between and what takes place to get the story from place to place.
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