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I'm completely new here and fairly new to roleplaying as well. There will be a lot of exploration of things that I enjoy, so please approach me with anything, I'm the most open-minded person you will and have ever met.

I love writing fantasy and consuming any and all sci-fi fantasy media. Books, shows and movies, games, everything.
When it comes to gaming, I do League, Total War, Paradox games and all kinds of things.
18+ as well!

It's very nice to meet all of you!
Hello there! I'm a novice writer who is intrigued by roleplaying 1x1 or in a very small group. It could be based around a TTRPG system like DnD 5e or 2e, but doesn't need to.

I'd like to either play as the "world"(Dungeon Master sort of) or as a singular character in someone else's world. I'm super open to any setting. A fantasy military academy story about a character rising up from a poor and destitute position, but joins the military as a private and manages to rise through the ranks, and become someone very influential politically and/or militarily.

Or it could be an isekai story about a person from the modern world, who uses their specific knowledge of modern technology and culture to get by/get fucked by the isekai world.

Or the plot or setting could be about a tyrant ruler's [NSFW]debauchery and their disgusting adventures.

The crux is, I like mature stories(that can have humor and weird kinks) but with meaningful character arcs and some kind of serious theme. The specifics of the settings are not extremely important, although I have a bit of a bias towards authentic european late medieval societies. Same goes for magic, some magic is required to spice things up a bit, but whether or not it's high or low, it doesn't matter.

NOT interested in fandoms or fan fiction, I want to build a brand new, fleshed out world with you :) (Although, there is nothing wrong with some light inspiration.)

Really I'm just looking to have a long discussion with someone like-minded who would be interested in this kind of collaborative storytelling. I'm not some great writer and English isn't even my first language, and if you are a proficient english writer, you will get extremely annoyed by my horrific grammar, so I'm not expecting an amazing writer, but if you are one, awesome!

Some of my favourite works of art from which I would draw much inspiration from are: ASOIAF, First Law world, Warhammer Fantasy stuff, M&B Warband, EU4, CK2, Nier games, Harry Potter SORT OF, Frankenstein.

Quick info about me:
Age: 21
Location: Sweden
Gender: Male
Occupation: CS Uni
Can play: As "the world", and as any character, any gender, age, whatever it is
Minded: Open
Availability: Have a lot of free time to write, multiple hours per day

Info about you:
Age: 18+
Gender: Doesn't matter

Quick writing sample:…

PM me if interested

(Critique my writing if your are an angel <3)
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