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Current Why do I spend so much time setting up elaborate backstories in D&D but not in my own novel???
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No power so no posts. Sucks being poor.
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I don't have to speed date, my face does it for me.
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Taking Applications For Valentines....No Experience Required
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Just general, Renegade or Paragon shep?

Paragade (sounds like a Gatorade flavor)
@DeadDrop As mentioned in the original post:

Now the only plot I have in mind for this is it's what happens to the Milky Way Galaxy (Shepard & Co.)

No mention was made of the Andromeda your point is moot.
@DeadDrop Technically, Andromeda Initiative embarked after 2 but before 3.
@ImmortalBreath Would you be interested in a Dragon Age Arranged Marriage RP that follows Alistair after becoming King through Inquisition?
Knowledge of the game is required as it would be hard to RP without the knowledge from playing versus what's available in the wiki. I would prefer to play Shepard though I can play as either Male or Female Shepard. You can play another cannon character or OC, whichever you prefer. Now the only plot I have in mind for this is it's what happens to the Milky Way Galaxy (Shepard & Co.) after the Reaper War...and I would like to start from the moment you see Shepard take a breath under the debris of the Catalyst (or close to there anyway depending on our pairing). I do want romance to be a thing but it doesn't have to be the only thing.

I will RP via PM or e-mail, whichever you prefer. I am on everyday but that doesn't always mean I will reply everyday. I have a full time job (with crap tons of overtime at the moment). I will check in and let you know that I haven't forgotten (though I can forget sometimes, I have a shit memory. So if you're waiting on a reply I will not be bothered if you check on me). I am over 18 and prefer my partners be as well though I don't personally care what gender you are. I only do FxF and MxF pairings...nothing against MxM, I just don't do them well. I have no limits on gore or smut but if you get too adventurous in the bedroom I may ask you to tone it down a bit.

I love OOC chat whether it's plotting or just chatting about real life shit. I have a few rules for replying to this interest check. For the love of God do not ask me to PM you, I made the interest check, it's your job to contact me if interested. If you would rather reply to the interest check thread please @mention me so I will get a notification. Tell me what pairing you would like, I can play either male or fem shep, so whichever you would rather play against I am game for.

You will be my best friend forever if you want to do a Tali x FemShep (you'll come a close second if you want to do Tali x Male Shep).

Was just curious if it was set up like an old dorm where it's 2 beds, 2 desks and a shared bathroom (either for the room or the floor) or if each got has a separate room but shares a communal living space like a suite?
I'll be able to get you a post soon. But at the moment, I'm not in a position to post every day.

Posting every day, especially in group RPs is hard. I'm usually on every day but that doesn't mean I'll crank a post out on all of my RPs. No worries about that, was just checking in.
@KoL I will probably have a post up this weekend. My home internet is down so I can only post at work on my breaks for the time being. Is there a specific layout for the dormitories?
@Seravee@Azereiah Just checking in with you both since @Bishop and I have both posted. While not a requirement that each of us post before the next round of posts I wanted to make sure all characters are introduced before moving forward with DM shenanigans directed plot points.
Frosted peaks sheltered the small mountain village, Amunet, that served as the capital for Arolnan. The village was normally not that busy as there were ever few visitors to the nation let alone the capital. Today; however, was the Knight's Tourney, and so Arolnan's from every village had come to watch or participate in the festivities. It was one of the few times they all got together or did anything other nations would consider "fun." Merchants were setting up stalls selling food and touristy baubles as this years tourney was different, outsiders would be joining.

Raymond Lucetta, the crown Prince of Arolnan, inhaled sharply and held his breath before letting an arrow loose from his bow, hitting a target dead center over 100 yards away. He went to reach for another arrow when he heard one of his sisters calling for him.

"Ray!" a light feminine voice called through the stone walls of the Mountain Palace. "Ray come on! We have to greet everyone! You're going to win the tourney, you have no need of practice, brother!" The young girl was 11 years younger than Ray but at least a head shorter than him as she threw her arms around him. "Who knows, perhaps you'll make a match with one of the Princesses who comes?"

"Now you sound like mother, Rayne." Ray's deep voice was mockingly displeased.

He was close with his sister's despite the icy exterior he gave outsiders. His sisters found it endlessly amusing that their parents machinations to marry him off to some noble woman had failed and that he was known as the "Ice Prince." He picked Rayne up and twirled her around much to her giggling delight. Setting her back on her feet he didn't bother to put his weapons away, he would need them for the tournament later.

He and Rayne made their way to the entrance hall where they and the rest of the royal family would greet the outsiders, as Ray liked to call them. Aside from the tourney, all of the kingdoms were coming together to sign a peace accord. Ray's father, King Richard, had emphasized the importance of the peace accords for months. Ray didn't trust it but he was not yet King and so kept his opinions to himself. He waited dutifully next to his mother and father, though they gave a disapproving look at him for wearing his normal mountain clothes, a dark blue hooded cloak ensemble that was easy to move in, protective, and most importantly, warm. Arolnan was cold by nature from the mountains, he doubted the outsiders would like the weather much while they were here.
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