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Ability-wise there's no problem, at least. So it's accepted.

Though this is a small town so murdering people will be more noticed if it comes up. xD

Honestly, Atem doesn't really murder people, cuz he still follows clock tower and the laws. So he mostly harvests from death row inmates, killers who aren't on death row, and people who are suicidal but want to leave large sums of money to their families by selling their body. Mostly his modus is harvest an organ, get an animal and store the heart then use that animal as a sacrifice at a later date.

Although he doesn't do it out of morals or kindness but, the simple fact that using other kinds of people as materials is such a risk and inconvenience that it isn't even worth it. He does harvest people's skin but heals them afterward while under heavy sedation.
Masters I know we don't have this information for: Shirou, Rin, Sakura, Kirei, Kayneth, Ritsuka, any of the Crypters, Ryuunosuke, almost all of the Apocrypha masters...

Who we do: Waver and Caules.

"Standard measuring stick" my arse. It's a lot rarer than it is common. It's completely useless for working out much of anything due to being so rare and inconsistently applied.

And Strange Fake is completely unimportant to anything ever.

Well most of them appear in Case Files, cuz most people are magi there. Look I'm not going to argue with you about how accurate they are since I mostly add that in for standard fate flavor and hey if you don't like it I can remove it since I'm just heavily into details so I give as much information as I possibly can.

As for the actual number second paragraph on the history section, I explicitly said large number of high-quality ones, so yeah pretty above average considering the extra ones from the crest as well. I'll put it into abilities just to be clear.

Ernest now Atem, was born with a large number of high-quality magic circuits amongst the family, having been born from a union between his mother and a particularly powerful spare to a 10th generation magus family arranged with their riches after his father's family accrued debt during a hefty purchase from the mystic eyes auction. Atem showed great promise in the use of his family's magecraft at a young age which grew more prominent as he possessed a dual affinity of Fire and Earth, and was taught elemental magecraft for battle by a tutor.

@Gummi Bunnies That's accepted.

@ColourlessKing Is... that Daybit's face? I'm confused.

I have no idea why you went for the weird quantity/quality letters because those never came up outside of Mahou Tsukai and... honestly even if that wasn't a tiny reference pool the examples are super weird people anyway. They're so little used they literally don't mean anything and are just confusing.

Like... I have no idea what you're supposed to be implying without describing it. Average? Above average? Good? "Somewhere between Aoko and Touko but more" is big.

Umm its the standard, measuring stick for magic circuits in the fate universe... Like I'm not bull shitting that appears in Fate Fragments, Strange Fake, Apocrypha, Case Files. It's honestly a pretty common measuring stick. Since most of the masters have it on their profiles msotly to allow readers to understand what their potential is.

As for the Daybit pic I jsut wanted to use FC daybit, unless he is somehow showing up XD.
Okay, too many Servants time for a new Master.

He also has to violate literally every principle he holds to get that sort of buff and he can't engineer the situations too easily to access it. Hell, one of the conditions is basically fighting people that aren't worth it. It's powerful, sure, but it's not like he can just flip a switch and get it all.

I mean the reason I gave him a 1-day root so he can't activate it all without being a sitting duck. But honestly rping him in such situations is already a treat.

Edit: Although it's almost impossible to break the second rule cuz of how circumstantial it is.
See, that's weird, because we also know A+ strength is the literal limit of what a human body, even a Servant's, can do due to Natural Demon. So for sanity's sake it's pretty simple: if he keeps proccing buffs like a madman he's stronger than basically anyone that can show up in this war and we don't need to care what the exact stat is. :p

*looks at A+++ Agi and End*


Man DW must be a real Hijikata fan for giving him such a busted Personal skill.
@Anza Twins seem fine.

I... guess Jubei is okay? I absolutely hate that agility but Munenori has it for no fucking reason whatsoever despite being an old man who keeps sitting down. God that's dumb...

I think its more to do with how fast he can draw his sword than his physical agility is considering he did use an Iaido style. By the way, since A+++ is the limit does Hijikata technically get EX Strenght after all his laws are proced and he is in a combat situation?
Aight. My Master character sheet will come later. Also Kiyo's NP and this rural village setting is such a recipe for disaster, I love it lol.

Choose the two Masters for Kiyo and make her confused at two Anchins XD. The recipe will be more destructive.
The thing about durations is that posts are really flexible amounts of time, so I don't think it's super useful. Narrative is easier to convey.

And yes, Higurashi village. Based on Shirakawa.

Okay changed it.

And damn well seems like dudes with super flashy NPs dont need to worry too much unless its fire based. The mountains really make nice combat zones.
Hey Rain should i keep the durations or just use the NPs timer naratively?

Also do you mean the Higurashi Village?
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