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24 days ago
Current Why did Kenneth Branagh have to ruin Artemis Fowl? 2020 is a cruel mistress.
30 days ago
Anyone remember that there was a live action Lady and the Tramp released on Disney+ in 2019? No? That's how forgettable these movies are.
1 mo ago
If you're going to do fantasy races, don't follow the example of Bright and make Orcs into racial allegories of African Americans.
1 mo ago
The Hobbit also led to a creation of an anti film industry union law in New Zealand which sucks.
1 mo ago
I'd happily join an Avatar roleplay taking place in the M.Night Shyamalan continuity.
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- Walmart Apocalypse Roleplay
- Nightmare Gas Station
- Underrail/Fallout/Post Apocalyptic Roleplay. Codename: Clausterclysm
- Anthromorphic Grimdark Animal Fantasy Roleplay. Codename: Fallowbrook.
- Eldritch Abomination Garfield Roleplay. Codename: Lasagna.
- Infinite IKEA Roleplay. Codename: God Morgon
- Cooking High Fantasy RP. Codename: Smorgasbord.
- Roleplayerguild High School RP. Codename: Highschool Roleplay
- Cyberpunk South East Asia RP. Codename: Straits of Malacca.

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Mistiel 1 yr ago

Not gonna lie. The way you phrased this left me aroused (and confused about aforementioned arousal).
Lord Wraith 2 yrs ago
Will you be jumping into Ultimate One Universe come Season 2 or do you just enjoy reading our witty banter?
Lord Wraith 2 yrs ago
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