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Current I'm now back to work working 6.30am till 5.30pm and then I also have my etsy shop so replies are slower! When I'm on sometimes I'm brain dead. Trying to catch up! Bare with me!
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Survived 7 days of self isolation. Tomorrow going out to hunt for food. Monday back to work. O.O
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Signed off sick for the next 2 weeks so things will be spotty. Will try and get replies to people as I feel up to it!
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When you come to the realisation that you're too old to be able to survive on less than 4 hours sleep :x
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Long weekend as have Monday off. Time to design more stickers! And fit in writing when I can xD


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I'm looking for this to be a good military/futuristic setting - light with a good story behind it. I've done this several times with good players but they've disappeared for various reasons and now after some time I'd like to try it again. This is the first post, explaining most, but basically the characters live in a world where the women are mainly slaves and breeders to the soldiers that go out and fight. The military are the government and have developed a computer that pairs the females with soldiers of any age when the female is eighteen so that they can produce the best genetics in their children. 

Most soldiers abuse their mates, letting the system be in control because it gives them power, but there is a small growing group of rebels that search for something different outside of the military. That search for freedom for their mates and children. That don't want to be trapped in such a system

This story can go all kinds of ways, but I'm thinking of something along the lines of the my character Essie been stuck in the slave mentality but being paired with someone who doesn't agree with the military ways and want that freedom. But to vocalist that means a certain death. Of course this will have adult themes, but I don't expect it to focus on the slave/breeding. I'm thinking of having it focus on trying to escape, the cost of betraying a government and everything else. As well as the fact that my character has been brought up to be terrified of breaking the rules. There is a world out there that allows freedom. It's spoke about. The military want to rid those people, stories and freedom; telling people here lies.

Below is what is normally my first post for some idea. PM me if interested. I welcome input and ideas. I'm looking for lots of action and adventure! :) 


Once Upon A Time...

... there was a Kingdom called Ilena. It was a wealthy kingdom where the king looked after his people. There were still the rich and poor, there was still crime, but he sought to listen to everyone and try his best to rule fairly. He respected his people and they respected him. His name was King Silas. King Silas had a beautiful wife, his queen, called Evelyn. Together they had a beautiful daughter called Marianne.

King Silas had everything he could ever want. When you have everything you ever wanted it can also be taken away. One stormy night, Evelyn was trying to calm Marianne down between the pounding of the rain and loud thunderclaps. Both mother and child were unaware that there was an intruder lurking in the shadows.

One minute the queen was alive, holding her daughter, the next she was dead on the ground, the baby gone from her arms and the intruder gone.

Ayia is the neighbouring kingdom to Ilena. There the King is greedy and unjust. He makes his people suffer. The people hate him, but do not have the power to overthrow him. Any crime committed against the King is the death penalty, no matter how big or small.

King Daven is a name to be hated and feared.

He to has a queen and also a three year old son. The queen is heavily pregnant with a child.

One night the queen and said unborn child die. However a few days later there is a daughter in the kingdom. The queen died in childbirth, however the baby apparently survived and the prince has a little sister. Shane and Jasmine.

Now to present day...

King Silas has never gotten over his missing daughter. Each year he has sent a group of his best knights to search for her. On the anniversary of her disappearance he calls them forth with the same mission, to go to a new land and see if any clues can be gathered. So far no luck. However now the King is sending them to Ayia.

Will they find the missing princess there?

Meanwhile, in Ayia, Jasmine is now eighteen. She is a young adult yet has never been outside of the kingdom. She knows nothing of the horrors outside the walls of the castle. She innocently thinks things are perfect, just as her father and brother and all the other people tell her. She wants to go out and see the world but is forbidden.

As the princess, she is kept out of the 'dangers'. So instead she fills her time watching the knights train - she has her eye on a particular knight, a friend of her brother's Garrick. Unbeknownst to her, someone has their eye on her - her brother. Prince Shane is as horrible as his father, though not in front of his sister. He is also in love with her and wants to keep the bloodline pure.

Jasmine has no idea that she does not belong here. She has no idea that she is not Ayia royalty. She has no idea that people are looking for her. And she has no idea of the true danger she is really in.

Can she be found before it is too late?


Hello! If you made it this far, welcome to my thread.

Hopefully I haven't intimidated you. I know the above can be a lot of information.

I better move on to what I am looking for. So, this is going to be a multi character role play so if you are only happy to play one character, this may not be the story for you.

I consider myself an advanced roleplayer. I'm not a nut about grammar or spelling, just ask that it's decent for the most part. After all, everyone makes mistakes. I can post anything from a paragraph to ten depending on the scene and dialogue. I try to match my partner. I can also post at least once a day. I'm currently on holiday for just over a week and a half and so I should be able to post several times a day currently. Saying that I can also be busy so that could change. When I go back to work though posts could be limited to at least once a day.

The main characters for this roleplay are Jasmine/Marianne which I will be playing. I will also most likely take on her brother, Shane, her father's both King Silas and King Daven (unless you are happy to take on any of them) and some NPCs.

The character(s) I'm looking for you to play as the main character, is one of the knights from the group of Ilenian knights that ar tasked with looking for clues to the missing princess. I imagine them to be a group of four or five, so I expect this to be split between us. All of that we can work out in an OOC chat though.

Now onto the next point. Magic. This is a fantasy/medieval RP but I want to try adding a magic element to it. Not everyone in this world has magic. Knights tend to be the ones that have magic for defence, and are taught how to access it by knights before them, to defend the royal kingdom. There is also offensive magic, balls of energy used for attacks. There are powerful magicians in the lands that can do a lot more, but when the knights are taught they are taut only basics for attack and defence. This is something we can develop and discuss OOC to, as your character will have magic, and so we can develop magical abilities.

Hmm... what next? I think that is all. So if you are still here... yay! And if you're still interested double yay!

PM me your interest and we can start plotting!

boom this idea is available again so let me know if interested via PM.
Looking for another partner for the above idea :)
Bump :)

Looking for partners again :)
Hi there, I'm Cream and as you may have guessed I'm here to roleplay! :D

Unfortunately I'm a fully functioning adult from the UK with a full time job and so I can only reply once or twice a day when I'm free possibly more depending on my schedule. If I cannot for some reason though, I will let you know.

I love plotting and discussing things OOC so feel free to add and discuss things with me. I play both male and female and multiple characters. I love building worlds and stories. I don't mind blood, gore, swearing and other adult themes in roleplay as long as they fit. After all I am well over the age of 18 now.

I have two particular scenes I am currently craving. In both of them I am looking to play the female characters only because I've played both where I'm the male. Would like to change over for a bit :)

I prefer to roleplay via PMs as they are easier to access via my phone. PM if interested :)

Richard Anderson, the CEO of MediTech, a company that is trying to advance medicine through technological means - often walks the thin line between ethics and morals. He's in the press for more bad than good. His latest bid to start human trials to try and unlock more of the brain's hidden capacity has been denied. It's dominated business headlines for months now. But then again, the Anderson family knows how to dominate the headlines. Jessica Anderson dominates the fashion headlines as a former model with her vanity and narcissism. A woman that's known for caring more about her looks and her image than other issues.

And then there is their nineteen year old daughter who tries everything to stay out of the headlines but ends up in them by avoidance. She's nothing like her parents and has a tense relationship with both of them because her passion lies elsewhere. Her passion lies in art. She's at odds with her father for not being a male that can take over the business, and she's at odds with her mother for not becoming a model, but she's determined to carve her own path.

Her father has other plans though, planning to have her marry his CFO to keep a dark secret within the company and the family. While her father has connections with some very shady people, and her mother is pretty much a materialistic airhead, Ryleigh had dreams and goals, knowing nothing about the dark family secrets that were threatening to be revealed.

And while Ryleigh is quite the introvert, focused on her career rather than a social life and seeing the good in things and giving her trust before seeing the bad...

... he sees the bad in people before the good.

All his life he has been brought up with one goal in mind. That he is to join his father's business as a hired hitman. Hidden under the illusion of a law firm, since he was fifteen he's been fully aware of the evil in the world; been a friend with death, had no kind of illusion or naivety about the world. Innocence gone. Even now in his twenties, he's one of the best.

To keep the illusion he goes to school only to keep the image of becoming a lawyer at his father's firm. It's a clever guise. And he's not thought of anything else - of any other future, of a girlfriend or a wife, of kids... had no reason too - until he meets Ryleigh. At first he doesn't believe someone could be so good, innocent and naive. Then he's curious, maybe even a little captivated by how refreshing she actually is by just been different. She's not like every other girl that comes from money. Next thing he knows they're involved...

... So what happens when he finds out that her parents and her are on a hit list for her father's dealings. Can he be a part of it, stop it or warn them? And when Ryleigh's views of right and wrong are so black and white, can she ever know his true profession? Could he give it up for her or could he forever keep it secret from her should they be more? Or is it best to give her up before she gets hurt?


Hi guys, I'm Cream :)

Looking for someone to flesh out this idea with me. It's one of my favourite roleplay ideas with plenty of avenues that I love exploring. I'm looking for someone to play the hitman.

A bit about me. I'm from the UK and like to think of myself as an advanced roleplayer. I love playing multiple characters and aim to for this story, so feel free to bring in added characters yourself. I'm hoping that this story gets nitty and gritty. Dark and dirty. Action. Romance. Crime. Drama. The full whack. I'm available to post most days, except Thursdays. I do have a full time job though, and other commitments, but can at least get in a post a day. I understand people having real lives though, so if I have to wait a few days for post I don't mind at all.

In this idea I'm looking for someone to play the hitman as I will play Ryleigh and her family as needed, and possibly her friend and CFO if necessary. I love plotting. :D

So, hopefully that is the main stuff covered. PM me if interested. Of course feel free to throw ideas and your own spin on things :D Look forward to hearing from you.

Still available for these ideas:)
Boom. Looking for players again :)
Hi everyone ^_^

So I decided to finally set up a new interest check and put down all my thoughts and ideas as I currently have a few gaps for some RP's and want to get writing some more. I've been roleplaying since I was 13, and writing since I was 7 or 8 (albeit badly); I'm now 28, just to give you an idea of how long I've been writing. I'm still not perfect but I'm always aiming to improve my writing and story telling.

A bit about my writing: I am a casual to advanced writer. I love in depth plotting and story telling with my partners. I tend to follow what my partners post but can write anything from 3-4 paragraphs to 10+ depending on the scene. I have decent grammar and spelling and expect the same from my partner. Proof reading goes a long way! I like playing multiple characters within a story, building everything up and would love it if you could as well, of course, only if the story asks for it. I can play male and female characters, though I will mark the character in the story that I prefer to play. :)

God do I sound picky? I hope not. If you've made it this far then great. Oh one more thing before the plots. I can post a few times a day if I'm not busy (which is most days). I do have a full time job of 9-5 for the main part unless I'm doing overtime but even then I can post several times a week normally. And my timezone is GMT. So. Only the plots! :D

Right, for now I'm going to stop with these but I will add more. PM me if interested in any of these! :D
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