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30 days ago
Current saw tim minchin live, had 2 successful job interviews, booked tickets to a screening of the room and opened a bank account under my preferred name... now this is epic


happy november

owen. he/him. eighteen.
πŸ’‰ 13/04/21

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you had me at maine
was too afraid of overloading the players with information that i didnt properly express the concepts i wanted to explore and wasnt assertive enough with posting schedules and activity. rp died within the first page
<Snipped quote by dhawan>

like everything i do

you have made this joke twice now youre really pushing your luck
sounds very cool and epic much wow im interested
Congratulations are also in order for @dhawan, who was the winner of our very first Movie Quiz in the Discord over the weekend! Keep your eyes peeled for more of those coming up! Rumour has it, dhawan beat out our very own Admin, @Hank for the top prize!

one at a time ladies
@The Ghost Note

I am... in. Apparently.

inb4 obligatory penis

i am joining this super epic and awesome ghost note discord
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