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Residential District
Heading Underground

@Crusader Lord@1Charak2@Sunglass

Isidore was immediately interested in the Caster once she had noticed the nature of his own cybernetic body, given the nature of it. Given her matter of dress as well as the weapons she was seen wielding last night, Isidore could only assume that this Caster in particular was some sort of inventor, or perhaps even a "fellow" alchemist. If this were the case, then it opened up more potential avenues of where this partnership could lead. It could very well be possible that this Caster may be able to help the alchemist perfect his weapon of choice... or even allow him to accomplish that.

"Yes, locating a discrete location could easily be arranged. I've got a perfect meeting place set up, though I hope you're fine traveling through the Paris Underground. It's a method of travel I've found useful in order to avoid any unwanted encounters... and it seems we may indeed run into one if we continued overland from what I've seen. As for scouting..."

Isidore opened his gym bag, revealing three more of the same type of drone he was utilizing to scout out Caster's workshop. Turning them on and throwing them in the air, Isidore pushed a few buttons on the ocular device attached to the side of his head, allowing them to fly using motorized propellers. He sent each of them to a specific district; one to the Foreign, another to the Latin, and a third to the Canal districts.

"My Servant is not with us at the moment, but hopefully he will rendezvous with us on the way there. I had him scout out specifically for your... other allies. It would be ashamed if they decided to seek us out, after all."

Of course, this was merely a bluff, as Assassin was not too far off.

Stay a good distance near Caster's Master, Assassin. Somewhere close enough to break the distance in case they make any moves on us, but far enough to where they don't suspect a thing. Don't make any sudden moves yet... we still want to at least try to gain their trust.

With all that established, Isidore began to head over to the nearest manhole, beckoning the two ladies to follow suit.
I've got two different ideas for Mages if anyone's interested~
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Saber of Decimation
The Core
The Ritz Blitz


As soon as he felt that destructive intent of the unwelcome guest attacking his newfound ally in his Master's own room, Saber quickly yanked Tenryuu towards Chii, both so that the maid would bring their Master to safely, and so Tenryuu wouldn't fall to her death in the hole that used to be their room. Without a second thought, Saber then dove towards the raging knight, Nagelring already materializing in his hands. His armor was already adorned after having a lengthy discussion with his Master regarding how it would be dangerous at night, and they should be prepared for any sort of attack come dusk. Of course, it seemed that Saber was right to assume some such thing happening

... And yet, there was something completely off.

Wait, what's that smell?
... is it that?
It looks like that, it moves like that and it definitely stinks of that.

A dozen thoughts quickly flooded Saber's head at the sight of the Berserker, shifting ever so slightly as if a nerve has been struck. He was already quite angry that his home was destroyed, but the feeling that welled up inside of Saber was a different sort of anger... it was much more primal, as if that thing going berserk was everything that Saber had stood against. He felt an urge to crush the beast, to subjugate it under his boot. The anger that Saber had harbored for this monstrous knight seemed both unreasonable and unrelenting.

And so, Saber straightened himself to accelerate his fall, seeing as Lancer had already moved out of the way of this Berserker's reckless charge. While fighting in the air was outlandish for most Heroic Spirits, Saber easily adjusted to such conditions due to experiences of fighting against his most hated foes: those that bore wings and required the young prince to take to the skies to slay them. The Demon Prince made sure that Nagelring was positioned properly as he dove for Berserker so that he would be able to intercept his opponent's attack with his own blade. It was an odd maneuver that Saber performed, to make an attempt of parrying a blow that had already been successfully avoided if not for the true nature of Saber's sword.

If Saber's maneuver was truly successful, if his hideously large sword managed to meet the beautiful blade of Berserker's...


As Saber absorbed the force of Berserker's rage-filled strikes with his blade like they were mere swats, it began to glow in a cyan light, as the true power of Nagelring began to release itself. Quickly parrying the last of Berserker's strikes, Saber spun mid-air, grasping his sword in two hands tightly before slamming the glowing blade into Berserker's side. Once the blade met the beast's scales, the energy contained with it exploded with pure force, likely resulting in Berserker being blasted away with the combined power of both Saber's and her own strength.

To absorb the force of a greater opponent's momentum before using it against them, that was the technique the Demon Prince had devised to fight opponents much stronger than him. It was how Saber managed to conquer against the giants, existences above humanity that were much stronger than he was. As it was one of Saber's greatest techniques in his quest to slay the giants, it was great enough to be crystallized as Saber's first Noble Phantasm; Nagelring.

For the Ritz, the force coming from Nagelring would likely total the building by now. For Berserker, she may as well be strong enough to not take any lethal damage from such an attack. Saber would expect as much, for if she was truly the sort of opponent that he had felt when he had first felt her presence, then her scales would surely be strong enough to protect her from any lethal damage from that attack. No, while it was indeed a display of Saber's own strength as a Servant, the true reasoning behind that attack was to knock Berserker outside the Ritz and into the streets... because if Berserker truly was that, then Saber would need a more open area to use his second Noble Phantasm effectively.
Oh, man I've been waiting to play this campaign for a while! But it's looking pretty full though ;w;

Foreign District > Residential District
Not-So-Random Encounter Outside A Certain Workshop

@Crusader Lord@1Charak2@Sunglass

They're finally making their move. Stay by my side but remain hidden, Assassin. I'll have one of my drones scout the area.

The alchemist of Atlas climbed out of a manhole in a rather empty alley, scaling one of the buildings with his superior agility. Making his way to the patrician magus with haste, Isidore pressed a button on the device attached to the side of his head, causing a strange flying device hovering above Lucienne's home to fly outward, high in the sky. Through one of the multiple images displayed on the screen that was over Isidore's left eye, he would have what is essentially a bird's eye view of the entire arrondissement that the young lady was based in.

Hopping from building to building as a means of traveling faster, Isidore mused to himself the idea of mapping out the entire Paris underground, considering if using such a method to travel would be faster than what he is currently employing. It was only after he noticed the slight stinging pain on his Command Spells that the cyborg made his way down to the streets, slowing his pace down to a nice stroll...

... Until he was face-to-face with Lucienne, stopping a few yards away. It was close enough to establish dialogue, but far enough so that either party wouldn't be able to make any hasty moves to attack without the other being able to react.

"Good evening, mademoiselle," Isidore began, raising both his hands up as a sign of goodwill, "You may not know who I am, but I have a vague idea of who you might be, Master of Caster.

"I've revealed myself to you because I believe we might be able to help each other. However, I must ask that we are able to discuss this in a more discreet location... somewhere where the new friends you've made would not be able to follow us to, perhaps?"
Why do you invite me to these things
Saber slowly peeked from the door of the bathroom of the suite once his Master called out to him. He seemed hesitant to leave, as Tenryuu had already completed a portion of the Demon Prince's punishment for killing Moses when she had requested for the opposite. Who would have known that woman would have an outfit that was fitted almost perfectly for Saber's surprisingly petite form?

"... I understand that I need to be punished, Master, but isn't that nickname along with wearing this outfit for the rest of the war a bit much?"

Rosy-Cheeked Monster Slayer
The Core
Facing Punishment, The Ritz Hotel


Stepping out from the bathroom, Saber revealed the entirety of his new uniform to both his Master and her golem. Wearing such an outfit reminded Saber of the strange requests of his senpai, of whom he spent his time within his (her?) court when the Demon Prince's uncle had displaced him from his throne. It was moments like these that Saber had wished he was summoned in his older form, at his moment of exile, instead of the Slayer of Beasts that encompassed his youth. At the same time, imagining himself in his older form wearing this outfit only made Saber blush more, his hands moving behind his back.

Perhaps Saber kept himself armored to hide the cutesy looks of his younger self from his opponents?

"Perhaps a different name would suffice? How does Theo sound?"

Much of Saber's discomforts were partially alleviated by Chii, who was also wearing the same uniform. Is this how Master treats all her familiars? Saber thought to himself. At the very least, it was an outfit that was surprisingly easy to move in, despite the uncomfortable breeze it provided. Perhaps the lack of armor can easily be made up by the mobility this new outfit would provide in conjunction with the use of Nagelring...

"... Shall we go shopping then, Master?"

Saber of Decimation
Latin District
you're my favorite customer, Arènes de Lutèce


"I'm sorry, but I cannot do that, Master..."

It was a strange reply from the wrathful Demon Prince. To refuse his Master's order, especially against such a boastful foe, was uncharacteristic of the otherwise impulsive Saber. This refusal of orders should not be mistook for insubordination on Saber's part, however. Much like his Master, Saber was also angry at how presumptuous this Caster had conducted his negotiations especially after dealing with a similarly overconfident Caster just moments ago. At the same time, unlike Tenryuu, Saber's anger was more along the lines of a feeling of annoyance rather than actual hatred. Because of this, Saber was unable to follow his Master's command because he actually cannot perform it.

Instead, he cleaved through the beastmen with a single slash of his mighty greatsword, aiming to bisect the group of foes before him. With a flick of his wrist, Saber would see that the mere annoyances that stand before himself and his Master would both be easily rid of.

"... If you wish to have my Master's leyline, then seek us out directly as I have no desire for a cowardly Caster who would send dogs to do his own dirty work. Otherwise, keep your garbage away from our property."
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