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"Ah, this is yours? Hmmm... I'm gonna borrow it!"

Malphas held the book up higher as he skipped in a wide circle, away from Narkissa while sticking his tongue out playfully. He then continued his light pace towards the beach this time, goading her to take it. Of course, he wasn't trying too hard to keep the book away from her. If she just tried hard enough, he'd relent. Now is not the time to hold malice for anyone, after all. Seeing Narkissa and now Leannah out is a cause for celebration. They had just escaped, and the world is now their oyster!

In any case, Malphas finally gave the book back to Narkissa with a mischievous wink once Leannah came to, less smoldering than before. Then, flowing like the wave of the ocean, slunk himself back to the ground once more, to relax again.

"Now that we're here, should we wait for our foreman? Were any of you able to see him on your ways out? Oh no, he must still be dealing with that behemoth, isn't he?"

Despite their rather abrasive introduction, Malphas shared a look of concern for Donovan. Malphas held a love for human life that others simply wouldn't understand fully, and the loss of one's own spark of potential is one indeed worthy to be mourned for. In other words, Donovan had a useful ability and Malphas was sad he couldn't use it for his own ends.

Of course, this prompted Malphas to look over his current allies to better comprehend what use they'd have. Leannah was a fighter through and through, and something could be said about the heat emanating from her during her landing... A joke could be made about the intricacies of cats and the word "heat," resulting in Malphas chuckling just a bit. And the other girl, Narkissa... She has a cool book, at least? Malphas will have to further observe what use she'll have later on. And besides, no matter what these two girls are capable of doing, one thing's for certain is if they didn't believe in Malphas's miracles before, they definitely do now.

And with faith, they can accomplish anything.
Heya I'm more available now! After some thought, I think I might go for an Eastern Royal after all~

HP 550/550 SP 350/350 MP 370/370

Seeing that Ari was predictably in danger and unaware of those following him, Lew reacted swiftly. As much as he wanted to admire the attention to detail the game developers placed on such a horrifying entity, Lew was more concerned about one of his friends going through another death timer. After this, Lew was sure he needed to throw this petulant catgirl into Goldspun Fields if he wanted to ensure she wouldn't get herself killed. Maybe it would be best to convince her to just take a class before she accomplishes any of her other requirements. How is a jobless person supposed to "solo" anyone, anyway?

Lew leapt towards the centipede monster with blinding speed, quickly throwing one of his attack talismans directly at the beast's face to distract it before shoving Ari out of the way from the monster's clutches with a shoulder check. Hopefully the throw doesn't kill her, and hopefully she learns well and good that she should definitely start running behind him. As soon as Ari was out of danger, Lew raised his staff defensively, clutching it in two hands as he anticipated the beast's next move. Before he could act further, he needed to see just how this thing would fight him... Whether it relied on its speed, its strength, or anything else of that nature. One thing that Lew kept note of specifically was its wickedly sharp maw, keeping wary of any attacks from its mouth. Centipedes were venomous, and there is a chance this creature is no different. He positioned its staff to follow the movements of the creature's head, hoping to intersect any bites made at him.
It is Day 1 of the Great Holy Grail War

Current Objectives

Red Team

  • None

Blue Team

  • None

Key Locations (More will be added)

Çanakkale - A small city in Turkey. Located on the southern coast of the Dardenelles, at the narrowest point. Its opposite, across the strait, is a smaller town by the name of Kilitbahir.

Blue Team Base - Hektor Bahadir’s mansion at the West side of Çanakkale. Located on a fallen Leyline.

Red Team Base - A hotel on the East side of Çanakkale. Located on a fallen Leyline.

Despite it being the worst possible place to doze off at, Malphas decided to do just that. As he slowly lifted himself from reality and into the dreamscape, he saw images of the kingdom he has been promised, the followers he has been guaranteed, and the heavenly visage he has already been bestowed. There were many paths Malphas had began to think of to reach this fully realized dream, however. Perhaps the time he spent waiting for the others was a waste, and he could start it out on his own? Or perhaps the company is welcome in the strange lands?

Who cares? Time to nap!

It was a shame that such a nice rest had to end. Getting struck in the head by a book would have been quite the rude awakening had Malphas dozed off. Instead, he was awake enough to react with an audible "ow!" before examining what has befallen on him. Taking a glance at the book's title as well as a skin of some of its context had answered Malphas's questions, realizing that what he has in his hand is more than what he needs to start his kingdom!

"Thank you, O Goddess! Statues of your feet will grace the halls of my kingdom forevermore!" Malphas proclaimed, kissing the book as he hopped right back up. He was oblivious to the true bearer of this book, much less the sword that might have fallen right next to him. Instead, Malphas cradled the book like a child as he marches forth towards the direction of the mountains.
Acceptances, Round 5. All of the following character sheets are considered accepted, and may be moved into the characters tab as they are currently written in-thread.

HP 550/550 SP 350/350 MP 370/370

Entering Thunderstruck Grove, Lew was quite excited for what was to come. It was the spookiest zones that had the best monster girls, after all. He was also excited in seeing just how these demonic and spiritual monsters are like in this game as well, seeing as the paths he was taking would specialize in dealing with such threats. The atmosphere was definitely a great way to set up the mood. Clutching at his talismans, Lew was overall eager to face off against what the Grove had to offer.

Or at least, he would if Ari didn't go off on her own again without any levels.

"Uhh... Yeah, I'll go after her." Lew offered, turning towards Ari's direction. "I think I have the most solo experience between all of us, so I should be able to protect her if things go sour. Ah, and before I forget..."

Lew procured one of his [Purification Talismans], handing it to Raime.

"Give that to one of the strongest physical fighters in the party, no idea who that is. Should let you guys hit ghosts if you aren't magically inclined. Don't use it at the first ghost you see, though. The talisman's only temporary... and it only works for one person, I think. You'll figure it out."

Without another word, Lew ran off into the direction of the catgirl, entering a Combat Stance to boost his DEX up before procuring an [Attack Talisman]. He wanted to react to whatever would pop up in front of him as swiftly as possible. The more Lew thought about it, however, the more he possibly realized he might have come to this Grove ill-prepared. Maybe he should have brought more [Purification Talismans]... Either way, whatever Ari was going to do, Lew was planning on directing her to the Goldspun Fields, where everyone else garnered their first few levels. Once that was done, he could probably regroup with the rest, maybe with more Talismans in tow.

Acceptances, Round 4. All of the following character sheets are considered accepted, and may be moved into the characters tab as they are currently written in-thread.
This should round out the Servant applications. All that is left is the last half of the Master sheets, and we should have a full cast!

Sorry, I'm currently going through exams at the moment. Will get things up by the end of the week. Definitely going for some sort of Villain role, though!
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