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4 days ago
Current On the lookout for a partner or two for a couple MxM plot ideas. roleplayerguild.com/topics/…
1 mo ago
Everyone in my house is saving up to buy a nice one, but we probably won't get it before this winter ends. Every store here is sold out, and delivery trucks haven't been able to get up the mountain.
1 mo ago
My lower back needs thoughts and prayers with all this damn snow shoveling
1 mo ago
Husband: "Oh my god. Look at the Google search history of this guy who murdered his wife." / Me: "That looks like my search history when my character needs to hide a body." / H: "...Oh my god."
1 mo ago
My city's set to hit 100 inches of snow by the end of next week. The reign of terror needs to end. My nightmares are filled with ice berms and snow shovels.


Personal Profile

Name: Taylor
Pronouns: They/them
Age: Mid 20s
Relationship: Married (happily, I might add)
Time Zone: Arizona (we hate daylight savings, so it's MST year-round)
Writing History: I've been on a number of different roleplaying websites for over a decade and a half
Hobbies: Writing, fitness, driving/exploring, hiking, camping, traveling, tabletop games, anything NEW (I love trying things I've never done before)
Roleplayer Profile

Format: 1x1s only. Maybe I'll try a group RP again someday, but I've never had one last longer than a few months
Posting Speed: Depending on my schedule, I can usually post at least once per week
Favorite Genres: Historical, Romance, Action/Adventure, Horror/Dark, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Dystopian, can be convinced to write some Sci-Fi
Hard 'no's: Fandoms. Sorry, but I can't maintain interest in characters/worlds I didn't build with my partner
Template: Public threads or PMs. I prefer to keep all my RPs in one place, so no emails or G-docs or the like
Rating: Comfortable with 18+ content, but it's not a necessity and I prefer not to center a plot around explicit scenes
Level: Advanced. Will consistently provide around 400-700 words per post, but can occasionally leap to 2000+
Character preference: One main character, but large side casts are greatly enjoyed. Because I write long posts, I prefer not to double
Gender preference: Male. You'll be hard pressed to convince me to play a female that isn't a background character. It's just not my forte
Romantic Relationships: MxF or MxM (currently prefer MxM)
Character Images: Faceclaims or detailed descriptions only. I envision the characters like real people in my mind, so I can't take anime seriously
OOC chat: Yes please! I'm a total extrovert who loves to get to know the amazing minds behind my partners' characters

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Visitor Messages

AHeartlessNobody 2 yrs ago
Yikes! Saw your status! Stay safe with those wild fires getting closer to your area!
Demonic Raven 2 yrs ago
I feel like I know you but I'm not sure how... But you're old guild name seems so familiar. So just in case you're an old friend or partner I'm going to say hello! ^-^
AnnaWinters 2 yrs ago
Take all the time you need :)
AnnaWinters 3 yrs ago
Wow that must be horrible. Though I would rather drive that long and live in such a beautiful place. Belgium is flat.. though I can walk to anything that I need. So that is plus. I just wish I could live close to mountains and forest. But I'm strange like that.
Angel Vicky 3 yrs ago
Merry Spritzmas!
Knight101 4 yrs ago
Love your bio, couldn't agree more with some of them. Cool avatar. ~_^
AHeartlessNobody 7 yrs ago
Did you like....vanish?
MyCatGinger 8 yrs ago
Ayyyyy xD
How cool is this?!
I'm still not sure what this is for but holla!
Dagger 8 yrs ago
Oh hey, a new section :o
*shamelessly leaves self the first VM*
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