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Current wHaT d&d gAmE!!!!!!! You people are driving me insane.
4 hrs ago
Got Milf?
5 hrs ago
A the mythic rare Evil Dm. 0/0 with undying ∞.
5 hrs ago
Le sicc burn.
21 hrs ago
I mean in Genshin you can still grind to get good stuff.
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Welcome Everyone...


Blackmist16's Bio!!!!!

Hello fellow Guild members and random guests and welcome to my bio! I am Blackmist16 and by the looks of it I obviously like Undertale! My favorite character is Papyrus, I also like classic video games like Legend of Zelda, Earthbound, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars!

I have played almost every edition of Dungeons and Dragons, I played Dragon Quest (not the video game), Villains & Vigilantes, Gamma World, Dragon Age the RPG, and Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

At the moment I am active on the Guild during the week in the daytime in the Pacific Coast time zone, I don't run any threads except for one...

There were two before this one that died but I just wanted to spread the shitposting love!

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@Dynamics Also he can never permanently die.
@ReusableSword God that made my day, your a shoulder gecko. Accepted.
@Dynamics I'm excited to see what meeting other characters will be like, for both Alna and Ded.
@NaturalTendency Well basically I'm fine with the ability as it is essentially true to Myconids as a whole, so you can keep it or remove it.
@NaturalTendency Just uh leave the spore thing as a separate ability.
<Snipped quote by Dark Cloud>

It's fine, it's fine. She's Storm, and she'd probably get mad at me calling her a darkloid, since she's "reformed" from it. Though... Now I'm starting to think maybe there's no point to that...

No that's right there is no point to reforming because rules are what holds us back right?
<Snipped quote by Dark Cloud>

You'll probably see soon enough :P

Great, more souls to corrupt.
@Dark Cloud

Assuming that Storm doesn't get her hands on him first, haha.

What do you mean?
@The World@Dynamics

They have very similar goals as well.
@NaturalTendency No problem, your accepted.
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