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Current Canadians can't shoot people who break into their houses. Hasn't stopped us from brutalizing intruders. I remember hearing about one who got dragged out of a house tied from the neck by a belt. :l
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5 hrs ago
Hello? Yes this is the hero of your village...WELL I WAS CLEARING A DUNGEON HOW IS THAT "MURDER"?
1 day ago
Ugh my arm hurts like a motherfucker, time to go take Tylenol and move my arm around.
1 day ago
Lol wasn't like I was say DON'T have a birthday party. Chill out.
3 days ago
Oh I wish just once I had the sense to kick his teeth in.




Welcome fellow basement dwellers, are you here to say cringy catchphrases like 'poggers'? If so, well your finally home you degenerate pieces of filth. Anyways I'll keep it short, I'm twenty-three and straight not mention a member of the male gender. I typically enjoy playing video games, reading books and writing here on the guild. In my spare time I enjoy making custom shitposts for my favorite peeps, I have a profile on the meme generator website called imgflip.

@Potemking a fellow enjoyer of all things Flexseal© related.
@MetalWeight drawer of all things dummy thicc.
@Cu Chulainn my favorite weeb fisherman.
@OddApproved someone to share a cup of tea with.

And me of course...

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@Lurking Krog We have a Fathomless Warlock, and a Lizardfolk Druid
@Lurking Krog So usual point buy of 27 points, or use the Standard Array if you'd like. We start at level 2.
I'm having trouble focusing, I feel like there's a kind of weight pushing down on my temples. Fuck.
@Yam I Am Yeah I just got home after a day of doing errands and I am mentally exhausted, I might need a bit of that leeway at least for tomorrow.
@Lurking Krog Yep I'm cool with that.
The status bar was a mistake but it's a beautiful mistake and I love it because it's fun and I can shitpost like a champ and get like 5 likes and feel accomplished before looking around at the filth pile surrounding me, lit only by the glow of my monitor, sigh, then think of the next way to fill my life with meaning. It's great.

@Fabricant451 What about the story? Is it meh or yeh?
<Snipped quote by Dark Cloud>
DLC for G-Rank is a good thing though, because the MH team has never thought that G-Rank should be in the base game. Starting all the way back in 2005 they have been releasing the G-Rank expansions as completely separate games, full retail price, which continued until Iceborne. If they continued the trend then Sunbreak would be a separate game for full price. I guess some might prefer it that way, since skipping the base game and just buying the G-Rank version saves more money than base+DLC, but the release model they had before was always something I saw the community complain about so they "fixed" it.

I will admit Sunbreak is giving me heavy gothic vibes and it fucking tempts me to concede to my reservations on buying into the DLC.
Alrighty I'll accept one more person then applications will be closed.
Not really a big deal but something to definitely keep in mind for deciding how your character ended up working to defend a caravan along the Sword Coast.
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