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Ahhrrggghhhhh! Can't find a decent game to get immersed in! This place is just making me more grumpy lately...
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Arden didn’t exactly know why, but he already disliked everyone in the room. He had arrived in a timely fashion, not too early but safe from being late and had kept to himself ever since. Taking a seat at the rear corner he ignored those that had come before him just as he did those that arrived after. He knew it wasn’t fair to judge them, but he couldn’t help it anyway.

Perhaps it was the noise of this place that soured his mood, too busy, too much to block out. Or maybe it was because the resentment he still carried for this whole situation. The somewhat gentle persuasion he recently endured that had coerced, no, forced him to be here.
Still reeling from that manipulation, Arinne’s entrance and attitude did little to lighten his mood. Yup, still hated everyone here. But amongst all his displeasure grew a faint curiosity.
The silver haired servant or assistant who followed closely behind the child sent new vibrations rumbling through the room, her teeth loudly cutting into the treat as crumbs of the jammy dodger fell away like boulders in an avalanche. Her nervousness was like a deep undertone resonating beneath all the other sounds, but none of that was unusual. Yet there was something there that sounded ‘different’.

As Arinne talked Arden turned his focus away from his curiosities and dulled his senses so he could pay attention.
Of course he knew why he was here, but he sure as hell wasn’t about to blurt out something as stupid as the last person did and draw attention to himself, especially when the question appeared rhetorical.
He just sunk further into his chair, trying to shrink away as he remained silent while conversation filled the room. How he wished he had his headphones here so he could just block it all out and disappear.

The sooner this was over the better, he thought to himself.
Possibly interested in this, will keep watching.

In Goblins 10 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I’m open for interaction if anyone wants to walk past in the forest otherwise I can come back to the village and bump into someone. Got some ideas to make stuff happen :D

Just let me know.
In Goblins 10 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
This is really cool 😎 —-> The slayers guide to hobgoblins [/url] by mongoose publishing. There is a goblin one too but I can’t find a link or file.

Good read. Angry hateful creatures. My brain is stirring with ideas for a goblinoid warband game where players take control of little ‘factions’ or ‘families’ within the tribe and try to grow to dominance by slavery, recruitment, breeding, general survival all whilst trying to earn favour of the chieftain and gods. There will be losses as your numbers rise and fall.

🤔 gotta start working on a system.
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GoodNight to all those who it applies to!
I just finished lunch :D
In Goblins 10 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

It was looking to be a good day. The steady sun piercing the forests rooftop warming the earth below. The trees swaying gently in the cool breeze, dancing to the soft symphonic rhythm of nature and all the creatures within. A content lizard, swollen with the day’s abundance, basked on a low rock whilst still casually chewing on its earlier catch. Some form of insect legs still sticking out of its lazy mouth twitching sporadically.

Behind the concealment and shadows of the heavy leafy green foliage and mottled shrubbery nearby a thin white line appeared as if magically out of nowhere. The pressed row of brilliant sharp pointy teeth quickly grew into a wide sinter grin of excitement.


Suddenly betrayed by his stomach Gahji leapt out of the bushes in an anxious ruffling explosion as he pounced down heavily onto the slow reptile.

No sooner had he caught the creature unaware, he raised it up in his claw like hands and brought it to his still eagerly smiling drool filled mouth. His pointy teeth quickly sunk deep and viscously into its flesh as he bit down into its neck, with a sharp tug and a loud wet ’squelch’ it’s still twitching body was separated from the insect filled head.


Gahji proceeded to sit in the sun upon the warm rock and pick the creature dry, save for a few bones he deemed possibly useful as tools or decoration. Those he slid into a small pouch crudely sown into his loincloth. Yes, this was looking to be a good day. With a full belly he picked up his new favourite pointy stick, procured early that morning, and went back to his hiding spot within the nearby dense shrubbery to rest and digest.

Sure the warriors and hunters had probably returned to the camp by now with the spoils from their hunt. Most likely the juicy meat from some large beast or unlucky traveller was getting placed onto the sacred fire right now. While Gahji loved the meat as much as any other, being smaller and scrawnier than most others of his years and his lack of ‘friends’ meant he often only got the pick of scraps, if he was lucky. Otherwise he was forced to fight the worgs for the left over bones.

No, he did not miss that part at all. He did however, as he fell into slumber, fantasise over the possible shrilling screams that would come should they have brought back a still living humanoid. A rare but delicious religious experience indeed.
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Gahji & Bhatu


9 & 13

Gahji is a bit unlike the others of his tribe. Sure he is a little shorter than average but it’s not that, nor is it the fact that he was birthed in the cold muds of the worg pen and accidentally left there, (these things happen) but it’s because he not only stayed out there for many nights but he also survived.

Despite being viscous predators a worg mother has quite a nurturing side. One good enough to sustain a goblin infant. It was days before Gahji was found and by then him and Bhatu had already formed quite the bond. Because of this connection Gahji spends most his time with the animals and looks up to the worg pack leaders more so than he does some of the tribal warriors who pass off their sheer luck as valiant skill. He is less interested in and driven by the pursuit of fame and honour that comes with being a notorious warrior and is more content on just getting by, playing, exploring and fishing.

Gahji is consider peculiar or dumb by his peers (which greatly hinders his breeding chances) but that’s simply because they don’t understand him. Spending so much time with the animals has left his social skills lacking behind his years. Still, he is a curious thinker and one who is interested in the wider world. He lacks some of the greed associated to his kind but has a temper as strong as any other, with an animalistic malice and thirst for vengeance to top it off.

If worgs are no good I’d be happy to have a wolf or wild dog instead.
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I’ve got a post ready if you want me to go first?
In Goblins 10 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Set the tone and expectations, provide opportunities for interaction and activities. Or is this open sandbox?
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