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._. I do.
Every main story post from me begins a new round (unless otherwise noted). So yes, everyone is free to post again.

Speaking of which, could you two PM me the details of your upcoming duel? I'd like to help plan for it.


It would be good idea. Though its up to you.

Yes, us strange foreigners. >->
Rage still boiling over Nebel had half the mind to reach over and strike his kinsmen, but tradition forbid such action. In his head he was going over the many ways to make this Knight talk and explain why he donned this armor. Still his rational mind was telling him to back down because it seemed business just walked in and his Kinsmen could wait, at least for now. With one good yank of his arm the Hunting knife came free with a metallic twang. Putting it away back in its home behind his old coat the Hexer placed his blade down infront of him and remained standing.

At this point it seemed his host, or rather hosts decided to grace them with their presence. Turning his head to look in the direction of the speakers he felt his rage slowly simmer down along with his breathing, the only sign he was calming down. Unseen his left eye twitched as he heard where this creature now called him, his old him. Perhaps they exhausted the old Hexes that protected the keep, or they were never set. Either way a chance to go home and rid it of the Corruption that now infests it isn't something he is going to give up lightly.

"Ich werde diese Korruption bekämpfen." Nebel's cold voice speaks out. "I vill go. You vetter pay."

Perhaps speaking common wasn't his strong suit, with how angry his normal speech is but this drives home his point. He will fight for his home, but the extra money won't hurt.

Turning to Knight Nebel gives his straight dead expression. "Mein Grund hält mich jetzt in Schach, aber wir werden draußen ziviler reden." He points outside before turning back to the hosts and humming the old Ispar Hunting Lullaby.
Be best if we all got into a chat. (Steam or Discord perhaps) Talk there, it might make things easier.
So we are free to post again? Or should me and Lumiere wait a cool down?
@Rhiven Knight

IDK, I was kinda expecting ya to post like ya said.

Maybe, maybe not '>.>
Those are some strong chickens.
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