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Current After...eight months, I think? Of watching almost nothing but One Piece, I finally made it to the Wano arc. Just another 161 episodes until I'm caught up!
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3 mos ago
Welp. That was a day
3 mos ago
Welp. It's my birthday
3 mos ago
Andrew Tate getting himself arrested isn't what I expected the year to end with, but I'm all here for it
3 mos ago
Merry Christmas, everyone!


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Vincent's mind would mostly involve fantasies of him taking on armys or petting dogs

Vincent barked out a laugh at Eli's playful barb and held his hand out of the window, with which he extended a certain finger in his general direction. He pulled his arm back into the truck then, to Lucy, he grinned and said, "I'm Vincent. Pretty much the designated mechanic around here.. You could say I've got a way with this old girl. As for funnel cake..."

He thought for a moment before continuing, "It's basically deep-fried ropes of batter, usually with powdered sugar sprinkled on it or whatever else you wanna use. Fairs and theme parks usually keep it pretty simple, though. God, now I could go for some funnel cake with chocolate and strawberries. Not knocking fairground funnel cake, but next time I get a hold of some batter, I'll show you guys what good funnel cake tastes like."

As his mouth watered at the thought of the deep-fried goodness, a song began to play on the radio that Vincent liked, so he turned the volume up a bit higher. He hadn't been traveling with this group very long, having mostly wandered on his own for a little over half of his life, but it was something he had gotten used to by that point. It was nice having people to banter and joke with. More than that, though, it was nice knowing there were people at his back when things got rough. Sure, he didn't know much about any of them and that was fine, given that he had things he'd rather not talk about, himself, and as far as he was concerned, you didn't need to know someone's life story to trust them.
I thought we only had the one truck, so Vincent was addressing Lucy lol
To anyone who may have read my post, already, I made a slight edit

"Oh, come on, this old girl's gotten me out of too many scrapes to just abandon her," Vincent said as he patted his door again. "I've got the skills to keep her running for a while longer. Now, as for evil clowns, on the other hand, I'm kinda hoping for something like that." He grinned and single-handedly cracked the knuckles of his left hand as he added, "Been way too long since I was able to cut loose. Gotta make sure I don't get rusty."

As he finished speaking, the truck shimmered as Bai cast an illusion over the vehicle, turning giving it the form of a construction truck, the logo of which featured a kitten for some strange reason. He shrugged, having never been one to fret over little things like that. Sure, it wasn't his first choice of design, but since Bai was the only one who could disguise the truck, he felt it was only fair she decided on how it looked. He flipped his sunglasses back down onto his face, brought the truck into the next gear, and added, "Oh, they better have funnel cake or else it's not a park worth going to. That and those rigged booth games. Sure, I end up wasting all my cash on them because there's no way in hell I'm letting those cheats get the best of me, but a theme park not having one of those just doesn't sound right."

After a few moments, Vincent asked, "So, new girl, what's your name?"
Ah, he's alright. Vincent thrives on chaos lol
Oh, wow, I'm gone for a few hours and I've got catching up to do! I'll post soon as I get home!
Vincent Ryder

Vincent sat in the driver's seat, his left arm hanging out of the open window as he tapped the door to the time of the heavy metal playing over the radio. As the driver this time around, he had full control of the radio and he always took full advantage of it. His usual overcoat sat bundled on the front seat next to him, between himself and whoever was sitting next to him. The fact that neither he nor any of his friends had any set destination was another boon, as his sense of direction wasn't exactly...present. When he noticed the sign they were approaching, offering them two choices between where to go, he pulled off to the side of the road and pushed his sunglasses to the top of his head. He had heard vague rumblings about both towns, moreso Eureka City, so he had a rough idea of waited for himself and his friends. "Let's see; we could go to Jackrabbit. Might be something there, but all we'll probably do is waste time looking at empty buildings. Or..."

He glanced in the opposite direction. "We could go to Eureka. Theme parks are always worth going to." Despite putting on the show of thinking, he had already made his decision. He pressed down on the gas...and the truck didn't move. Swearing under his breath, he turned the key. The engine tried to turn over and finally did on the second attempt. He pulled out of park and, with a smirk, shouted so the people in the bed of the truck could hear, "Alright, kids, you've all been good, so I'm making the executive decision to go visit some theme parks! Next stop, Eureka!"
I'll get a post up in a little while!
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