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Current roleplayerguild.com/topics/… We're back
2 yrs ago
Who you gonna call reborn? Ghost Busters!
3 yrs ago
We should make a rp where we look for Guild News like Guild Quest or smth
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3 yrs ago
@TheGhostNote sorry pal! There wont be any bullying on this bar! I could take you, easy.
3 yrs ago
Jones report The Ghost Note his esoteric idiosyncrasies must come to a fucking end.


High tech, Low life... That is cyberpunk.

Greetings reader, my name is Dead Drop. I'm an avid roleplayer I'm between Casual and Advanced in skill level. I'm interested in roleplays that have a cyberpunk theme or sci fi theme. I'm also interested in military roleplay, fallout/ post apoc and some others I'll probably make a list for later. I'll try to expand this bio as my time here lengthens.

Haha my bio is so outdated.
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