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Been writing for years. Waiting for the day that I get "good" at it.

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I'm still around. I really don't care how slowly this moves. I can put a post in every couple months for years if that;s how it goes.
Let us know when you come back.
Basic Information

Name: David Buhr
Age: 28
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: German Descent
Sex: Male
Height: 6’ 0” (1.82m)
Weight: 175lbs (80kg)
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Chestnut Brown
Physical Disabilities: None
Physical Identifiers
  • Beard
  • Rough, calloused hands
  • Light birthmark under his left eye
  • Wears a chain around his neck with a set of wedding rings

Appearance: David is a man of slightly larger than average build. His affinity for junk food is majorly offset by the physical requirements of his blue-collar job. His brown hair is thick and would be quite wavy if he were ever to let it grow out. The rest of his body is also covered in a generous amount of hair. He has a round, button nose, square jaw line, and tall forehead. His teeth have been well cared for. His hands are rough and a bit dark around the fingertips. Finally, David is without tattoos or piercings.

Extended Information

Residence: Arlington (Northern Outskirts of Seattle Washington)
Profession: Tire-Factory Laborer
Aligned Faction: None yet
  • Mark Buhr: Father (52), status; deceased
  • Rachel Buhr: Mother (49), status; deceased
  • Kelly Buhr: Sister (26), status; unknown

Starting Gear:

Weapons: Sheathed and Holstered
Carried Storage: Light Brown Trail Pack
  • Box of 36 10.16mm rounds
  • Water bottle (With a filter/pump attachment)
  • Small propane camping stove
  • 3 cup tin cooking pot with 1 set eating utensils
  • Canteen half-filled with stove oil
  • 1 person tent
  • 1 Sleeping bag & foam roll
  • First-aid kit (Includes 6 quick-heal patches in various sizes)
  • Compass/Binoculars
  • Wrinkled map of Seattle
  • Spare pair of jeans & long-sleeve shirt
  • 3 Days dry food ration
  • Rain poncho
  • 1 Spare lighter
  • 2 Walkie-Talkies (Need 9volt batteries)
  • Toothbrush/Bar Soap/Wash Cloth
  • 25’ Rope (7.5m)
  • 3.5 packs of cigarettes
  • A handful of photographs
  • Travel sewing kit
  • Hand crank flashlight

  • Lighter
  • Utility knife
  • Pill bottle with 8 10.16mm rounds
  • Pen/Chalk
  • Leather wallet containing an ID, 1 Photo of “Kelly”, and 1 Photo of “Lisa”

  • Stamina: David is used to hard labor that lasts all day, every day. On the upper margins of average size, a brigand might seek out an easier target.
  • Basic Survival: David’s father often took him on extended back-packing trips into the mountains. During this time, David learned some survival and sustenance techniques.
  • Universal Donor: David has an 0- blood type.

  • Wisdom: David is good at recognizing when his opinion is required and when it is not. If he cannot reconcile himself with a friend, he will distance himself rather than fight it out. This has kept him out of trouble and many unnecessary disputes.
  • Clean-Cut: David has lived life on the straight and narrow. Some may say that he is a bit boring. Still, this has lead to a remarkable lack of baggage.

Other Disabilities:
  • Hermit: After losing his fiance to a nasty break-up, David has spent the past several years as a relative recluse (much to his mother’s dismay). With no strong emotional relationships outside of his family and best friend, David has a hard time connecting with others.
@Aeonumbra Sorry, I just get used to military time for work. Also I find it the preferred method of telling time in many other countries. I'll use standard time for now.
Also yes, I can be available from 10 to 3:15, my time. My apologies if I run a bit fashionably late.

Just to be clear, I will have to be gone by 1:15pm, your time (1315 in millitary time). ;)
Yes! Okay, so would you like to move this conversation over to PM? Also, how do you prefer to do collabs? PM, Titan Pad, Instant Messenger?
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