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My irl name is Becca, but I usually just go by Destiny. I am a 25-year-old bisexual woman from the USA who has been roleplaying since 2007. I got my start on a Kingdom Hearts fan-forum, and now here I am! My roleplaying interests include slice-of-life, romance, drama, fantasy, and anime fandom. Did I mention I am a HUGE otaku? :D

I write at a high-casual/advanced level as far as the amount of content I write per-post, but I'm not into flowery language most of the time. My writing is very simple, with a lot of the focus being on the characters and how their thoughts and feelings are developing. Realism is the name of my game! This stems from the fact that, when I am not roleplaying or slaving away for a large technology conglomerate at my day job, I am working on plays and films as a professional actress. With this being my passion, it's quite literally my job to pick apart each character's brain to find the motivation behind their words and actions. I'm just saying, that kind of obsession shows in my writing.

For my partners, I mostly do 1x1 RPs unless a group really catches my eye. I expect 2-3 paragraphs per post and prefer those who can respond at least once a day. Original stories catch my eye more than fandoms, but I don't rule anything out until I've tried it- trust me, if something's not working I'll let you know. I do not write smut, but if it is story-driven I will consider 18+. I'm really not picky; these are just guidelines for how to *guarantee* I will love our RP! I've been surprised before!

A fair warning in advance: I'm also a little crazy. I am diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression, so if I am feeling off I may just stop responding. My mental health does come first. Rest assured, I will pick up the pieces and clear my head enough to reply soon. I use my writing as an outlet, so I can never stay away more than a couple of days. That being said, my Guild partners are my family. Y'all have helped me through the worst times of my life and continue to remind me why I'm still alive on this Earth. So just know that I am here to do the same for any of you, even if we've just met. :)

Anywho, if this sounds like your thing then shoot me a PM! I swear I'm friendly, albeit a little strange, and I don't bite (hard)!

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Her gaze drifted over to Minkyu first, then to the older gentleman, and then to the young man crouching on the floor as they respectively took their own turns replying to her awkward greeting. It was a relief that they actually replied, but so much seemed to be going on that she wasn't really sure where to direct her attention. Mari could hear voices in the back - were there more people here? Amelia confirmed that when she walked out of the back room with another person, the only other one not in uniform aside from herself. Who should she talk to? Was she supposed to clock in or report somewhere or what? Nervously, she shifted her weight and rubbed her arm. Slight tears pricked at her eyes. This was a bad idea... I already look like such an idiot...

She let out a bit of a squeak as she heard the door open directly behind her and scrambled to move out of the way. "S-S-Sorry!" Her voice was high-pitched and frantic as she apologized to the newcomer, instantly recognizing them as a customer. Was she late? Shoot! And on her first day! This really was not going well at all, and her heart was going to beat out of her chest... Minkyu came to her rescue, offering her sweets, but even more so giving her a place to direect her attention. Feeling a bit defeated already, she walked up to him, timidly. "W-Wow... These look so c-cute..." Desserts really were her favorite. Rebekah had made these? Who was Rebekah? Her gaze drifted to the blonde girl standing nearby. For her being late, no one seemed to be in a rush...

Looking back to Minkyu, she stood up straight with her cheeks flushed even redder. He was probably the nicest one here, and he had pushed so hard for her to get this job... but he was her boss. She had to be respectful and professional and do her very best! Despite how quiet he was, though, the idea of his authority made her even more nervous. "H-How are y-y-you today, s-sir...?" Was that too formal? Oh god, this was embarassing. Her head was still reeling.
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It took awhile for Mari to arrive at the shop, as she lived rather far away and didn't drive. Two subway rides and an hour later, she arrived at the beautiful front door. Her nerves really got the best of her on the way over. What if she messed something up? Would they fire her on her first day? What if they didn't get along? She really wanted to make a good first impression, but her stomach was already beginning to hurt from all of the worrying. Her mother's words popped into her mind for a brief moment before she shook her head to get rid of them. No, this was something she wanted to do. There was no going back, now. Everyone had seemed so nice before, and all she could do was her best... Whatever happened, happened. Right? With these thoughts bolstering her confidence ever-so-slightly, she inhaled deeply and gathered the courage to pull the door open and enter.

It was with great care that she made sure not to trip over the entryway, this time, but what she walked into was less than expected. So many people were already there... and talking very loudly. It was so jarring to be in that sort of environment so early in the morning. Blinking, she shuffled just a little bit forward. Amelia was nowhere to be seen... Should she just say hello? She needed to get a uniform, too. Her cheeks flushed bright red. Just talk to someone... Anyone! Wasn't the best thing to look like you belonged there? What was she supposed to say?

Mari could already feel the gazes on her, and she shrunk back just a little. Obviously, if she didn't introduce herself they would think she was just some customer...! They wouldn't know that she worked here, would they? Feeling a bit flustered, already, she glanced around nervously before suddenly bowing very deeply. "G... G... G-G-Good morning, e-e-everyone!" They would not be able to tell from where she stood with her face toward the ground, but her expression was one of horror as she realized how unintentionally loud she had been. If she couldn't talk to one of them, best to say hello all at once, right? Still, now all eyes were on her, and she didn't know what to do! Standing back up straight, she looked like a red-faced deer in the headlights. I'm so stupid...
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In the morning, Mari was up bright and early. She had tossed and turned throughout the night, too excited to sleep because of this new adventure she was about have. Today she had her first shift at her very first job! It was all so incredibly exciting. And nerve-wracking. Would they like her? Would she be able to do a good job? What if she tripped, again? As her alarm chimed, the young girl allowed these worries to swirl within her mind. Surely things would go well! Her mother and father were worried, too, but she was determined to prove that she was good at more than just school! Once she had turned off the alarm, she stretched and rose from her bed. The rest of her family were late to rise, so she snuck through the dark of the early hours to brush her teeth, shower, and dress herself in a comfortable blue sweater and jeans. Her hair became wavy as it dried, and once she had styled it she was sure to place a cute, blue bow in her hair. Simple makeup was done and soon enough, she was ready to start her day!

You can do this... Just smile, be polite, and do your very best! As she went to go prepare a quick breakfast, she found her mother actually awake with a plate of eggs and bacon prepared. It was surprising, to say the least. "I wanted to make sure you didn't forget to eat on your first day. Having a job is a big responsibility, Mar... Are you sure you still want to do this?" Her hand placed gently on her daughter's back, Mari could feel the worry her mother felt. This was the first time their only child would be doing something on her own, after all. They knew how nervous Mari was, and how clumsy. They loved her, but they didn't believe in her abilities at all. Not yet, anyway. She would show them! "I'll be fine," She replied, finishing the meal and going to wash her plate. That was all she said before going to leave, but before she did she paused and went back to hug her mother. "I'll make you proud!" Before her mother could reply, she darted out the door and on to her new journey.
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