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@Omega Man

Name: Orgaan

Codename: none

Age: 28

Home: None. Orgaan hails from the Exsules, a nomadic tribe of deep sea raiders.

Powers/Abilities: Orgaan's people possess a number of strengths and flaws as a result of their physiology and upbringing:
  • Physique ~ The strength, durability, and stamina of the Exsules is known in many parts of the oceans. They're toughness is particularly well known as they are among the few that are able and willing to brave the deepest and darkest depths of the sea where even other merpeople dare not venture to.
  • Warriors ~ The Exsules are a warrior people, trained from birth to fight and survive the harsh mistress of the deep sea. They excel in battle, and their upbringing has given them a lust for strength and battle that is quite infamous. According to some legends, the Exsules are said to grow stronger and wilder the closer they are to death.
  • Predator Form ~ A unique sort of transformation that an Exsilium can take if a situation is desperate enough. Their muscles almost double in size, and their already formidable strength is enhanced even further. Their attacks become far more wild and savage, and if left uncheck they can fly into an uncontrolled bloodlust akin to a school of sharks during a feeding frenzy.

Weaknesses: Though formidable warriors and valuable as allies, the Exsules are not without their issues. Their warrior culture combined with their upbringing as raiders makes most of them likened to deep sea pirates. Many of them roam in small packs or raiding parties willing to prey on any that look like worthwhile targets. They are also very proud, most of them refuse aid from any source or insist on fighting all their battles alone. The Predator Form only accentuates the flaws, as an Exsilium in Predator Form loses almost all ability to reason and must usually calm themselves down after some time or be subdued by their own allies before they can become a liability.

Equipment: Orgaan doesn't own any weapons of his own, but he and his kind are generally well-taught in using most any kind of Atlantean weapons, or really any weapons that they obtain for themselves.

Experience: 2 years

Reason For Joining: After being spared by Aquaman despite challenging him to a deathmatch, Orgaan swore a life debt to the King, declaring that such was the only way his pride would let him continue living.


BRIEF Bio: Orgaan grew up in one of the many Exsules parties. For most of his life, Orgaan followed the ways of his people, raiding along with his kinsmen and constantly training himself against his father, the party's chief. Until one fateful day, the raiding party attacked an Atlantean convoy that happened to be guarded by Aquaman himself. A brash young warrior, Orgaan challenged the former King of Atlantis to a deathmatch without a second thought. The Exsilium was defeated handily, but Aquaman was not one to kill needlessly. He spared the Exsilium, but Orgaan's father decreed that his son was to be considered dead regardless, disowning him on the spot for suffering defeat. With no more family or kinfolk, Orgaan knew of only one way to satisfy his warrior's pride. He swore a life debt to Aquaman, and has fought for the King ever since.

Yang Wuxin
Earthling Human
PL: 910
Time/Date: Day 1, Morning
Location: Waiting Area and Ring
Tagging: @Holy Soldier

The trumpets called Yang out of his meditation. It was time, the Tournament was about to start. Before he knew it, Yang found himself surrounded by competitors in the Waiting Area. Each and every one likely the best in their particular field of fighting, and each one would have to be obstacles for him to overcome if he was to push himself through the bracket. That suited Yang just fine, nothing like a gauntlet of matches to really test one's stamina and endurance, or creativity if they were forced to use up their trump cards early on by worthy opponents. It was as if the Tournament itself was in its own way a form of training for Yang to take part in, and the young man would be liar if he claimed didn't relish the thought of that prospect.

A girl and her band took to the ring first, treating the audience to an introductory song to kick off the tournament events. A song about being called by destiny, seemed an almost auspicious choice. Then again, a Tournament of this caliber held only once every three years perhaps warranted such a grandiose choice of songs to sound its beginning. When the song ended, the bracket was officially announced for all to see and Yang was quick to spot his own name and the name of his first opponent, a woman named Trish. Well, he hadn't heard her say or do anything throughout the waiting time unlike that Sheeban woman so perhaps she would be a more respectable sort? One could only hope.

At once the competitors were led off to the secondary rings for their preliminary matches. It was at his designated ring that Yang finally came face to face with the woman named Trish. A good-mannered martial artist, Yang approached his opponent peacefully and offered a bow of greeting, "Seems we'll fighting first. Best of luck to you." Just because Yang was here to fight and perhaps even win, that didn't mean he had to go around being a jerk about it after all. No matter who his opponents were, they at least deserved the common courtesy of good sportsmanship and a proper introduction, "I am Yang of the Crane School, and I thank you for the honor of this fight!"
Yang Wuxin
Earthling Human
PL: 910
Time/Date: Day 1, Morning
Location: Waiting Area
Tagging: None

Yang started to sigh at first. He wasn't interested in conversing with the two women, but at the same time he was probably too polite to actually refuse them. Thankfully, the choice was taken out his hands when a third woman stormed into the Waiting Area. She bellowed about her imminent victory and carried on with her show-boating. Combined with the woman in the hat suddenly bickering with the second woman, Yang no longer had any need to take part in the conversation. That suited him just fine, and he carried on with his meditation.

With his meditation, Yang attempted an uncommon practice known as Image Training. While meditating, a martial artist could potentially project a vivid image of themselves in their own mind. A pair who could meditate on the same wavelength could even spar against each other within their own minds, but as Yang was alone he settled for exercises and kata training. Within his own mind, he was at the bank of a river at the base of a mighty waterfall. The sound of the crashing waters was vivid in Yang's mind, and his image self stood on the shore, performing the usual warm-up exorcises before going into full katas. His hands and feet struck the air at blinding speeds, as punches or chops or forceful kicks. The katas grew more intense until Yang suddenly ended by swinging his arm in a chop aimed at the direction of the waterfall in the distance. The strike was so forceful, so laden with Ki that it seemed to split the waterfall down the middle, but only temporarily as moments later the two streams fused back together into one.

Yang wasn't completely unaware of his physical surroundings during all of this. He was instinctively able to sense the arrival of a handful of others, including a particularly interesting fighter that went into a meditation of their own. Yang wondered if the Pterodactyl was also familiar with Image Training, but chose not to ask in order to avoid breaking the focus of his meditation. But it would only be normal meditation, as Image Training often came with the caveat of being mentally exhausting and Yang didn't want to overdo it before the tournament could even begin.
@CommanderCool@Double@Zero HexLet me know if you are okay with PVP or prefer to be solely PVE.

I'm fine as long we're all clear on the PvP rules.
My bio will be up a little later today. Trying to come up with a vegetable related name when you already sucks with names is harder than I gave it credit for and took a lot of time xD

Parsnip? Okra? Celery? Kaisō (seaweed)? Pea? Pinto? Any of these helping? I'll give you a secret, I've used two of those suggestions for my own Saiyan characters in the past.
Yang Wuxin
Earthling Human
PL: 910
Time/Date: Day 1, Morning
Location: Waiting Area
Tagging: @CommanderCool, @Lauder

Registration went smoothly, the only thing Yang needed to offer was his name and after a quick search to ensure he wasn't armed, he was given a pass to grant him entry into the Waiting Area. He didn't have to use it right away, the staff had explained, he could get a meal or look around the outer grounds if he desired so long as he was in the Waiting Area in time for the opening ceremony. But Yang headed directly to the Waiting Area, having no real desire to play the tourist. He was here to fight, and nothing else would distract him.

In the waiting area itself, Yang found there was barely any participants present. Perhaps he was early, then? It didn't matter, Yang's eyes stared in the direction of the conversing women. Well, one was clearly a woman, the other was less obvious. Neither looked like martial artists to him, but Yang was taught long ago to never trust in outer appearances. Underestimating or even overestimating an opponent based on their appearance was always the first step to one's ultimate downfall. He raised a hand, offering a small wave of acknowledgement before going on his way. Yang wasn't a conversationalist, and talking wasn't the reason he came all this way.

The fighter found a corner nearby and planted himself there, sitting cross-legged on the floor in what clearly looked like some form of meditation. He'd heard participants liked to show off in this room, but he personally found that to be rather foolish. Showing your future opponents what you could do before you even stepped in the ring was the easiest way to broadcast to everyone what your weaknesses were. Besides, Yang didn't come to this Tournament to show off or impress anyone. In fact, he couldn't give two figs about the title or even the prize money either. There was only one person here that Yang cared about surpassing... and that was himself.
@DoubleExplain all techniques regardless. I don't like lazy CSes.

Fair enough, CS is updated, hopefully to your liking.

@Holy Soldier It looked like you could use a classic Earthling fighter for this roster, so I am here to provide. I can add explanations for the Afterimage and Dodonpa if you like, but I thought the two techniques are well known enough that it would be unnecessary.
Yeah the color thing is really just my preference more than anything. I didn't mention Justimon because I'd rather avoid being too similar to an existing character like Ryo.
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