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Current TFW: Your favourite RP hasn't replied yet so you don't feel like posting on any of 'em.


All you need to know is that 100% of my RPs contain dragons in some form or fashion.

Current RPs: Updated 10/20/19

1. Tides Afire - Epic Medieval/Victorian High-Fantasy Adventure. Magic, Monsters, Pirates, Dragons, gunpowder. Multi-generational. Currently in its 13th year real-time. Primary throuple FxFxM (human x half-dragon x tiefling).

2. A Dragon's Treasure - High-fantasy adventure/romance. Humans and anthros. Primarily FxF MxTM FxNB/Trans, multiple main pairs. 3 years running.

3. Forging Future - High fantasy MxF erotica, political intrigue, demons. Humans and shapeshifters.

4. The Fickle Road - Medieval low-fantasy adventure. MxNB. Humans and elves.

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DeadDrop - Superhero RP
AngelBites15 - TMNT - MBverse


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This is the best part, where Odin bitches about me "making assumptions" and then assumes he knows not only my gender but my spouse's gender also. Golden. Hypocrisy at it's finest!
I don't think Odin gets "triggered". I think he likes to debate things.

You mean "dictate" things. Because those are the same.

Edit: Well, as much as I love this debate, no one has actually given a reason why selecting a partner strictly on gender isn't either sexist or at least the mark of a poor RPer or some kind of suspect motives.

Thanks, @DeadDrop for starting a lovely debate. It was nice. But now I get to go walk my new puppy!

Bye everyone!


No, unless you feel personally attacked. I think we triggered Odin. XD
So I'd see it more as a pre-warning about who these people really are.

At the end of the day, this is the real point. It does say a lot about who those people really are, and if this thread is any indication then I think it's really telling that those people don't like to be called out. You kind of proved my point for me, actually.

And please, I never said I wanted or intended to dictate how this forum handles RP or what the forum rules are. In fact, I have said the opposite several times, in case you missed it. This thread is long and I know it's probably hard to keep up but you're going over things that have already been said by others.

Also, without actually linking you to the women's shelter I donate to and volunteer at in my hometown, let me just say that it's a proven fact that jealousy and restricting a person from who they talk to online is a huge indication of a partner that is likely to end up becoming even more controlling and violent in the future and my recommendation will ALWAYS be for someone to leave a person like that because jealousy doesn't go away. But this is a separate issue and I spend a good deal of time in real life working with domestic abuse survivors, so feel free to PM me if you want to talk about that. <3
<Snipped quote by Drache>

I didn't say it was smart, but there's nothing wrong with it. The fact that the site is broken into sections based on writing skill already proves that you can and should discriminate with who you roleplay with.

Sorry but discriminating someone because their writing style doesn't match yours is not even close to the same as discriminating based one gender and nothing you say is going to change that.

Still waiting for an actual reason. Probably be waiting forever.

<Snipped quote by Drache>

Nobody has any obligation, neither morally nor legally, to associate with anyone else. I have no obligation to like everyone, you have no obligation to interact with everyone, the guy down the street has no obligation to talk to everyone. It's not sexist, its an observation. People can, and will, do what they want.

Once again, I'm not saying people CAN'T, I'm saying they SHOULDN'T.

Please explain to me how putting "I lack confidence in my sexuality so I only want to RP with girls" actually guarantees that all your partners will be girls. You can't claim that this is a method of reducing your obligation when you can't actually stop dudes from messaging you and pretending they are girls. It doesn't work like that, friend.
<Snipped quote by Drache>

Doesn't mean certain folks won't try, and even come close to success on the romantic part. Haven't heard any success stories. Have heard of ongoing romances on the guild based on 1x1 threads.

And you don't see anything creepy with using RP to bait people into relationships? I mean, there's absolutely no problem with forming a genuine relationship with your partner. I met my spouse on a RP forum 15 years ago and we've been living together ever since and still RP almost daily, but we didn't find each other's genders out until 6 months into the RP.

This kind of bait-and-switch that you're suggesting is really fucked up.
@Inkarnate Same deal.

Then you're being sexist. I guess that's okay.

I think in that case instead of discriminating against others the adult and responsible thing to do would be to just not RP smut at all. To be honest, the fact that people are getting MORE bent out of shape about being gender-selective for smut RPs is actually proof to my point that there is something very skeevy and creepy about it. It goes right back to the "treating RPs as a dating service" thing. People should be able to RP with someone without conflating the IC and OOC relationships. The fact that some people can't is a problem. It leads to drama and worse. Sexism is the obvious main issue here, but even if it's not sexism exactly, it's still problematic. If you're playing your male character as being balls-deep in a female character and the RP is going well, why should it ruin it for anyone to find out that your partner is a guy instead of a girl? There is literally no logical or reasonable excuse for being uncomfortable. You're never going to be in a romantic or sexual relationship with your RP partner.

The real question here is "can we all be adults" and the answer I am getting is "no, no we can't."
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