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Alana nodded, but then fell silent for most of the rest of the trip up, so they could concentrate on both staying alert and keeping their lungs full of air in case they really had to start moving for some reason. As they got to the floor and moved into the hall, she turned and followed Ashley backwards down the hall so that nothing would surprise them. She did peek over the woman's shoulder as she pushed the apartment door open, though, and frowned. "Shit... I'm sorry..." she murmured, reaching over to pat her shoulder gently, "Think there's a chance they missed whatever it is you're looking for?"
Just wanted to say that when you have this open again, I am definitely interested. Deciding that - super easy. Now the hard part; deciding on a character, because there are so many possibilities that would be fun.
Hello! I'm definitely interested. I don't have a plot in mind, but I'd be up for figuring something out together. I was wondering, in terms of post length, is your writing sample above about what you'd be looking for? It's a bit more than I'm used to writing on average, but I'd like to give it a shot, and have been wanting to work on that anyway. Let me know.
( No worries :) )

Alana was just a few steps behind Ashley as she opened the stairwell door, and she took a look up. It seemed clear, for the moment, but there was really only so much that could be seen in the small gap that was left open all the way up to the top floor through the center of the staircase. She was grateful for the bit of a distraction that the possibility of small talk provided. "Oh, um... Right about four years now including all the training..." she replied, "Got into it when I was a couple years out of high school. What about you - the clothing store, is that la full time thing, or do you do something else too?"
"You're welcome," Alana replied quickly to her thanks, rather wanting to get this over with as quickly as she could. Whatever might be going on in the building, she imagined the streets would be getting more dangerous by the minute, and that's where they'd have to be going after this. "Don't worry worry, I'm used to stairs, I work for the Fire..." she began, but trailed off as she followed Ashley into the lobby, and caught sight of the streaks of blood leading to the elevator. It was like something out of a horror movie - a thought she quickly pushed out of her mind as she raised the U-lock she was holding so it was at the ready. It definitely wasn't a traditional weapon by any means, but she figured that given the heft of it, a good hit from it to the side of the head would make just about anyone rethink trying anything with her.
Also see this reply from Mahz in regards to this. Sounds like more useful page controls will come eventually. For the meantime, Captain Jordan's workaround should do the job, and fortunately it's pretty straightforward.
Alana sighed at Ashley's reply, and she ran her hand through her hair, trying to decide what to do. Her survival instinct said to leave right then, but as someone who's job required that she be willing to run into a burning building, she was used to being able to reassess it. Turning the motorcycle off, she stood, quickly getting the new leather jacket out and slipped it on. She knew she couldn't help everyone who needed it, but felt she had to do something, and so helping Ashley just seemed right.

"Okay, then let's do this right. I'll have your back, you lead the way. Oh, and it might be best to avoid the elevator..." she said, tucking her keys into her pocket so no one could take the bike. She grabbed her U-lock, which she sometimes used to lock the rear wheel if she'd be away from it for a while, since it was the closest thing she had there that could serve as a weapon if need be.
Alana just gave a small nod in response to her thanks rather than trying to yell a you're welcome back to her. She drove them down the streets as fast as she safely could, nodding again at the directions she was given. She looked ahead to the building in question, but then off to the side at the rather disturbing sight. It had already reached this far into the city - that meant things were about to get much, much worse, and probably very, very quickly. She picked up speed, getting them away from the infected woman as she continued to bite into her screaming victim's neck, and stopped in the emptiest part of the street she could find.

"It's already reached this far... your building might not be safe," she told Ashley, speaking up to be heard. She would leave it up to the woman, but her tone made it apparent she thought that trying to get into her apartment and hole up there was a bad idea.
Alana turned her head slightly to better hear what the woman was saying, and nodded slightly at her introduction. "It's nice to meet you, though I wish it was under better circumstances," she said, "I'm Alana, but my friends just call me Lana." With that, she started them off down the street. As they went, it was apparent that the panic was quickly spreading. People were scrambling down sidewalks to get home where they expected to be safe, and more and more cars were on the streets as they went, probably a mix of more people seeking shelter at home, and people looking to get away from here.
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