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TGM 3 yrs ago
who dis?
Sep 4 yrs ago
Would you be interested in JEdi Exile? Invite only.
Sep 4 yrs ago
We could always join Aftermath, you and I.
Sep 4 yrs ago
I kinda wanna pick up a RP with Jedi and Padawans just so we can play that dynamic again.
Sep 4 yrs ago
Well it's good to know my long lost Padawan has returned. If you ever start a SW RP hit me up :P

If I start a RP I'm going to be world building for a thing I did and loved, basically I'd re-do Crisis Mars but without the super powers.
Sep 4 yrs ago
So whatchu upto buuuuudddddyyy?
Sep 4 yrs ago
Wooooooooow. Just after I got back.
Sep 4 yrs ago
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