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N7 Crew, Aboard enemy capital craft.

As Sarah Wilkes was teleported from her sport in the Glasgow, aboard the enemy bridge. She felt the disorientation first, but she quickly adjusted as her allies began to gun down the crew, and marines around them. She joined in. Her first action was to help her sanghelli ally gun down the unarmored crew. Many would call this a war crime, but when you're in another universe, and when you're special forces. Rules of war didn't really apply to you anyways. Her rounds made mincemeat of much of the unarmored crew members, for those she could reach fast enough she brought them into the air, and slammed them into the floor of the ship in a very gruesome display of her biotics.

Gunfire tore through much of the ship, as the two factions fought. She watched Sparky approach the downed captain bringing up his own barriers to protect the friendly troopers, and the downed man. Then setting up an automated turret which served the function as gunning down those who the geth did not perceive as friendlies, but also recharging the shields of the N7 operatives who got hit in the gunfight. "Sparky stay here, we'll go support the lift team!" Sarah shouted over the chaos, taking the rest of her team with her into the lift hub.

As the team exited, they provided covering fire for the weird animal-humanoid hybrid that accompanied them, and the troopers from The Resurgence. "Lets see how tough these kull troopers really are!" Sarah shouted, she began to glow the element zero usage giving her an blue glow that made her shine radiantly. She lifted all three kull off the ground, leaving them floating helplessly in the air, as if someone turned off the gravity. It would be comical, if they weren't some of the most dangerous beings they'd ever encountered. "Alright, lets show these bad boys, how we do it on Earth!" She shouted. Peppering the floating targets with as much gunfire, and grenade fire as they could muster.
The Glasgow - Orbit around Alderaan.

Travis turned to the clone, and nodded. "Welcome aboard. Our Sanghelli friend here has the just of it. Teleport into the ship, take over the bridge, stop it from calling in back up. So you'll have to move quickly once you show up on the bridge. Once we have the bridge the enemy won't be able to call for reinforcements. Clearing the ship can come after that. But when we reach that bridge I'll leave it in the capable hands of Lieutenant Wilkes, and Sergeant Major Sparky." Travis stated, gesturing to the special forces leader, and the giant robot with what looks to be a minigun. "Sergeant Sparky is a technical genius, so it's possible with a little help, and know how he might be able to slice the systems of the ship. That's what you guys call hacking here right, slicing? Never mind that isn't important. Arm up, as I'm contacting the Daedalus to get you guys on that bridge, Wilkes will send a message when the bridge is secure, and we'll work from there. Godspeed People." He added.

Travis brought up his omni-tool, opening a channel to the Daedalus. "Glasgow to Daedalus. Our men are ready to secure the bridge of the enemy ship. Lock into their signal, and work your magic. Glasgow out." Travis put down his omni-tool, and stepped back from the other crews so they could leave. Sarah Wilkes, and her team began gathering the physical barricades that they had before they were beamed out. "We don't have many physical barriers, as we can generate barriers out of matter. They're tough, they'll hold, and some can be made to have some nifty tricks. It's all good stuff people. Hope you're ready." She said, giving Travis a reaffirming nod as he stepped back.
The Glasgow- Over Alderaan.

It appeared that people were literally appearing in his hangar, as if through teleportation. It was here that he had an idea so he opened a channel to the rest of the fleet. "Negative Caldwell. While agree time is of precious concern not only does our fleet lack the firepower, and shields of that beast. But it can be an invaluable tool to helping people evacuate while the rest of the fleet arrives. But Jason has a good idea. Can you beam us aboard their bridge, now that their shields are down? If our teams can take it fast enough, without the enemy signalling for reinforcements it might be possible to trigger a false positive, by making it seem like their reactor is going critical triggering a mass evacuation. Then it might just be a matter of picking off the escaping craft, and life pods. Or we can turn life support off from the main bridge, and suffocate most of their naval personnel out. Leaving nothing but personnel who are wearing armor." He said into the comm, looking over the gathered crews. "What do you guys think?" He asked, the gathered crews.
The Glasgow - Alderaan

Travis looked over the gathered soldiers. He knew with their expertise they would be more than able to take the ship. When Sheppard entered the hanger Sparky looked over the man. "Odd." The Flashlight head stated. "This is not the Shepard-Commander that we registered in our memory banks, is it possible that humans have similar names?" It asked, but Travis just shook his head. "It's not important. I gathered all of you here because you are the best of the best. And we need to take that ship. Not only would it's space make evacuating the civilians on that planet a breeze, but having an enemy ship would make slipping into enemy lines that much easier. So that means when you enter the ship no one can leave that ship alive, except us. I was thinking we'd infiltrate the ship, and if needed cut off life support through out the ship until their naval crews suffocated. It's not ideal, and i'm not entirely sure that it's all that ethical. But we don't have time to debate ethics while people down there are suffering." He stated, before walking over to the weapons lockers, and opening it with his omni-tool. "I suggest Sheppard, and the team from the Unbroken hope take our firearms. They're more efficient, work in vacuum, and probably pack a larger punch than your weaponry. I have also taken to having an old set of armor resized for Sheppard, so he could use it in vacuum. So by all account's you all should be ready to g-" Before he could finish the thought he was cut off. "Captain Elliot." Adrian's voice sounded from omni-tool. "The Daedalus just exited FTL right above the assimilator they're currently engaged in combat."
"Another signature has also entered the space around Alderaan it's a venator but it doesn't match the signature of The Resurgence. But it's engaged in combat with the enemy." Laskey stated.

This threw a wrench into the boarding operation. Elliot looked over the gathered special forces, and shook his head. "What are the odds of all the fucking points in space, the Daedalus would appear right over the fucking enemy. Excuse me a moment." He said, his voice tinged with a bit of anger. He opened a channel to every ship that was engaging the enemy, and those on the ground. "All ships stand down, we need that ship intact. Try to out run it, if you aren't capable of out running it then try to exit the system. Va, we need you to bring that things shields down. We're going to need that ship not only for evacuation, but for the days ahead. We will cover the Va, and if need be. We will give it a tow, to give it the speed to outrun it. If any of you have anything you want to add, then do so now. We don't have much time." He said, and turned toward the gathered special forces. "Same goes for you guys, any questions?" He added.
Glasgow - Alderaan Orbit.

As the Glasgow exited Hyperspace, his ensign on scans and communication piped up. "Three ships on scan. We've identified the Va's signature, and the Taris which is an escort ship to The Resurgence. We have back up." He said. "Good, open a channel to both of them We'll need their support."
"Aye sir." As the channel was open, Travis spoke into his comm very clearly. "Captain of the Va, and Taris. This is Captain Elliot of The Glasgow. Do not damage that ship, I repeat do not cause damage to that ship. We're going to need it intact for evacuation of the planet. It's a big enough ship that we can evacuate a large chunk of the populace, and if we damage it too much then we're not getting it out of here. Any marines, or shuttles you can send to the surface will be greatly appreciated. As well as any assistance you can give us with keeping that ship busy. Glasgow Out." With that said, Elliot sent out a ship wide alert. "All crews to battle stations. N7 Squads A-J, ODST from the Unbroken Hope, Mayhem Squad, and Sheppard please report to the hangar we need to discuss things." With the message said, Travis turned to his left to his XO. "You have the ship while I brief the other crews." He ordered, and left.

The elevator ride to the hangar felt longer than necessary, but his squad of N7 operatives, and it seemed like the ODST were already within. He hesitated to bring in the aliens, but he had called them out of the simulations for their skills. Sure they weren't as established as his other teams. But this Operation was going to need as many hands as it could get. Inside the hangar besides Wilkes, and her team. Stood a towering geth, it's lightbulb head brought back many memories from the war but he would have to rely on it, it was a free unit now. Among the other aliens were asari, and turians. Both would prove invaluable to the operation with their skills. But for now he would just have to wait for the others to arrive.
It's been awhile. To those I abandoned I apologize, and if you wish to restart that is fine. Life was hectic but it's finally settled down. So Bump for any interested parties, or even old rpers.
The Glasgow - Orbiting Coruscant

As the other crews settled aboard, and Sheppard's omni-tool was detected on the ship. Travis turned off the Coruscant broadcast, waiting for the N7 crews to approach him for a debrief. He sent the recording of the broadcast to those who had just entered the ship so they could review it on their own time, he was sure Sheppard would like to see it. He was certain his next move would be to head to Alderaan to evacuate what crews were on the planet, and as many civilians as they could. Whatever this Anubis was thinking he was clearly unhinged, he killed the Emperor publicly, which was sure to divide The Empire. So one could probably only guess as to why he did it. Perhaps to root out his political enemies, but Travis doubted he was going to keep the senate together for very long. It was very clear either submit to him, or die. What a statement, and with him summoning a storm over Alderaan could only be a show of power.

When the operators from both missions arrived in the briefing room. Travis heard them out as they went over the mission. The Jedi Temple mission was a bust, but at least nobody had died. While the bank mission was a mixed bag. They got the credits they needed, but they had been had. Thankfully they got away without incident so they had time before they could leave the system. He would be leaving the other N7 operatives in place, to keep an eye on Anubis, Coruscant, and whatever underworld elements they could. SO his compliment of special forces was slowly dwindling, but the information they would give him would help him in the long run. After the debriefing, he dismissed his operatives, and opened an encrypted transmission to the fleet. "This is The Glasgow our mission at Coruscant has been met with mixed success. Our infiltration of the Jedi Temple has met with failure, but we have managed to glean enough credits to support our war effort. It has been wired through several dummy accounts so it's untraceable. Details to access the account will follow after this transmission.

Seeing as we are close enough to Alderaan to respond in a small amount of time. I am suggesting that the Glasgow go on ahead, despite the evidence of a capital-class ship in orbit over the planet. If we have to we'll stall for time until the fleet can arrive, or if we can find a way to deal with the ship, try to have it neutralized before you arrive. But it is suggested that you come as soon as possible to assist. We will try to evacuate as many of our own, and civilians as we can before exiting the system. Glasgow signing off."
With the transmission sent out, Travis exited the briefing room heading to the bridge, sending out his orders before he arrived.

When he reached the bridge he opened up a channel through out the ship. His voice broadcasting through out the ship. "This is Captain Elliot. We're heading to Alderaan. I know some of you will say this isn't our fight. But we must remember not long ago, The Citadel said the same when Earth was at it's darkest point, when the Reapers were destroying our home. But they came, and together we took back our home. So this is our chance. Only by helping each other, only by standing together will we go home again. We're the closest ship right now, and those people need us. So we are heading out, and we're gonna send Anubis' people back to the fucking hole they crawled out of, because they're about to go up against the biggest baddest mother fuckers in four fucking universes! Now all crews to your positions. Elliot out." With that said, he turned to his navigator. "Enter Hyperspace. Let's go help Alderaan." His orders delivered the ship hit light speed, and entered hyperspace setting course for Alderaan.
Jedi Temple - Coruscant Team 1

The team of soldiers managed to bring down the guy with the laser sword, but something seemed to have shocked Sheppard into running, and whatever makes hardened warriors flee, was enough to make Sarah, and Imura follow suit. "This is the jedi temple ground team, we need immediate evac. We have a new contact. It seems to have our allies spooked, so we need it now, not later." Sarah shouted into her radio, running after the other soldiers Imura hot on her tail. The familiar voice of Adrian filled her headset. "Glasgow copies, shuttle en route. Out." With that done and over with Sarah shouted over to the other teams. "Evac is on it's way let's get to the LZ." And kicked herself into a dead sprint for their destination.

The shuttle must of been circling the temple as it did not take much time for it to set down, the door slid open, and the door gunner began to fire his HMG so the team could climb aboard. Imura climbed on, Sarah followed. "Sheppard said nothing short of a nuke would be able to take those out, makes me wish we brought a Cain Launcher." Imura said, with a light chuckle. Sarah shook her head. "We'd have caused way too much damage. Wouldn't of been worth it." She retorted.

As the members of the other two teams got aboard the shuttle lifted off, and left. "Take us around the city a bit, lets make sure we aren't being tailed." Sarah ordered, the pilot merely nodded affirmative, and began a long indirect path around the city.

Bank Team- Coruscant Team 2

As Chris went through the streets, he made contact with his team at a lift. Here were civilians going about their business. Including some odd aliens with head tails who seemed to be talking in their own language. With weapons stowed the group chatted quietly among themselves. Then Chris heard the familiar hum of those damn drop ship engines buzzing by the lift. He turned inwards as it scanned the lift with a search light. "You there turn around, and identify yourself." Came the pilots voice over a loud speaker. As he turned around knowing that he, and his team were about to die, and take these innocent civilians with them he raised his hands. "Don't shoot!" He shouted. "There's civilians in here, let them go first." The pilot spoke again. "Taking hostages eh? We don't negotiate with terrorists. Blast them!" Before Chris could do anything, before he could even shout to get down there was a loud. boom. As a missile impacted right under the drop ships wing. Sending it careening into the depths.

As their shuttle drove past, and landed at a platform right near the lift the pilots voice filled their radio. "Sorry we're late Decker. But we brought some launchers with us, get aboard, and we'll lock onto the signal of Mayhem squad, and get them out of here." As they departed the lift, and boarded the shuttle it rose into the sky. Sure enough Mayhem squad was causing some troubles for the local garrison as well. The shuttle touched down right behind them. The door gunner on the shuttle suppressing whatever clones that were still standing. "Heard you needed a lift Mayhem!" Decker shouted over the din of the engines, waiting for the other team to board the shuttle.
Coruscant Team 1 - Jedi Temple

Everything seemed to escalate into chaos, what could only be the masked figured guard seemed to come out of the woodwork. Imura was working on getting back on his feet, Sheppard was being held in place by the masked figure as well it seemed. "Distract the guards, i'll deal with the guy swinging around a giant glow stick." She shouted over the din, throwing a biotic slam at the figure long enough to knock it slightly off balance, and draw it's attention away from Sheppard. "You think you look tough in that black get up, swinging around a giant rave stick? Please you look like someone going through a phase." Sarah taunted the figure, glowing with the biotic energy she was using.

She fired a burst of her weapon, which the figure promptly brought up their glowing sword, and cut down. Sarah knew with reflexes like that she probably didn't stand much of a chance if not for her ability with biotics. So she chose to hold them both here, using a biotic lift to mass lift guard, and attempt to lift the masked figure off the ground. Essentially flicking off gravity for the group, making the floating men easy targets to gunfire.

Team 2 - Bank

As chaos erupted on the streets outside the operatives nodded their affirmatives at switching to call signs, but felt it was unnecessary given the situation as there was no chance of being identified anyways. Two dropship craft flew overhead, landing at a plaza on the other side of the bank dropping off more clone troopers to push the bank team. Chris noted that they didn't fire their mounted weapons to avoid firing into the crowd, so he didn't have to think twice he stowed away his weapon, and shouted at the others. "Blend in with the crowd as much as possible, try to look very much the part of a frightened civilian!" He moved with the crowd essentially using it as cover, as other clone units started pouring in to scan them. But with everyone frightened, it was hard to stem the tide.

Chris knew it was a temporary solution until they were spotted again, but it worked for a little while until a clone trooper stopped him. "We have the target!" It shouted raising it's blaster, luckily the sergeant was quicker on the draw with his pistol blasting a hole through the troopers face plate, serving to scatter everyone even more. "Sergeant Decker, to Glasgow command."
"This is Glasgow, go ahead Sergeant." Came the familiar voice of the ships XO.
"We've been engaged by the cities garrison. Requesting evac, and some really big guns to deal with potential air support. Can you do that for us?"
"Shuttle is being prepped head to the lower levels of the city, our shuttle will find you there. Try to lose your tail if you can, if you can't we'll have something for them. Glasgow out." With that said, Decker turned his comm back onto the mission, and spoke as clearly as possible over the din. "All bank team members, we are heading for the lower levels of the city, shuttle evac is en route. Decker out." With that said, he just had to find the closest lift, or vehicle going down a couple levels. Which actually seemed harder, than he thought with everyone fleeing before him.
Name:Irikev Hardmill

Force Sensitive: Nope
Skills: Expert hand to hand combatant, expert melee weapons specialist, expert level blaster usage, above average piloting ability.
Abilities: Nada
Weaknesses: Below average technical skills. He can fly it, but he can't fix it worth a damn, Fierce hatred for the new republic, and some of the imperial remnants means he doesn't often take jobs from either side. Especially the new republic, and will probably kill them on sight alone. He sees most of the imperial remnant as weak, but if any were to fill his former masters shoes he'd probably sign on willingly, and sees killing the weaker members as separating the wheat, from the chaff. His history as an royal guardsmen has to be kept a secret to anyone he can't trust less he put himself at risk for exposing it, most royal guardsmen are wanted war criminals from the new republic, and thus have bounties on them if they can be proven as royal guardsmen.
Motivation: A return of the glory days of the Empire, even if it means killing some of the weaker members of the remnant to achieve it.
History: Irikev had always dreamed of the military life. His father served in the republic navy as a captain, his mother served with the republic security force. Before being phased out for clones that was. As his father was often away, Irikev was often close to his mother when she wasn't busy. The woman installing in him a rigid code of justice, and a rigid following for the laws, and rules. Were some of the core values that helped him during the rise of the Empire. The man would be sent off to the imperial stormtrooper academy of Cardia. Where he would breeze through his training, and serve with distinction in one of the stormtrooper corps many regiments.

This earned him the attention of many a commanding officer, and then eventually the attention of the emperor himself who had him discreetly pulled from service for training at the royal guardsman academy. It was here where his training, and his experience were put to the limits against other equally skilled soldiers. Put into pairs the new recruits were taught to not only rely upon themselves upon the battlefield, but a single teammate a far cry from the squad based training on cardia, besides that. The brutal training, the fighting, the insanity of it was enough to break many men, and kill those who were weaker than the rest. Finally as training neared its end there were only ten left, their final assignment was to duel their sparring partner to the death in front of the emperor himself.

While Irikev had come to rely on his partner like a brother, he was determined to serve the emperor even more. So the two fought, and for a long time neither seemed to have an edge on the other, until his former sparring partner made a mistake, and left himself open for an attack. There on the training ground his partner lost his life to his own blade, and for the first time in awhile Irikev felt a tinge of regret, but his duty to the emperor was so much more to him. Besides himself four other guardsmen joined the emperors service that day.

Between his duties of protecting the emperor, or protecting the emperors palace. Irikev was often deployed on undercover assignments to root out traitors to the emperor. So the man had many alias', and contacts that he wouldn't otherwise have if he had made himself known, among them some members of the bounty hunters guild. They didn't know his true identify, and they didn't need to know. Giving him someplace to run when the fall of the empire finally happened above Endor. With his emperor gone, the empire he served in the hands of nothing but petty warlords in it for their own selfish reasons he set off into the galaxy never looking back, taking whatever contracts he could to not only keep a living for himself, but to eliminate his emperors enemies, and the ones who led to his emperors death.
  • E-11 blaster rifle
  • S-5 Heavy blaster pistol
  • Vibroknife

  • Royal guard armor
  • Force pike
  • T-28 repeating sniper rifle
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