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I personally enjoy Max too. Reminds me of a ‘kind jock’, confident, a bit full of himself but with experience to back it up, and protective.
Oi! How’d you get off the Monroe?! @KaiserElectric
Silverwind raised his voice and yelled above the hubbub of the hangar bay. "HUNTERS, FRONT AN' CENTER! WE GOT A FLIGHT INCOMIN'!"

Rishun and Z'awwkh both jerked their heads up towards the call, and all conversation ceased. She quickly bowed and exchanged a few last paw pats with Z'awwkh "Yheney'Ahh'khkh!" Before bolting off on all fours towards Silverwind across the bay, dodging around the busy technicians and engineers. At one point she had to skid and hop left to avoid being run over, putting on full display the deceptive agility a fit otter had on land.

The driver honked his horn and called "Oi! Use the marked walkways! Tires don' care what your rank is!" Rishun nodded and skipped past, sprinting down between a pair of yellow lines with Safety Sam the stick figure marking it as a walkway.

When she finally slid to a stop somewhat more gracefully than earlier that day, she stood and saluted Silverwind "Gyu'ook, Sir. I got caught up in talking with my technician, I will work on the communications upgrade later."

She stepped aside and fell in beside Max, biting her lower lip as she held her hands behind her back, standing at parade rest. Rishun glanced up at the lion, and in a quite voice asked "We're hunters now? I mean I've hunted fish whichisnopicnicletmetelyou..."
I finalized my load out, and will be making a post tomorrow or Thursday. I apologize if I seem a little self absorbed in the language thing, I'll try ad tone it down to get back to interacting.

Getting close to combat, I am excited.

Addition on Thursday: I am too worn out mentally from work to think of anything...I am so sorry. I will have some free time in the morning, so come he’ll or high water I will make it by then.

Edit: otters can swim I swear. My word means squat...I’m sorry.
Rendyl waved back excitedly to Tony, flashing him a set of gestures with her hands and headed over, almost bouncing with sudden happiness. Her admission he was his favorite was known anyway, why bother hiding it.

She hugged his arm for a second as not to disturb his tea, then signed again, making sure he was watching her as she did so. When she was done, she tugged him out the door of the kitchen and pointed either direction questioningly, looking back up at him.
Nuuuuu we cannot have a sad Tony! Must fix!!!!!
Posted, as well as updated my character sheet ^.^
Valanx wouldn't find anything without a security clearance, but he could read the folder names of several he had recovered from the drive:
"Mental state records" "Weekly log" "Weekly therapy transcripts"
"Physical state records" "Medication list" "Manifestation log"
"Important information" "Family records" "Education records"

So close yet so far, The files sat there taunting him with the information he sought, barred from his eyes by a simple password...

Rendyl bounded through the hallways, with Tango's dutiful directions leading her to the kitchen without error. She nearly skipped through the door, waving her hand in greeting to the few people she saw, only for her reverie to be interrupted by a voice she hadn't heard before, which in her mind she immediately dubbed 'scary lady'.

She pushed some hair out of her face, listening ad tilting her head at this 'code velvet'? She looked between the captain and Luirae before blinking at the pair at the stove.

Question me? And newest recruit? Does that mean I'm going to be on the official roster??

She walked up and simply stood by the table, unsure what to do for the moment..
I am still around! Doing otter things!
Rishun, standing beside the table with her little mechanical annoyance sitting on her shoulder, smiles at the compliments directed to Scrap, but at that moment she was thinking of different ways to tear its code apart....

"Kh'Langhoa. Thank you, but he is meant to actually go back to his container when I order him Qyii'radey. It's where he recharges and saves power when not in use." At the Ottrean word for home, it scurried down her back and flipped the lid on its container, falling silent. Rishun let out a breathy noise of frustration, a cross between a half-assed screech and a yip, stomping a padded foot on the floor "He is supposed to respond to both!"

She shrugged and took a breath, calming herself Before looking to Vonys, nodding once "Yhe, before I yienahiiek, let's get going. Seeing my GEAR might prevent me from tearing Scrap apart."

She waited for the others to stand, and took the lead towards and out the door...


Down in the bay, the small group entered in ther own time, with Rishun sprinting across the open space in that bounding run otters refuse to get rid of towards her GEAR. The same size as the rest, and outwardly it didn't have any differences to a stock GEAR. The barely colored exterior didn't help make it stand out either. However, there was something worth noting; an otter was looking at a clipboard, standing by the GEAR's leg. The military clearly thought this out, knowing the only way an otter would get anything across to their maintenance parter was if that partner could exchange thoughts just as quickly.

Rishun slowed her speed, but didn't stop upon getting up to the other otter, and the sound of running caught the engineer's attention, his face lit up.
The both exclaimed repeatedly, the clipboard set on the foot of the GEAR so the pair could circle each other happily. It was after ten seconds of this happy greeting did they stop and sit on their hind legs, barely a foot apart from each other to converse.

Rishun: "Uukhma'Shoamhien'mlud'yhezlikh'yunka??................Yhe'yhe'yeh'yhe!"

They were pawing at each other's hands accompanied by their yips and flowing language, overlapping each other regularly.

Rishun: "Uukhma'Rishun'yhe'muyn?.............Yhe'yhe'yhe'Yunka!"
Engineer: "..........Uukhma'Z'awwkh..Yhe'yhe'yunka...........Yhe!"

The engineer had gestured downwards with both arms when mentioning 'Yunka', while Rishun's arms hadn't done anything at all. At this point however they started to speed up once they had heard each each other talk, overlapping speech and gestures so quickly that even Ai would be unable to keep up with both accurately. Which is part of why Silverwind would've been informed of Z'awwkh's inclusion on the ship despite his lower qualifications.

The two kept at it for a few minutes, then turned to the GEAR, Rishun climbing up into the highly technological cockpit with Z'awwkh close behind. They resumed their chattering there as Rishun Typed a string into a security panel, flipping various screens on and off, then pulling up holographic read outs.

At one point Z'awwkh flipped around and climbed down the leg again upside down to grab the clipboard again, climbing up and handing it over to Rishun. On it was a manifest of the modules and equipment she had installed currently. Rishun loved to take the stuff that made her feel like God, but it also would expose her to enemy detection systems. Perhaps this mission wouldn't benefit from that...

Manifest Tab

Transfer of: RI-G23 "Hargun" GEAR from Research and Development division to ***redacted***

Request: Lieutenant Rishun Sprinsteam

GEAR Designation: RD-0230
User Name: "Aqua Goddess"

All standard GEAR weaponry and features have been inspected/maintaned as per SOP

Requesitioned Loadout:
Package Designation: Overwatch and information gathering

-Amphibious assault rifle, Underbarrel spear launcher attachment, Sidebarrel spotlights, Handheld/Rear Hardpoint

-Ten(10) aquatic calibre magazines, Left Hip Hardpoint
-ECM(Electronic Countermeasures) pod, Right Hip Hardpoint

-Utility tool pod, Left Forearm
-Standard issue Pile Bunker, Right Forearm

-Long Range Radar dome, Left Shoulder Hardpoint
-ELINT suite, Right Shoulder Hardpoint

-Advanced sensor Suite, Back hardpoint
-Standard issue combat knife, Inside Left Shoulder (Shield)

Other Stores:
-Personal mobile drone kit, Inside Rear Left Leg
-personal weaponry and toolkit, Inside Rear Right Leg

Installed/Inspected By: Technician Z'awwkh
Signed: Z'awwkh
Date: xx xx xxxx

She gave a quick nod to Z'awwkh and gave a short reply, punching in the security code again to lock the interface away once more and slipping out of the cockpit. Once back on the ground with her new friend, they started looking around, with Rishun pointing out her squad members one by one and saying their names. For otters this was a common practice, and Z'awwkh quickly returned the favor by pointing out a few of the other of the technicians he knew.
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